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cannabis pack of seeds

Buy Mixed Marijuana Seeds

Our Mix seed packs offer variety and value, with the choice of 15 or 30 feminized marijuana seeds in every packet. Decide between the different mixes, each containing three separate strains within every selected mix pack.

All three strains in each mix pack compliment each other, whether it’s fruity, spicy or high-yielding plants you want to grow. Guaranteed germination and the finest, highest quality genetics ensure each seed produces a pure, female-only plant with the taste, smell and effects you enjoy.

Enjoy great saving on the ten seed packs, providing a total of thirty seeds per packet and three different varieties to enjoy growing and later smoking, once harvested and dried.

With complete support from purchase to harvest, and the added assurance of guaranteed delivery and germination, these mixed marijuana seed packs offer the best feminized seeds at the cheapest prices.

Mix Pack Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Mix Pack Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Our Mix Pack is dedicated to those who are looking for a start to sample out some of our products. If you are not sure what feminized strain to try, then this Mix Pack is perfect for you! This Mix Pack will provide you with high quality and high yielding Cannabis Seeds that you can use for your grow. There are 15 seeds that are available in this pack. In addition, some are Sativa’s and some are Indica’s which will give you a nice combination for your growing efforts. As a result, the levels of THC will vary between 17% to 23% and will provide the highest quality for your smoke.

Effects of our Mix Pack

The effects of our Mix Pack will be the same for Indica and Sativa. Relaxation with an uplifting beat will be the major cause of our mix pack. Some ailments will be cured as well such as headaches, pain, depression, anxiety etc. There are many benefits to using a mix pack as it provides an essence of surprise.

How does our Mix Pack Grow?

Our Mix Pack Feminized Cannabis Seeds will grow the same like any other fem pack. Flowering time is estimated between 7 to 10 weeks depending on the type of seed. As well as, the average yield for both indoor and outdoor grows are 500 grams each. The plant size will be approximately a medium sized plant. In addition, this will be a beginner grow so not a lot of effort will be needed to watch over humidity, and a controlled environment. Our Mix Packs are of the highest quality as we want all customers to be able to sample what we have to offer. Furthermore, take advantage of Free Shipping and Free Seeds options when you shop with The Seed Fair. Our aim is to offer the best service and quality for all our clients.