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cannabis seed starting mix

Cannabis seed starting mix

Purdue University did a thorough tomato seed-starting test on our Seed Catapult potting soil versus six other very worthy adversary’s. Take a look at how we did!

We start with our trusted Plant Pro Potting Soil (sphagnum peat moss, vermiculite, sharp sand, perlite, Re-Vita Compost Plus 3-4-3 with kelp, humate, rock phosphate and AZOMITE) and added Myco Apply Endo Granular to inoculate you new plant with the miraculous Mycorrhizal fungi. Having these high quality spores built into the seed starter allows the symbiotic relationship to start at the earliest possible moment for maximum benefit and to be carried with the plant when transplanted. Through 2 years of testing we found that a precise dose of our Micronized Soluble Fish and Crab Powder added to the mix further enhanced growth and development. The seed catapult contains the fertilizers and minerals of Plant Pro to gently provide the nutrients a new plant will need for 6-8 weeks depending on cell or pot size. Use to start any vegetable seeds and on all house and bedding plants. Compare it to your favorite seed starting media, you’ll see the difference!

1 cu. ft. bag (30 dry qts.) will fill 6 x 128 cell trays or 9 x 200 cell trays.

This product is intended for use
according to an approved organic system plan.
This products ingredients all qualify under
7 CFR 205.105 for use in organic crop production.

Check with your certification agency before using in certified organic production.

Cannabis seed starting mix

Available in 1 cu ft bags

The nutrients our plants need to thrive don’t just magically appear. They come from the soil. But they only come from healthy, living soil that contains the nutrients your plants can absorb. Adding Purple Cow Activated Compost with PCO Mineral Complex to your gardens, containers, landscapes or lawns will infuse trace minerals, nutrients, and microbes into your soil, which will ensure that all the plants you grow will be as happy as possible.

  • Vegetables & Fruits
  • Flowers
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Lawn
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Activated Potting Mix

Available in 1.5 cu ft bags

Purple Cow Activated Potting Mix offers superior performance because it’s scientifically formulated with our PCO Mineral Complex, so readily available nutrients not only get your plants off to a good start, but continue to feed your plants long after planting. Your lighter feeding edibles, herbs, and flowers will continue to receive nutrients and minerals for up to 2 months! It’s ideal for large or small containers and has excellent moisture-holding characteristics. It is also environmentally friendly because it contains natural organic fertilizer and less peat than most potting soils.

  • Vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Flowers

Seed Starter Mix

Available in 12 qt and 1 cu ft bags

Purple Cow Seed Starter Mix is an OMRI Listed, living media containing beneficial biology and nutrients to get your plants off to a healthy start. Seed Starter Mix is a fine-textured blend that promotes rapid germination and vigorous seedlings. Our mix includes Purple Cow Activated Compost, sphagnum peat, perlite, vermiculite, OMRI listed granular fertilizer and mineral complex. It is intended for seed starting in trays, blocks or small containers – balancing drainage and wicking action to keep roots moist.

  • Trays
  • Small Containers
  • Blocks

Tomato Gro

Available in 12 qt bags

Purple Cow Tomato Gro builds from the remarkable quality of Purple Cow Activated Compost, addressing the specific challenges associated with the tomato. Tomato plants feed early and often; one can’t play catch-up with tomatoes. It’s formulated for the specific needs of tomato plants and is excellent for use in garden soil or added to large or small containers. It’s also made from all natural organic ingredients and contains no manure.

  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Eggplants
  • Heavily Feeding Vegetables
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All-Purpose Fertilizer

Available in 5 lb pouches

Plants that absorb more nutrients become more flavorful and nutritious, making your food all the better. When your garden, beds or lawn need more fertility without requiring the volume of compost, use Purple Cow BioActive All-Purpose Fertilizer. This is an organic 4-6-4 granular fertilizer inoculated with Mychorrhizal Fungi. These fungi may improve nutrient and water uptake by plants. Mix in with your growing media or simply top dress and water in.

  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Flowers
  • Shrubs
  • Hanging Baskets

Vegetable Supercharger

Available in 8 oz tubs

Purple Cow Veggie Supercharger does exactly what the name says: It supercharges your plants, providing them with living organisms and trace minerals to produce nutrient dense vegetables and fruits. When your plants are healthier, you are healthier. Not only does our Veggie Supercharger contain humates and kelp meal – which provide Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium and other trace minerals – it utilizes mycorrhizal fungi – which are known to help with nutrient uptake at the roots. It is a soluble powder that is meant to be used in Purple Cow Compost Tea or water and is an easy-to-use way to feed your plants “immediately.”

  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Flowers
  • Garden Beds
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Containers

Raised Bed Mix

Available in 1.5 cu ft bags

Purple Cow Organics Raised Bed Mix is a weed seed and top-soil free blend of organic ingredients for filling raised garden beds. One reason raised bed gardening started gaining traction, was that in many neighborhoods the soil had high lead contamination, making it unsafe to grow in. By using a product free of topsoil and made from OMRI listed ingredients, you are ensuring that your growing media will be free of hazardous lead contaminants.

  • Raised Garden Beds
  • Vegetables
  • Heavy Feeders
  • Flowers
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Purple Cow IndiCanja

Available in 1 cu ft bags

Purple Cow IndiCanja is a scientifically formulated and tested organic fertilizing package that contains the necessary minerals, nutrients, fertility and biology for all stages of plant growth from young seedlings in a vegetative phase through transplanting, budding and flowering and the final hardening phase. IndiCanja was developed by a grower, for growers to be “ready-to-use” requiring no further inputs!

  • Budding Phase
  • Flowering Phase
  • Hardening Phase

All-Purpose Veggie Mix

Available in 1 cu ft bags

All-Purpose Veggie Mix is an organic and all-natural blend for growing hearty and flavorful veggies. Get the whole family involved, and bring “Farm-to-Table” to your own backyard! Intended for pots and containers, All-Purpose Veggie Mix contains essential plant nutrients and beneficial organic matter that may naturally increase the plants’ uptake of nutrients and water! It also contains enough fertility to get your plants off to a healthy start and can then be supplemented with Purple Cow Organics’ BioActive All-Purpose Fertilizer.

  • Smart Pots and Containers
  • Hearty feeding veggies
  • Won’t burn lighter feeders!

Crafter’s Mix – SPRING 2022!

Available in 2 cu ft bags

Purple Cow Organics Crafter’s Mix is a premium growing blend designed for experienced growers who prefer to hand craft their own growing medias. This natural and organic blend includes starter fertility and allows you to amend with your own selected inputs to create the customized mix of your choosing. The versatility of Crafter’s Mix allows the user to grow both indoors and outdoors as well as in an organic or synthetic growing system.