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cannabis seed laws australia

Has anyone been caught importing cannabis seeds into Australia?

Weed or Cannabis is one of the most consumed herbs in Australia. The use of Cannabis was strictly illegal before now, but the good part is that the law surrounding growing and using Cannabis is becoming more flexible. This is good news for Australian cannabis lovers.

The use of medical Cannabis has already been declared legal since 2016, so it is only a matter of time before the recreational use will become completely acceptable in the whole of Australia.

The good part is that companies like Australian Seedbank have got you covered when it comes to Stealth shipping of cannabis seeds.

Buying Cannabis Seeds in Australia in 2021

Most states do not place hefty fines on the use and growing of Cannabis. However, it is illegal to sell and buy cannabis seeds in Australia. That’s more reason why a lot of people prefer to buy cannabis seeds online.

You can get the best cannabis seeds from reliable and trusted suppliers like Australian Seedbank. We trust our experts when it comes to Stealth Shipping to Cannabis lovers in Australia.

If you intend to grow Cannabis, however, grow it for your consumption only and not for selling weed. You might get caught up with the law.

At this time, some states do have specific policies for penalizing the manner in which marijuana is grown, condoning outdoor growing than indoor cultivation.

Cannabis restrictions in some states

Below are some states with restrictions and laws on cannabis cultivation and use:

Australian Capital

It is fairly safe to grow up to 2 plants or possess up to 25 grams of marijuana in this state. If you go outside these limits, you risk a fine of $100. You may participate in a treatment program if you fail to pay this fine in two months.

Meanwhile, the good news is that the Australian capital has legalized the use of recreational marijuana since 2020.

North Territory

You stand a risk of paying a $200 fine if you grow up to 2 plants or possess up to 50 grams of marijuana.

New South Wales

You receive a caution once if you possess up to 15 grams of marijuana, but this cannot happen twice.

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South Australia

You pay a fine of $50 to $150 when you carry under 20 grams of hush or 100 grams of marijuana.

Has anyone been caught importing cannabis seeds in Australia?

Now, to our main question, well, from our own experience and forum, none of our customers at Australian Seedbank have been caught importing weeds.

Although, in the past, we’ve had one or two cases where shipments did not arrive as you would expect, and in those cases, the orders were reshipped or the shipments refunded. But right now, we hardly have such cases at Australian Seedbank.

What you need to consider when buying cannabis seeds in Australia

As we’ve mentioned earlier, some states do not condone the cultivation of cannabis plants. In some cases, this applies to outdoor cultivation only, not when you do so indoors.

If you want stealth shipment of the best cannabis seeds, Australian Seedbank is the best supplier in Australia, and you get your package in a discreet manner. We are professionals, and we don’t make mistakes on this.

Feel free to contact our customer service team if you have any questions about buying cannabis seeds in Australia.

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I m interested in ordering but bit paranoid about getting caught….can u email ur stealth process to allay my fears…would really appreciate it…thx

Hi, in the last 3 months I’ve lost good money using WSE out of Holland. 3 successive lots at a cost of around AUD 500 bucks havent aarived. ILGM out of the USA will no longer ship to Oz. Is this due to customs, covid or just about every postal service being on strike? Are you any different cos I don’t wanna throw any more money at another non-deliverer.


New rules around personal use of cannabis came into effect on 31 January 2020.

Need health information or support?

For information about how cannabis impacts your health and for support to stop or change your cannabis use visit

Know the ACT Cannabis rules

On 31 January 2020, we introduced new rules around personal use of cannabis in the ACT to help people get support and stay out of our justice system. Some rules have changed, and some have stayed the same.

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What are the changes?

If you’re aged 18 and over in the ACT, you can now:

  • possess up to 50 grams of dried cannabis or up to 150 grams of fresh cannabis
  • grow up to two cannabis plants per person, with a maximum of four plants per household
  • use cannabis in your home (personal use).

It’s now an offence to:

  • smoke or use cannabis in a public place
  • expose a child or young person to cannabis smoke
  • store cannabis where children can reach it
  • grow cannabis using hydroponics or artificial cultivation
  • grow plants where they can be accessed by the public.

Where can I get health information and support?

Information about how cannabis can impact your health is available on the ACT Health website.

Support services are also available if you need or want to change your cannabis use.

Some rules are still the same

It’s still illegal:

  • to sell, share or give cannabis as a gift to another person
  • for people aged under 18 to grow, possess, or use cannabis
  • to drive with any cannabis in your system.

If you have any concerns with your use or a family member’s use of Cannabis please contact the Alcohol and Drug Services on (02) 5124 9977.
* Please note this is not a general information line.

Why did the ACT Government change its cannabis rules?

We know people in the ACT use cannabis. We want to encourage people to get the support they need through our health system and not be forced through the justice system. Our health services are here to support you.

Cannabis is not legal in the ACT, it has been decriminalised. The ACT has removed penalties for adults who possess or use small amounts of cannabis so they can get support without fear of being put through the justice system.

New rules around personal use of cannabis came into effect on 31 January 2020.

No. It’s still illegal to sell cannabis in the ACT regardless of where you intend to sell it.

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No. The laws around giving and selling cannabis are still the same. It’s still an offence to sell or share any cannabis, including plants and seeds, with another person.

No. It’s still illegal to drive with cannabis in your system. In the ACT, we have a zero-tolerance approach to drug-driving, just like other Australian states and territories.

Find out more at JACS.

Drug-driving laws have not changed. It’s still illegal to drive with any cannabis in your system. Don’t risk it.

For information on how cannabis can affect your health and to access support services in the ACT, visit the ACT Health website.

In a life threatening emergency, always call triple zero (000).

No, the new rules only apply within the ACT. It is an offence to possess cannabis in NSW.

No, you can not smoke or consume cannabis in a public place.

No. Vaping cannabis is illegal in public.

This is the first time an Australian government has progressed this type of reform. As with other significant harm minimisation reforms over the decades, there are elements of the legislation that are new and unfamiliar.

We consider the ACT has the right to legislate on this issue but, there is a possibility that the Commonwealth will try to test the ACT’s laws in the courts.

The ACT Government has taken steps to minimise this risk in the way we have structured our amendments. There will still be an offence in ACT legislation, but with an exception for persons 18 years of age and over.

The Government has taken this approach to manage potential issues that may arise regarding consistency with Commonwealth laws.

The ACT has a history of progressive drug law reforms and these amendments maintain the Territory Government’s commitment to sensible, progressive responses to drug use that minimise harm in our community, as detailed in the ACT Drug Strategy Action Plan 2018-21.

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.