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Based in Porter, Hank’s Dank grows their plants organically.

KODA is a premium cannabis brand that offers a sophisticated line of products lending clarity to an otherwise overwhelming market. Powered by MJ Farms, a fully licensed Tier III producer-processor facility based in Sedro-Woolley, Washington, KODA is dedicated to fostering a diverse workforce, being a responsible member of the community, and ensuring a positive social and environmental impact. KODA products are lab-formulated for consistency, and lab-tested for purity and potency to ensure the highest quality through KODA practices.

EverGrow Northwest is locally owned and operated in the Olympia WA area and we pride ourselves on producing a variety of top-quality cannabis products. We believe that our customers needs are of the utmost importance, and our entire team is committed to creating only the finest bud, pre-rolls, and concentrates on the market to meet those needs.

Best CBD Oil In 2022 – List Of Top CBD Brands For The Strongest Hemp Seed Oil And CBD Oil And Tincture | Online CBD Stores For Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD products have significantly increased in popularity in the past few years, and CBD oil gives soothing effects that help the user relax. People like CBD oil not just for its medicinal properties but also because it is made from natural ingredients. Organic products that can substitute prescribed medicines are greatly preferred today and contribute to the wide acceptance of CBD oil.

CBD oil will not make you feel euphoric or affect your mental state, and it focuses more on promoting health benefits. It can improve concentration, focus, chronic pain, improve sleep, lower stress, help anxiety, and more. These products are perfect for individuals looking to improve their daily lifestyle and relax after a long day at work.

We researched the available brands and chose the top 5 brands for the best CBD oil products to save precious time. Each product has a detailed description, followed by highlights, pros, and cons.

As a consumer, you have the right to know how we choose these CBD oils. So, before we dive into each product, we have listed our criteria for selecting these five oils in the next section.

List Of Best CBD Oil Brands of 2022 (Full Review)

    – Overall Best CBD Oil In The Market– Strongest CBD Tinctures– Multiple Delicious Flavors For Hemp Seed Oil– Top Rated For Full Spectrum CBD Oil– Most Popular Brand For Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Let’s take a look at each of these brands in detail, along with their highlights, pros, and cons.

1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best CBD Oil In The Market

Exhale Wellness is a company based in Los Angeles. It strives to bring superior quality CBD products and has won the hearts of many customers. They have been featured and appreciated by reputable names such as Forbes, Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Observer, and even featured on the Ministry of Hemp.

The company, Exhale Wellness has gathered plenty of followers and customers. They are selling quality products that have been tested and are safe to consume.

This company aims to provide a safe alternative to modern medicines. They use hemp’s therapeutic and medicinal qualities, specially procured from Colorado. Professionals, enthusiasts, and researchers are part of the team at Exhale Wellness. Along with producing excellent products, they also want to educate people about organic medicinal alternatives.

Brand Highlights

Good reputation: When considering purchasing a product, the first and foremost metric that comes to mind is the brand’s reputation. A well-reputed brand is more likely to have good quality and safe products. Many renowned names like Forbes have recognized exhale. They perform a thorough analysis of their products, ensuring that the quality is not compromised while ensuring their CBD oils pass third-party tests.

Organic products: The company proudly promotes the organic nature of its CBD oil. The hemp oil used in making the oil gets extracted from naturally grown hemp, and it is free from the use of additives, chemicals, and preservatives.

Excellent potency: The potency of any CBD oil gets measured by the time it takes to see effective results. The CBD oil manufactured by Exhale has super-fast absorption. By placing a few drops of pure CBD oil under your tongue, you will feel more relaxed. The oil is used in many different ways if you do not like the sublingual method. Mix CBD oil, a few drops of it in your daily meal or drinks according to the dose.

Excellent customer reviews: Customers share their experience of using the brand’s CBD oil in positive reviews on its website. It helped the buyers alleviate pain anxiety and made their lives more peaceful. Often, people are looking for an easy solution that will take away some of their problems, and Exhale’s CBD isolate oil does that. The reviews will help you relate to the customer’s experience that will help you decide if the product is right for you. The fact that the company displays customer reviews on the website tells you that they are confident about the quality of their products.


  • Third-party tested products
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Vegan-friendly
  • No added preservatives


  • Only available for online purchase

2. BudPop – Strongest CBD Tinctures

BudPop is an emerging brand that is taking the world by storm. Despite being new in the market, it has already won customers’ hearts. People usually do not risk investing in a new brand, but BudPop has exceeded expectations. Their commitment to producing top-notch products has paid off.

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The company comprises a team of dedicated specialists and scientists that have come together under one umbrella. Their combined efforts turned their vision of manufacturing BudPop’s CBD oil into a reality. A team works well largely because each member knows their way around the workplace and the industry. BudPop’s group is familiar with the industrial aspects such as customer satisfaction, hemp extraction, and more. This brilliant team is the brain behind BudPop’s success, and it has the potential to become the next top brand of CBD oil.

Brand Highlights

Free from chemicals: BudPop acquires the finest hemp grown in the U.S, following producing organic products for buyers. Naturally grown products have increased health benefits and can potentially replace traditional medicines. The hemp used by BudPop is free from all kinds of chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, and other harmful chemicals.

Good customer services: A good company always has good customer service, and BudPop is no exception. They offer free shipping on orders of $50 or greater, which is especially helpful for frequent users of CBD oil. After purchasing a CBD oil, you can get a refund within fourteen days if the product is unopened.

Third-party testing: CBD oil produced by BudPop gets tested by a third-party lab. It is certified as a premium brand whose products are marked highly potent but safe and free from chemicals or impurities. If you want to see their test results yourself, you can go to their website to check their published lab tests, providing complete transparency.

Emerging brand: Products of new CBD oil brands are either loved widely or fail miserably. Budpop has made customers happy and satisfied with their products, and buyers know that they are investing in a brand worth their money. They also offer discounts and deals from time to time.


  • Highly potent
  • Free shipping on a purchase of more than $50
  • Fast shipping
  • Tested products marked safe for consumption


  • No shipping outside the US

3. Cheef Botanicals – Multiple Delicious Flavors For Hemp Seed Oil

Cheef Botanicals is committed to producing CBD oil that makes full use of the health benefits of hemp, which is safe, organic, and takes immediate effect. The brand has highly potent full-spectrum oil that delivers a powerful dose.

The founders of this company have a combined experience of more than twenty–five years in the food industry. It is a California-based company and makes use of only vegan, gluten-free, products based on hemp plants..

Colorado’s farmers produce top-quality hemp, and Cheef Botanicals acquires it from them to make their CBD oil products. Farm-grown hemp is organic and free from unwanted chemicals and additives. So, you know that Cheef’s products are indeed organic and safe to use.

Brand Highlights

Delicious flavors: The company sells CBD oil in various CBD products, including CBD gummies. They are the best sellers of this brand since buyers can choose from delicious flavors, including pineapple, orange, strawberry, and more. The fruity and sweet flavors mask CBD oil’s raw and bitter taste in its pure form. So, for those searching for tasty CBD oil alternatives, Cheef’s gummies will suit you.

Clean extraction method: Cheef acquires organic hemp from farms based in Oregon and Colorado. A super clean CO2 extraction method gets used to obtain the potent, full-spectrum CBD oil. The oil makes non-GMO, dairy-free, and healthy CBD products. They also post their third-party testing lab results on the website for full transparency.

Educating the masses: Their aim is to treat different health problems that give buyers peace of mind. By decreasing various ailments, their products boost the body’s natural defenses and wellness mechanism to restore balance. The best part about this company is that they are working on increasing public awareness of the health benefits of CBD. They are not solely focused on improving their sales; they offer abundant information about CBD oil, its manufacturing and extraction process, and more.

Offers and discounts: Some of Cheef’s preferable products are pretty expensive. To make things easier for the customers, you can take advantage of their bundle offers. With these offers, you can enjoy more of their products containing CBD oil at a reasonable price.

No trace of THC: THC is known for inducing psychoactive effects, and Cheef’s CBD products are free from THC. People who do not want to indulge in THC’s psychoactive effects can safely consume Cheef’s products.


  • Transparent lab results
  • No trace of THC in products
  • An informative blog section
  • Bundle offers
  • Organic hemp


  • Overpriced products

4. Hollyweed – Top Rated For Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Hollyweed is a Los-Angeles based company known for its credibility and is a well-known brand of CBD products. It has been around since its inception in 2017, perfecting its full-spectrum CBD products. They aim to use healthy and safe hemp grown naturally, dedicated to producing top-quality CBD products.

Cannabis experts are part of Hollyweed’s team that is keen on educating people about hemp in CBD products. Not many people understand the health benefits of CBD products. So, they make sure to provide complete information about their products on their website.

Their CBD oil gets made using vegan, organic, natural, and non-GMO foods. That’s why customers have developed a strong liking for their products. In addition to Hollyweed’s excellent range of CBD oil products, their full spectrum CBD oils are potent yet safe for consumption. Their products are affordable and not overly expensive.

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The CBD oil undergoes testing and verification before the public can purchase it. So, you do not have to worry about possible side effects or dangerous health hazards, and you can use their products safely. The company ensures the purity of its products and guarantees that they do not use chemicals.

Hollyweed’s CBD oil products have been helping people worldwide improve their daily lives and well-being. Their products are available at reasonable prices, and deals get offered frequently.

Brand Highlights

Refund policies: Hollyweed has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. If you are unhappy with your purchased product for whatever reason, you can ask for a refund. Hollyweed has excellent customer service and always addresses its customers’ needs and problems.

Legal products: Their CBD oil contains a meager percentage of THC, less than 0.3%. So, their products are legal for distribution and possession in the U.S. Customers can purchase their products safely, without worrying that they might be buying something illegal.

Intuitive website: Hollyweed has a user-friendly website that everyone can use easily. Browsing through the available, customers can easily find their desired product and relevant information. Intuitive website designs help make the right decision and enhance customers’ experience of purchasing CBD products.

Pleasing aromas: Customer reviews tell us that along with tasty flavors, Hollyweed’s CBD products have a pleasant aroma. The use of organic products has ensured that the original smell of products is retained. Thus, there is no need to add artificial fragrances or ingredients to meet the customer’s expectations.


  • Vegan-friendly
  • Pleasant aromas
  • Affordable prices
  • Numerous deals and discounts
  • Non-GMO products


  • Available for online purchase only

5. FAB CBD – Most Popular Brand For Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

FAB CBD is a Colorado-based company established back in 2017. Since then, it has been a high-quality and affordable CBD oil product producer. The products are sent for third-party testing to ensure their top quality. They are well-known and respected within the CBD market thanks to their reputation and transparency of products.

Their products are available in various potency levels, including the highly potent full-spectrum CBD oil. Products are reviewed and approved medically to mark them safe for consumption, ensuring happy and satisfied customers.

FAB CBD full-spectrum CBD oil is their most loved product, and consumers love it for its high potency and excellent flavors such as berry, citrus, mint, and lots more. You can consume the CBD oil directly or add it to meals and drinks.

They guarantee that their products are free from chemicals, solvents, herbicides, and pesticides. Customers do not have to worry about suffering from dangerous health hazards due to the presence of unwanted substances. Their oil is available in various concentrations, from 300 mg to 2400 mg.

Brand Highlights

Market recognition: If you do a quick Google search for top CBD oils, you’ll see that FAB CBD is on this list. Customers are satisfied with the products, leaving positive CBD oil reviews.

Transparency: While many CBD companies provide transparency of their results, no company offers information about their policies and mode of operations. FAB CBD gives transparency for both.

ProVerde lab testing: ProVerde Laboratories offer testing services for hemp products and are responsible for testing FAB CBD’s products. The lab is ISO-17025 accredited and deemed reliable after third-party testing, fulfilling the requirement for selling CBD oil products.

Budget-friendly: FAB CBD has established itself in the market and has a good number of sales. That’s why they can minimize their cost of operations and reduce the price of their product as well. Buying products in greater quantities at once have more value, and you can save money as well. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with a particular product.

Loved by youngsters: FAB CBD oil gets used by people of all age groups, but the youngsters have developed a particular liking for their product.The user-friendly website and tasty flavored CBD oils combined with affordable prices have attracted the youth.


  • Various flavors
  • Available in several potencies
  • ProVerde lab tested
  • Different CBD concentrations
  • Free shipping on a purchase of greater than $99


  • Refunds only for unopened products

How We Made the List Of The Best CBD Tincture

Listing the top 5 best CBD oil tinctures requires a lot of research. Every company claims that they are the best CBD oil-producing brand in the market, and they will say that their CBD product is organic, tested, and verified. However, some CBD brands use these words merely as a marketing tactic. So, we feel it is vital that you know exactly how we chose our top 5 best CBD oils.

What We Looked For

  • Third-party lab tests: Reputable CBD oil companies submit their products for testing by a third-party lab. The advantage of these tests is that the company becomes transparent to the consumer. It provides buyers an insight into the ingredients used to make the CBD oil. The laboratories conducting these tests are well-known and compliant with quality assurance regulations. Only untrustworthy companies avoid testing, and these are the companies you should avoid.
  • Certified organic products: Organically grown hemp produces the best CBD oils. Most brands claim that their products have organic certification by a reputable organization. For our list of top 5 CBD oils, we focused on organic accreditation also. Fewer chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, artificial chemicals, etc., will grow organic hemp to produce high-quality CBD oil.
  • Brand reputation and team: A reputable company has a professional team of certified professionals like doctors and pharmacists, among others. Companies that have a strong team can produce high-quality CBD oil. We looked at the teams’ profiles of each brand in our list. The brand’s reputation reflects company values, ethos, goals, team profile, and social outreach.
  • Carrier oil: Carrier oils are essential as they help improve the effectiveness of CBD oils. They improve the absorption, quality, and delivery of the oil. Most CBD oils are water-based, but companies often add MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) and other fatty oils to improve efficacy.
  • Hemp location: Famous CBD oil companies disclose the location of their growing hemp site. Some companies acquire hemp from farmers, but even this information should get mentioned on the company website. Consumers deserve to know where the company has procured the key ingredient for their CBD oil products. That’s why we chose it as an essential metric while making this list.
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Buying Guide: Tips for CBD Oil Dosage

  • Varying Doses for Each Individual
  • Health and Tolerance Level
  • Keep Realistic Expectations
  • Dosage Instructions for Alleviating Pain
  • Dosage Instructions for Anxiety

Many people who suffer from anxiety look towards CBD oil as a possible cure. Different doses will have other effects for each person, and studies have shown that taking even moderate amounts of CBD oil can reduce anxiety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About CBD Hemp Oil

  1. Is CBD Oil the Same as Hemp Oil?
  1. How Long Does It Take for the Oil to Work?

The time required for CBD oil to work its magic varies from person to person. While some people can feel its soothing effect within twenty minutes or less, for others, it takes longer for the oil to work. We recommend taking CBD daily in an appropriate dosage to experience the desired effect.

  1. How Can I Safely Ingest CBD?

There are several ways to take CBD oil to get a good outcome. Ordinarily, people consume CBD sublingually. That is, users place drops of oil right under the tongue to get faster, better, and safer absorption. This is, by far, one of the most efficient ways to consume CBD as it introduces concentrated drops of the compound directly into the bloodstream. This method has a whopping ninety-seven percent absorption rate.

  1. Does CBD Oil Have an Expiration Date?
  1. Is CBD Oil in the Form of a Capsule?

CBD oil is available in a variety of different forms. You can buy a CBD oil tincture that comes equipped with a dropper so you can easily place the drops under your tongue. Your body will absorb it quickly and, just like the legion of people who find it quick and easy to use, you will too.

If you dislike the earthy taste of pure hemp, you can go for CBD gummies. It has low CBD content, but people like them because of its tasty flavor. One or two gummies of CBD per day is a convenient dosage. However, gummies often contain artificial flavors and sugar to enhance the sweet taste, and they also take longer to work than tinctures.

CBD creams are a popular alternative for those who do not want to ingest the oil in any form. These creams are similar to the lotions you use at home, except that they have a small quantity of CBD extract in them. This form is effective for reducing localized pain only.

Finally, you can take CBD oil capsules, similar to other medicines. Capsules contain a safe amount of CBD dose that you can take every day. However, pills also absorb slower since they need to digest before the oil gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

CBD Oil Tinctures: Conclusion

CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its organic nature and health benefits. It gets used by people of all age groups worldwide for instant relief and for boosting mental health. Buyers prefer using it over other medicines for this very reason since it reduces chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and more. However, if you are suffering from severe medical problems, it is best to consult a doctor for treatment.

CBD oil is available in a variety of products. Sublingual consumption is the most popular method – placing a few drops under your tongue for quick absorption. However, if you don’t like the raw taste, you can opt for CBD gummies, tinctures, capsules, and even creams. Popular brands are producing various kinds of products so that customers can choose the most suitable option.

We took the time to carefully research and list the top 5 best CBD oils that you need to know about in 2022. Exhale Wellness is our top choice, followed closely by BudPop. Well-reputed brands like Exhale submit their products for third-party testing, so we know that they are safe and verified. Exhale Wellness has five-star reviews on its website where customers have shared their experiences. If you are looking for insight into Exhale’s CBD oil, you can go through these reviews. Exhale has won over customers’ hearts as well as ours!

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