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cannabis seed cracked but no root

Seed cracked but no tap root

Honestly you handled beans too much. it hurt the delicate rooting’s hair. i believe it damaged the hairs, lost the vigor to grow. For best thing is to let bean stay in the soil, it will come up in bean’s time or not, who knows.

I know everyone have a different way with germinate beans. For myself , i always have 100% rate of germination.

just soak the beans with tap water for overnight then plant direct into soilless medium, no dome needed. The beans will sprout range from 1 to 10 days. keep surface moist, not dry out and if you see the surface soil is about to dry out , just use spray to mist on it till its moist.

Is my avocado seed sprouting? It cracked before a root even came out at all. Should I start over?

Leave it in the water so the root and sprout can get going. Mine cracked a few days before I saw them.

I've had this happen before, with it never sprouting and ending up like that for more than 4 months.

Also, what type of avocado do you use to grow trees? Maybe mine isn't the right kind (small hass ones).

Then how long until something happens?

Also, what are the best types of avocadoes to grow seeds from? I use small hass avocadoes to grow these. This is my first seed, so I'm unsure.

How to Plant a Walnut Tree

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While there are several species of walnut, most notably the black walnut and English walnut, basic planting and care instructions are all similar. Still, due to the existence of hundreds of varieties adapted to different climates and disease resistance, planting nuts from relatively nearby is recommended. Walnut trees can produce flavorful nuts and durable, attractive timber, but home gardeners should be aware that they often kill nearby plants! Also, keep in mind that walnut trees don’t start producing nuts until about 10 years after they have been planted and the nut production will peak at about 30 years after planting. You can plant walnut trees from nuts, which are often free to collect but tedious to prepare, or seedlings, which usually need to be purchased but typically have a higher success rate.