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cannabis seeds for sale worldwide shipping

Cannabis seeds for sale worldwide shipping

Buy Marijuana Seeds from Medical Marijuana Seeds Center
Your One-Stop Shop for Premium Quality Cannabis Seeds


Here at Marijuana Seeds Center, we welcome all cannabis growers, collectors, marijuana aficionados, and people who would like to grow marijuana plants. We believe that the best way to grow the best tasting, good quality, and most delicious weed is to start from the best and the freshest cannabis seeds.

We searched the world for the top marijuana seed breeders and brands to partner with so we can build this One-Stop Shop for Premium Cannabis seeds so you won’t have to jump from one seed bank to another just to buy your favorite cannabis strains at the same time. You can do it all here for the best prices.


We dream of a happier and greener planet. We can only achieve this through your help. Instead of buying weed, we urge cannabis aficionados to try growing their own supply of high-quality organic weed. With our best-quality cannabis seeds, every grower can successfully grow marijuana even in the comfort of your homes and gardens.

Start growing the best marijuana plants. Buy cannabis seeds from us today.


There’s no need to look elsewhere to buy marijuana seeds online. We are your best weed seeds shopping destination because of the following reasons:

Amazing Deals Await You

■ Deals are offered every now and then like Free Shipping, Extra Seeds, and a lot more. Surprises await you if you choose us.

Discreet Shipping Methods

■ We understand that privacy and secrecy are of top importance for you that’s why only use discreet shipping anywhere from around the world. The seeds are shipped inside a discreet packaging.

Highest Seed Germination Rates

■ We are proud to have the most viable marijuana seeds in the market. As long as you follow our simple germination steps, you can sprout your marijuana seeds quickly and securely even at home.

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Partners with Top Marijuana Brands Only

■ We have very strict standards in choosing which marijuana breeders and brands to carry. We have built our business from scratch through word-of-mouth as our customers refer us to their friends and we do want to maintain that.

Buy Cannabis Seeds Online from Canada with Worldwide Shipping

It is true that you can buy marijuana seeds from an online seedbank which is based in Canada and have it shipped to your address anywhere in the country or in the world. If you are located outside of Canada, then you don’t have to worry about it because there are a lot of cannabis seedbank which offer worldwide shipping. MJ Seeds Canada is an online seedbank which offers discrete shipping for their marijuana seeds worldwide.

The shipping fee and time vary depending on the address of the buyer. Worldwide shipping of weed seeds can take little longer compared to nationwide shipping because of security checks and other things. In most countries, growing marijuana is still prohibited thus checking your local laws before ordering from an online seedbank is very important.

Is it safe to order marijuana seeds from a Canadian-based cannabis seedbank?
Yes, it is safe. Selling marijuana seeds in Canada is legal and the company where you will be buying the cannabis seeds from offer discrete shipping to their customers that even the mailman or your neighbor won’t know what you ordered.

Will I really get some real marijuana seeds when I order from an online seedbank?
Selling seeds is the business of these online seedbanks and that’s what keeping their websites live. If they sell low quality seeds, then nobody will ever buy from them again which means low volume of sales and their company will be broke. It’s a win-win situation. You’ll be paying for what you will get.

What should I consider before buying from an online marijuana seedbank?
If you buy from an online seedbank, make sure to read their previous customers review. You can find them on the internet. You can even participate in weed related forums where you can ask people about the seedbank and your thread will be flooding with replies for sure.

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Enable for you to get your seeds, make sure to provide your correct address. A lot of people lose their order in shipment because they don’t provide the company with the correct address because they are afraid of the circumstances which in fact there are none because of the secured and discrete shipping methods that these seedbank have been using for a lot of years already. When they say “discrete” that means discrete and nobody will know about it except you.

Order weed seeds International

We accept orders for weed seeds only from the listed countries on this page.

In case you have questions on how to order or about any product our marijuana seeds or about growing them?

Feel free to use our form at the top in the menu or on this page, just scroll down al little and ask.

If we are capable to answer in your language we will but we prefer all communication in English or Dutch.

Czech Republic
Latvia Lithuania
San Marino
United Kingdom

Please for now use the google translate tool for visiting the products, we are working each day to get as many of our orders out in one day, mean time we will keep updating the site and finally update each product in all listed languages, soon! We never promise things that we do not uphold on, you will see.

All listed cannabis seeds are from the best genetics that exist. Each seed is selected by hand. We are one of many that will sell you just one seed of our weed. That is because we care about nature and do understand that you first might wanne try them out, well go ahead we appreciate each customer.

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Our seeds are well packed for International shipment.

We wil proces and send your order after payment is received at our account or by payment made by one of the options you can find in the footer or in your shopping basket when you click the button. On the next page you can fill in the delivery adres and the shop will show you al the options for shipment, select the option that you prefer and selected your payment choice. Your privacy is secured!

After you click that button, your order is send and confirmed. Now you can pay by banktransfer at our anonymus bankaccount or you pay by one of the services.

After we receive your order and your payment the order is shipped in a package with none mentioning outside from the content inside. The senders adres we use is our office called WS site

Within Europe your order wil arrive within 2 – 5 working days so please wait for at least 7 days before contacting us about delivering time of your order, we send it out with Myparcel and we never lost a shipment they all are delivered nicely.

Remember, we always like to give support might you have any questions, just ask!

The team of does not want to encourage anyone. Every individual is responsible for his or her own actions. WS site accepts no responsibility if our products are used for illegal purposes. Including but not limited to growing and reselling to countries where these products are prohibited.

Orders above 100 weed seeds or with more then 5 LED growing lights will not be accepted by WS site.

If you have legal papers or your intentions with the products are legal, like using the Led growlights for the cultivation of tomato’s or what ever other plant that is legal you can order after we checked your reason.