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Attitude Seed Bank Review

Introduction To Attitude Seed Bank!

Though a bit clustered as far as the website goes, you can tell very quickly that Attitude Seedbank is a very large and very global operation. The pull down menu of brands they carry (each with many strains) is intimidatingly long, but they do make shopping a bit more granular if you know what you’re looking for.

They have a lot of deals, and even have a sister site called “The Attitude Smoking Lounge” which has early bird deals, accessories (pipes, batteries, etc.), clothing, food & beauty products, and pretty much all the stuff you’d find at a dispensary, just with seeds instead of full grown buds.

Reviews are generally positive, and the sheer vastness of the operation is a good hint that they are doing something right over at Attitude Seedbank. We’ll dive into the ins and outs of everything they have to offer in our Attitude Seeds Review below!

History of Attitude Seeds:

Not a lot of information is shared about the history of Attitude seeds, and even an email to the company was responded to with some wishy-washy verbiage about a lack of information. It didn’t seem like anything was being hidden, just that the replier was in the same boat as me (and now you), with just no information to provide.

What they lack in shareable history, though, they do seem to make up for in stature, and given the 200+ brands they work with, it’s fair to speculate that the founding fathers of Attitude have been around the seedbank block many times and made some trusted friends along the way.

Attitude Seed Bank Reputation:

Another nod to the speculation that Attitude probably has a pretty rich history no matter how enigmatic, is the fact that their reputation is quite impressive by many accounts. Heralded by many as kings of discretion, there are countless positive reviews of satisfied customers in corners of the world that normally wouldn’t be able to get marijuana seeds delivered.

All reviews give pats on the back for speed, discretion, and selection and one fella from California even said he was, “Stoked on the fact that it was hella fast.” Upon further review of this text, it seems that means the seeds came very fast (10 days to the U.S.) and he was excited.

Germination rates are very high by all customer accounts, as well as customer relations, with the only recurring negative comments being those regarding package seizures. Attitude’s stealth delivery is optional, but judging by the high praise it receives and the not-so-high praise that non-stealth deliveries get, it seems like a good idea to go with the stealth delivery.

Seed Selection (5/5):

Attitude seedbank is about as close to Amazon as you can get when it comes to purchasing options. They work with more than 250 brands and crack the 4-digit mark with the number of strains they have available for seed purchase. Some strains share the same name, but are from different companies, making them different strains. You could very literally spend a holiday weekend perusing the menu and depending on how far in you choose to dig, that could stretch to a full week if you wanted it to, as Attitude provides very solid descriptions of all 1,000+ seeds they sell.

Here is an example of the quick-hit descriptions, as well as the more informative one.

To slim down on the shopping time, you can sort the seeds by type, such as Cheese, Diesel, Fruity, Haze, Kush, OG, Sour, etc., but even those sub-menus are pretty large, so roll a joint and get comfortable when you sit down to shop at Attitude.

Seed Quality (4/5):

Given the vast selection, it comes of a bit of a surprise that Attitude does not breed any of their own seeds, but on the other hand, if you’re good at what you do (in their case, providing a million seed options), then keep doing it. The vast selection has good points and bad points when it comes to seed quality, but if you wind up with bad seeds, there is a certain level of fault that has to lie on the shoulder of the purchaser. Generally speaking, it seems that most agree that Attitude has great seeds and high germination rates, but it’s also understandable that when you do business with such a large number of brands, that some brands are going to be less selective than others, so be sure to do a little research on each individual brand before purchasing, and know that your order will be safe and guaranteed by the folks at Attitude.

Customer Service (3.5/5):

Customer service isn’t bad by most accounts, it just takes a while to respond to issues. Given the size of the company, however, it’s understandable. Shipping speeds are outstanding, so take the good with the bad here, for sure.

Attitude offers customer service via many a means, including phone, chat, email, and even good ol’ post to their main office in Ipswich. They are open 830-4:30 Ipswich time (5 hours ahead of NYC, 8 hours ahead of LA) for customer concerns, though wait times are, indeed, regular occurrences. No matter the means of voicing a comment or complaint, Attitude tries (and generally succeeds) to reply in 24 hours. Some replies are a bit vague, and thus annoying, but persistence gets the questions answered, by most customer accounts.

Though not as readily advertised as many competitor guarantees, Attitude will replace seeds that do not germinate, so long as the replacement order is made within 14 days of delivery time.

Shipping (4.5/5):

On the record, Attitude ships to everywhere seeds are legal to purchase. Off the record, they will probably ship to you, no matter where you are, but once they ship the product off, it is your responsibility. In addition to their vast catalogue of products, they are also praised for the speed and discretion of their deliveries.

Their basic shipping incudes tracking and a simple package with only a customer address and a return address. They also offer “super discreet” shipping and guaranteed shipping, both are recommended if you do not live in a place where marijuana is overtly legal like California in the U.S., or The Netherlands in Europe.

In-country deliveries to the UK can be as quick as next day, and even most international orders arrive in 7-10 days, though the company asks that customers give a full 21 days before reaching out regarding failed delivery. If you do not select guaranteed shipping at checkout, and something does go wrong with your delivery (seizure being the most common), the will not refund nor replace your delivery, so if you’re skeptical about where you live, spend the few extra bucks.

Pricing (4/5):

Pricing is a little lower than most, compared to most large seedbanks, and though stealth and guaranteed shipping are a bit of an upcharge, the total still lands in the middle range for prices. Feminized seeds are in the $20-30 range for 5, and a touch cheaper if you go with 10 seeds. Most autoflowering seed strains fall into the same price range, though fewer seemed to offer any sort of special on buying 10 (though you can change the quantity of your 5 seed purchase in increments of 5, just no discounts).

They also offer a bunch of discount-priced merch and smoking accessories as their sister site The Attitude Smoking Lounge, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you need to upgrade any of your paraphernalia

Promotions and Discounts (4/5):

At any given time, your favorite strain might be on sale, so be sure to check out their sale items upon every visit. In addition, Attitude is one of the few online seedbanks that offers a big “Promotions” tab on the homepage, so dig in and find some cheap deals. With such a vast selection, companies are always trying to get their products seen first, and the promotion page is where they really battle it out. Deals include “buy 3, get 3” specials from certain brands, deals of up to 50% off of a given brand, and even deals for using a certain type of payment like crypto or bank currency.

You will be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t check out their promotions page, even if you know exactly what you want to purchase… it might be a 2-for-1!

Final Thoughts on Attitude Seed Bank

If your concerns with seedbanks are selection and discretion, Attitude is definitely for you. They don’t lack in any areas, but they certainly excel in what they have to offer and how they get it to you (no matter where you are). I would, indeed, recommend researching the actual brand of seed before you check out, as the selection is so large that they would have to triple their prices to staff a large enough quality assurance team to check all the seeds.

Prices are good, specials are aplenty, and customer feedback is solid! Attitude is a great place to shop if you have a while and want to see everything the seed industry has to offer in one place. I hope this Attitude Seed Bank review was helpful, if you have any questions leave them below! Definitely check out some of our other reviews including Nirvana Seeds, and Royal Queen Seeds!