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cannabis seed bank of maine address

CBD Stores Portland ME

These guys are professional food masters. They create amazing cakes, candies, etc. Everything is exactly the same every time and it’s nice you know what to expect. The quality is 100%, it’s no wonder you can buy there stuff at all the dispensaries. I think since some of these pictures the name of the gummies has changed to just Cubez, I also included a picture of what can happen when you leave the gummies in the hot car all day. They infuse the thc into the food, you can’t find better quality. – Bonnie

Your CBD Store – Hampton, NH

Address: 15 High St, Hampton, NH 03842

Phone: (603) 929-4223


I recently tried full spectrum topical cream ,during the busiest season at work normally my hands are junk after repeatedly using them this allowed me relief from the beating my hands and forearms took during my work day. Thank you for keeping me moving. Great product see you when I require more! – Toph Hale

Your CBD is the best local shop for CBD products.Chris and his knowledgeable staff are always willing to go the extra mile to help you find the perfect product for your needs! With Your CBD you can always be confident that you are getting quality products that will work and do what they promise. – Molly and Ben St Jeanne

Just to walk into the store is an experience. It is very peaceful and calming.
Chris takes pride in his work and wants to help and explain everything you need to know about CBD. CBD definitely helps the aches and pains. I would highly recommend Hampton Your CBD Store to everyone and I have ! – Lynn Collins

Above Board Cannabis Co.

Address: 353 Riverside Dr, Auburn, ME 04210

Phone: (207) 689-3285


Hands down the best GMO flower and concentrates on the East Coast. The staff is knowledgeable about all of their products and they take time to discuss the differences in all of the stains. I picked up some High Sail GMO resin, citrus sap and some Flowerhaus Hash Rosin my last visit. – Robert Masland

Stopped in today for my first time today. Great staff! Great selection of products!! Love the Guava Tangie!! Best price on high end concentrates around!! – Clayton Brooks

Absolutely love the products here, high quality medicine, staff is very knowledgeable and the prices are great. Worth the 30 min drive for me! – Ces

OMG – Organically Maine Grown Cannabis Co. A recreational weed dispensary

Address: 47 India St Suite C, Portland, ME 04101

Phone: (207) 523-0245


These dudes do it right! Been a loyal customer since my 1st experience with OMG! The product is ALWAYS top-notch. They are always on the ball and the absolute NICEST guys you’ll ever meet. Super professional! Can’t wait to check out their new India St. location as soon as it’s ready & open! – David Brannen

Amazing, clean , neat , beautifully organized store ! The staff are very helpful , knowledgeable and just extra nice. They answered all my CBD questions and their recommendations are great! Thank you guys ! – alfonso combong

I order from this company several times and never was disappointed!!
Great product great price and fast delivery!!
Love them .
Keep on the good work guys you are amazing!! – ERAN DABUSH

The Great Atlantic Puffin Company

Address: 235 Bridgton Rd, Fryeburg, ME 04037

Phone: (207) 935-5444


This place is awesome!! Went there for the first time today. They have a super cool atmosphere, great quality product, and the guys working there are extremely friendly and helpful. Would recommend going here over any other medical company in the area, you will get the quality and experience that you’re paying for. – Megan Helfrich

Great prices & astounding cannabis. The staff are wonderful and they know exactly what they’re talking about.
Very wide selection of glass, papers, containers, cleaning supplies, etc.
Beautiful inside, handmade art (also for sale) lining the walls!
The Great Atlantic Puffin Co. is my go-to, one stop shop. – Chris Gorton

I have been a regular customer for almost 2 years now! Puffin offers a great variety of products at good prices. I have loved everything I’ve ever bought, even when trying out something new. The staff is always kind and helpful. They truly care about their customers and quality. I would highly recommend this shop! :^) – Emery O’Connell

How The Emerald Triangle Became a Seed Bank

Tucked in the north western coastal mountains of northern California lies the most famous cannabis cultivation area in the world: the Emerald Triangle.

Comprising Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties, the Emerald Triangle has developed more than fifty years of experience of craft cannabis cultivation techniques. There is a legacy of farmers who are experts in breeding, curing, and cannabis genetics. Considering the agricultural lineage and its unique microclimate, the Emerald Triangle produces some of the world’s best marijuana on the market.

Another important factor is the Emerald Triangle’s cannabis culture, history, and the influence of the back-to-the-land movement in relation to the hippie trail phenomenon. It is largely due to these two moments in history that The Emerald Triangle became a prominent cannabis seed bank with thousands of cannabis varietals from around the world.

From Hippies to Back-to-the-Landers

In the late 1960’s, San Francisco and Berkeley were the epicenter of bohemian life. In the early 1970s, after the San Francisco Chronicle’s coverage of the “death of the hippies“ ceremony in 1967, many San Francisco hippies migrated up the northern California coast. This migration became known as the “back to the land” movement and consisted of bohemians who wanted to live a simple life connected to nature and a committed community. Back-to-the-landers valued sustainability and grew their own food, including cannabis.

Cannabis was, and still is, a defining component of their culture.For back-to-the-landers, it was a spiritual tool and a form of currency for bartering, trading, or selling on the black market. Cannabis supported families and local communities for generations. Due to its illicit nature, cannabis was a black-market crop that fostered an “us vs. them” sense of camaraderie. The back-to-the-landers’ affinity for nature and residual counterculture influence produced generations of cannabis cultivators and an unassailable reverence for cannabis that continues to this day.

The Hippie Trail and the Cannabis Seeds Brought Back

From the late 1950s through the 1970s, countless Northern California-based beatniks, hippies and back-to-the-landers traveled what was known as the “Hippie Trail.” A trek through Asia, the Hippie Trail was a bohemian pilgrimage for the free-spirited, culturally curious and bohemian budget traveler. Starting in Istanbul, Turkey, the trail ran through Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, India and Thailand. Adventure-seekers would often travel the hippie trail for six months to a year, hitchhiking and caravanning and bartering for food and rides.

For Emerald Triangle cultivators, the Hippie Trail was not only a bohemian adventure, it was a quest to locate and return home with geographically diverse cannabis seeds. They would seek out small villages and remote communities in their travels, looking for the holy grail of cannabis seeds. The more pristine the genetics, the better.

The Hippie Trail and the Back-to-the-Land movement were the two catalysts for what came to be known as the Emerald Triangle. It is because of these bohemian adventures and counterculture movements happened at the same time that made possible the foundation of the Emerald Triangle, with exotic and rare cannabis genetics.