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cannabis seeds head shop

Cannabis seeds head shop

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Cannabis seeds head shop

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Welcome to Lighthouse

Hey Cannabis Seed enthusiast, welcome to Lighthouse Seeds. After many years in the Cannabis industry we are well placed to supply cannabis seeds to the world. With 100’s of seed banks and 1000’s of different marijuana strains to choose from we are sure that we will have something you are looking for. If you are lucky enough to live in a country were germination is legal or simply collecting for genetic preservation, we have an awesome range of weed seeds available to buy.

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Since our re launch in November 2019 we have grown to a whole lot more than just Cannabis seeds. We now sell a huge range of Vaporizers, Terpenes, Bongs. Pipes, storage and everything in between.

Lighthouse Seeds, shining the light for the Cannabis Seed collector.

You’re a professional and looking for a bigger amount of seeds? Use our bulk broker service. We will find you the best price and availability on all brands. Just contact us. Happy to help.

Do you think my local head shop would sell me seeds?

Has anyone experienced this scenario. You go to your local head shop which carries salvia, one hitters, pipes, rolling paper, hookahs, ect.

Here is the scenario. i’m sketchy about the whole internet buying thing since i live in the US so i was wondering if any one has ever purchased seeds from a head shop? I live close enough to the city and it would be most convenient.

If anyone has experience like this or can convince my that internet buying is safe feel free to post or PM me.

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So, you mean those places that sell quasi-legal items and are checked out by police on occassion? If you do it, make sure the guy behind you in line isn’t a plainclothes officer. The staff at these places know better than to discuss anything illegal with customers. Would you go asking for clones from your local hydro shop? No way.

Ordering online is safe. Remember to send cash only and have your order shipped to a friend or relatives house. Somebody that won’t open a foreign envelope addressed to you (or Mr. Smith.)

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Every head shop I’ve been in gets PISSED if someone comes in there mentioning weed. Some even have signs saying if you mention it they’ll ban you.