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cannabis seeds for sale new york

Buy Marijuana Seeds In New York

The only way you can legally buy marijuana seeds in New York is online through a secure and reputable website. Although New York state has a medical marijuana program, it only dispenses medication in the form of pills and liquid, never in marijuana’s natural, bud form. Possession of marijuana will result in a fine for amounts under twenty-five grams, while further offences and possession of more than twenty-five grams can lead to a jail sentence. Growing marijuana in New York is considered a more serious crime and can lead to a year and longer incarceration. Before you buy marijuana seeds in New York and begin growing, consider all the risks and penalties involved.

Located in the north-eastern part of the United States, growing outdoors in New York is difficult. The short growing season and cold Winter’s severely reduce the choice of strains that can be successfully cultivated, while indoor growers, unless they live away from the most densely populated areas, will have to take preventative measures to avoid detection. With three-quarters of the state’s population living in New York City, it’s not an ideal place to grow.

There are however, growers who will take the risk and grow marijuana in New York, both indoors and outside. By selecting the right strains for a chosen growing method or technique, they can ensure the best chances of a worthwhile crop and potent yield. While many different strains are available, in regular, feminized and autoflowering formats, selecting the right seeds for your growing style is one of the most important aspects in producing high quality marijuana. There is little point cultivating a potent Sativa dominant marijuana plant, that requires approximately ten weeks in flower to completely ripen and mature, if the cold, night air is going to rot the buds and encourage mold. Indoor growers will need to be extra vigilant to disguise their marijuana growing, cultivating highly pungent Indica dominant strains such as Skunk and Cheese, make it very difficult to reduce and eliminate the aroma, especially when the plants are close to maturity, or being harvested.

We offer a wide selection of strains, allowing you to legally buy marijuana seeds in New York online and have them delivered securely and discreetly to your chosen destination. All our recommended marijuana seeds for sale are dispatched directly from I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s leading marijuana seed producers, and by utilizing the very best ‘stealth’ packaging and postal methods, all purchases are guaranteed to arrive, or replacements will be dispatched as soon as possible.

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Feminized Marijuana Seeds for Indoor and Outdoor Growing

One of the best ways to guarantee a worthwhile and potent harvest is to buy feminized marijuana seeds to grow in New York. Unlike many plants which can reproduce and seed themselves, marijuana plants are either male or female, with the female’s producing flowers and buds, and if the pollen from the male plant’s fertilize them, later seeds for the following year. By only growing female plants, the chances of the flowers becoming seeded are reduced to an absolute minimum, ensuring the highest quality buds and cola’s.

Feminized marijuana seeds have two distinct stages, the growing phase where the plant develops a solid root and branching structure, followed by the flowering phase, once the daylight hours are reduced to approximately twelve hours per day. Growing marijuana seeds indoors in New York often produces the best quality buds, as greater control can be maintained over the air quality, temperature and number of light hours the plants are given. Indoor growers can choose when to change the number of light hours, and begin flowering at any time throughout the year, while outdoor growers have to wait for the daylight hours to reduce naturally, to commence flowering.

While an extra week or two in flower may not matter to indoor growers, it can be catastrophic to the outdoor grower, especially with New York state having such a short growing season. Indica dominant strains flower and mature faster than their Sativa dominant counter-parts, and are often more able to withstand the cold, damp night air, without developing bud rot and mold. Planted outdoors at the start of Spring, Indica dominant seeds produce dense, squat plants that flower and mature quickly, giving the grower the best chance of achieving an outdoor harvest before Winter sets in. Choose from our recommended selection of feminized marijuana seeds for sale below.

New York State Marijuana Seeds

While it is perfectly legal to own ungerminated cannabis seeds across America, each state has a range of specific laws and caveats of their own regarding legal use. As it currently stands, New York permits the use of medical Marijuana to those in need; within specific parameters. This means that those suffering with the following ailments can safely use non-smokeable cannabis; as long as they are a registered resident within the State, and only buy products from licensed sellers (as opposed to online).

– ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
– MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
– Symptoms from the treatment of cancer
– Epilepsy
– Parkinson’s disease

During 2018, not only was an official study on the use of marijuana commissioned in New York, but those in Government opposed to legalization made it known that their stance on the matter was open to discussion. The demand for marijuana seeds has been increasing now across the entire country.

While no new laws have been passed, more and more parties are considering making changes; largely due to the fact that criminalization hasn’t achieved the results that many had hoped for over the last few decades. Government-controlled use could see savings in terms of reducing the maintenance of current legislations, as well as bring in an astounding amount of tax-revenues once legalization is in place.

Legalizing Marijuana could help those convicted for minimal possession too, as lawmakers in New York have ruled that if legalization goes ahead, there may be considerations put in place to expunge any necessary criminal records.

NYC Diesel Seeds

For the past twenty years, New York City Diesel has been regarded as one of the greatest all-around strains for cannabis enthusiasts looking for an incredible tasting and piercingly potent plant. Soma Seeds started developing this legendary strain in the late 1990s and by the 2000’s it was winning major awards and garnering the attention of Cannabis lovers around the globe. Soma was always known to be a top-notch breeder but it was the NYC Diesel that stood out among the rest of his strains. NYC Diesel is the hybrid of a Mexican Sativa and an Afghani landrace indica. Soma claims that he got these genetics on the east coast of the United States from a very trusty source who also happened to have ultra-long dreadlocks. Other names were given to this strain but after the terror attack in New York City during September of 2001, Soma renamed the strain NYC Diesel to reflect his love of the great city and its people. Not to be confused with Sour Diesel, NYC aka Soma Diesel has one of the most unique and distinctive aromas of any cannabis plant around. The aroma and taste are like a spicy tropical grapefruit and once you try it, no others will come close in comparison.

NYC Diesel Flavor & Aroma

The smell alone is enough to make you fall in love with this strain but NYC Diesel also has a brilliant uplifting high that will make you smile ear to ear and have you laughing in utter bliss. The buzz comes on very smooth and clean and lasts for several hours. NYC Diesel has a high ceiling, meaning that you still feel the effects even after having already smoked earlier in the day. The THC content is averaging 18-24% and the CBD is > 1%. This is a mostly sativa hybrid, 60% sativa to 40% indica and the high delivers a strong sense of well-being, peace and relaxation. NYC Diesel is a perfect daytime strain for productive and creative types. Also because of the uplifting and hunger inspiring high, this strain is a favorite of medical users who experience depression and appetite loss.

Growing NYC Diesel Seeds

From seed, NYC Diesel is very stable and uniform in growth. The plant thrives in warmer environments with plenty of ventilation. NYC Diesel can get rather tall and it produces some monstrous colas with giant super resinous calyxes. This is a very powerful smelling strain both while growing and as finished buds so, make sure to have adequate air filtration if you want to avoid exposure. Normal flowering time is 10-12 weeks indoors and will finish in late October to early November outdoors. The buds are not too leafy making this an easy and fast strain to trim. The hash made from the trimmings of NYC Diesel is some of the finest you will ever taste. Indoor yields are 14oz/m2 inside and 12+oz per plant when grown outside. The buds are forest green with ruby-colored hairs, very fluffy and extremely aromatic. Stop playing make-believe with the other diesel hybrids on the market and give this remarkable NYC Diesel super strain a try.