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This plant is the result of a very special selection of Canadian Kush, crossed with the American strain Casey Jones, which belongs to the private selection of Medica Seeds. The result is an improved Canadian Kush with much more strength and much higher productivity.
Its growth is vigorous and has a very branched structure, requiring some pruning indoors, especially in the lower part. Produces high density round buds, completely covered with resin. Its flavor is a mixture of moist soil and slightly spicy touches.
Its effect is powerful, relaxing and long lasting, therefore it is not recommended for inexperienced smokers.

70% indica – 30% sativa
thc: high – cbd: low
Indoor vegetative period: 2-3 weeks
Indoor flowering period: 8-9 weeks
Indoor yield / m2: 500 gr.
External height: 2.5-3.5 meters
Outdoor collection:
– Northern hemisphere: early October
– Southern hemisphere: early April
Yield / outdoor plant: 550 gr.
Genotype: Canadian Kush x Casey Jones

How to bring cannabis seeds to market in Canada

Business of Cannabis was the Platinum Media Partner for the Lift&Co. Expo in Toronto in November 2021. During the show, the Business of Cannabis team sat down with key leaders in the cannabis sector for conversations about where the industry is right now. This conversation was part of those sessions.

Kieley Beaudry is the co-founder of Parkland Flower, a leading cultivator of cannabis seeds for recreational growers in Canada. We wanted to connect with Beaudry as part of the Lift&Co. Expo to understand the process of getting seeds to market, but also understand some of the unique opportunities and challenges that she’s found in the process.

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