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Simple Tips to Keep Your Cannabis Seeds in Good Shape

The attention you give your cannabis seeds will decide how well your plants develop and how successful your harvest will be. Because we’re dealing with a natural product that needs to mature, the conditions in which it’s stored will affect its eventual yield. Even though marijuana seeds are tough and self-sufficient, you need to take action immediately if you want to prevent problems when planting them.

Below are some simple but useful ways you can keep your cannabis seeds in perfect condition.

Labelling the Seeds

This is an important thing to note: don’t forget to label the many strains you have. It would be best if you only opened the containers to plant the seeds once they have been stored. It’s not ideal for opening and closing the container you are using because the protection provided to your seeds is quickly lost as it is opened. Temperature and humidity changes can also be harmful.

If you can’t see the seeds, labelling the strains you have is even more important. This could be the case if you take some growers’ advice and store your seeds in analogue film tubes. It can be as simple as slapping a little label on it and writing the name of the strain in each tube with a pen or marker. Each tube should then be placed inside a piece of secure container to protect its contents from deteriorating.

Ideal Storage Temperature

The ideal temperatures for storage and germination of your cannabis seeds are 6° C and 24° C, respectively. To calibrate the range in which you work, take note of these two temperature restrictions. Keep in mind that the best temperature for storing seeds is between 6° C and 8° C.

The most experienced producers have a refrigerator dedicated to this function, with low temperatures maintained at all times. The same is true in terms of humidity.

If you don’t want your seeds to be damaged, keep them somewhere with a relative humidity of around 20-30 per cent. To keep your seeds cool, all you have to do is make room in your refrigerator. However, ensuring that it’s dry enough for good preservation will be a bit more difficult.

Humidity Control

It’s a good idea to have some sealable containers on hand to keep humidity levels low for your cannabis seed storage spaces. Eppendorf tubes are a highly recommended solution for this.

These tubes are a standard piece of laboratory equipment used to store liquid samples. They’re distinguishable as small cylindrical polypropylene containers with conical bottoms and hermetic sealing. This method of micro conservation protects individual seed containers in such a way that, regardless of changes in the outside environment, the humidity levels inside the container remain consistent.

You can insert little pearls of silica gel into the tubes, ensuring that the air inside remains perfectly dry even if the outside humidity rises or the temperature changes. The Eppendorf’s cap ensures that no humidity gets in, but the silica gel assures that any that does get in will be quickly absorbed by this material.

If you don’t have any of these containers, some opaque and sealed plastic bottles would suffice. Along with the seeds, some dry rice or silica crystals should be placed inside. Be sure to separate the seeds using a cotton ball or paper. These elements will absorb moisture from the atmosphere, which can range from 25 per cent to 100 per cent, depending on your location.

Light Control

It’s important to remember that light is another aspect that has a direct impact on seed germination. As a result, you must ensure that light does not shine on the seeds that you will subsequently plant. They lose a lot of their germinative power when exposed to light. You can keep your seeds for several years if you follow these tips. Some scientists even believe that under perfect storage circumstances, seeds can live up to a decade.


While storing cannabis seeds properly takes a lot of care, making sure you address specific concerns such as light, temperature, and humidity will reward your efforts with healthy seeds ready for planting. If you’re still a newbie to the cannabis industry, it can help if you approach experienced growers and ask for more advice.

Tips and tricks of finding the best sativa seeds

The current cannabis seeds market is awash with multiple products and suppliers. So, if you’re a beginner, you may find it a daunting task to choose the right cannabis sativa seeds. With a broad range of sativa seeds for sale, even a veteran cannabis cultivator may be spoiled to decide what to buy. If you’re in this situation, you may want to understand the qualities you should consider when choosing suitable seeds. And that’s the reason this article is dedicated to offering you fantastic tips to help you choose the best marijuana seeds. Please stay tuned for more information.

How to evaluate the appearance

Even before you touch the seeds, you can confirm whether they’re the right ones from their appearance. Marijuana seeds have varying sizes and shades because of their different genetic compositions. The seeds also appear in various forms and sizes, with some circular and others vast and pointed. The seeds can also display different shapes and sizes even when they originate from the same plant. With these varying appearances and sizes, you may be confused while looking for the best grains. The good news is that physical traits can distinguish good sativa seeds from bad ones even with these subtle differences. Here are some of the apparent qualities of high-quality seeds:

  • Color: High-quality sativa seeds have a brown shade with an opaque smooth surface. They’re free of injuries and don’t have any fractures. The seeds boast of softshells, appearing like they received a waxy polish. Sickly seeds, on the other hand, appear lusterless and shriveled. For the best yields, it’s advisable to buy cannabis sativa seeds with a sparkling surface. You should also note that while some cannabis grains are uniform in the shade, others may feature various colors and display tiger streaks or tortoiseshell outlines. Suffice to say that multiple factors can cause color changes in the seeds. For example, illumination and humidity can alter the typical shades of the seeds. However, if you come across green marijuana seeds, you should give them a wide berth because the vegetative shade shows that the seeds are immature.
  • Size and form: viable sativa seeds come in multiple shapes and sizes. While some growers produce tiny and condensed seeds, others harvest huge and distended grains. Numerous factors, such as genetics and minerals, can influence the shape and size of seeds. Despite the differences in dimensions, the form of viable weed seeds is the same. Their body is tear-drop-circular at one end and narrow at the other. Grains inconsistent with this form may have a genetic anomaly. You can buy healthy sativa seeds from reputable suppliers.


The best sativa seeds to grow are less than 12 months old because they can germinate rapidly. Such seeds also encounter minimal trouble if you keep them for a short duration. Sativa seeds can also germinate well when they’re within two to three seasons past. Depending on your circumstances, you can plant old seeds. However, the best seeds that have a higher germination rate are the young ones.

You can discover the age of sativa seeds for sale by using the touch sensation. Put the seed between your thumb and index and press it. Aged seeds may feel a bit soft and even break because of dryness.

The origin of your seeds

An essential factor that you need to consider when purchasing the seeds is their source. There is a big difference between seeds obtained from a reputable cannabis seed bank and those you buy from local suppliers. It’s critical to purchase seeds from professional seed banks as they take time to produce high-quality grains. Such seeds have a high germination percentage, and their plants result in high harvests.

If you buy your seeds from local suppliers, you’re likely to encounter multiple issues once you plant them. For example, the seeds may not germinate, or their subsequent plants may display specific genetic flaws. Before choosing a professional seed bank, ensure to read reviews from previous clients and find out whether they explain the processes of producing their seed through their website content.

Conduct a float Test

After conducting the initial evaluation based on your seeds’ color, shape, and size, the next move is to conduct a float test. Such a test can enable you to determine whether the seeds are of high quality. You can run this test by filling a glass with water and dropping the seeds inside. Repeat the same procedure after around 2 hours. If the seeds sink, they’re of high quality and ready to sprout. Once you’re through with the experiment and the seeds are damp, place them into your grow medium.


The process of planting weed starts from the selection of seeds. However, determining the best seeds presents a significant challenge to most growers. The points above can help you in establishing the quality of sativa seeds.