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cannabis how long to veg from seed

How much Veg time for 1lb plants?

How much Veg time in DWC would it take to hit 1lb plants?
Im thinking 2 months veg from clone.
Around 24" until flip.
SCROG obviously.

I have never done 1lb plants indoors, but want to start some serious yields with longer veg times instead of smaller more grows.

WIll be using Gavita 1000w DE fixtures
24 plant RDWC or Ebb and Flow depending.

8 x 8 grow space.

Experienced growers only who have dealt with this.

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So you want 24 plants @ 1 pound each under an 8×8 footprint?
Is that about right?

Are you going to run like 15 of those gavitas over said area?

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So you want 24 plants @ 1 pound each under an 8×8 footprint?
Is that about right?

Are you going to run like 15 of those gavitas over said area?

I can increase my footprint.

Looking for 1 lb per plant.
I have never run 1lb plants but I do know adding veg time by a week increases yield exponentially.

A thread over at ic mag.

If I could pull lb a plant in an 8×8 would be interesting but if not can get a much larger space if needed.

I know the more veg the less lighting is needed.
Have seen 5 plants vegged for 2 months and flowered under a 400 HPS with a few grams short of 5 lbs.

Anyways, just want to know how 2 months will increase yeilds compared to many smaller harvests rather than a few longer vegged per year

How To Top a Plant (And Why It’s So Important)

“Topping” your plant is a way of damaging it while it’s still young to make it grow the way you want. In short, it will allow your plant to grow flatter and “bushier” instead of straight up (like a Christmas tree) and give you more than one cola.

When you “top” a plant, you’re removing the top of the plant’s main stem. This breaks its apical dominance—the tendency to grow just one main cola—and immediately forces the plant to split growth into two main stems.

When you do this while the plant is still young, in the vegetative stage, then it will grow multiple colas for you.

In short, you’ll increase your amount of bud sites, and that will set you up later for a great flowering stage where you’ll get maximum buds.

How Proper Base Nutrients Can Help You Maximize Your Vegetative Stage…

If you want the most productive vegetative stage possible, then you’ll want to feed your crops only vegetative-specific base nutrients during this critical time…

That’s why we recommend using Advanced Nutrients plant-specific nutrients for your garden. In short, it makes everything easier.

For example, keeping your pH in the optimal range (called the ‘sweet spot’) of pH 5.5-6.3 by using pH Perfect ® Base Nutrients will help prevent your plants from becoming weak and will help them grow healthy through their vegetative stage.

If you are growing in coco coir, then you need coco-specific base nutrients. That’s because coco coir binds with iron & magnesium, which means your plants can become starved of these important nutrients if your base nutes don’t contain optimal amounts of it.

That’s why Advanced Nutrients has developed a full line of coco-specific base nutrients like pH Perfect ® Sensi Coco Grow A&B that was specifically designed to contain extra (and exact) amounts of varied forms of iron for growing in coco coir.

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These Plant Supplements Can Help Your Vegetative Growth Too…

Also, you should consider giving your plants supplements to keep them healthy…

Two of the most valuable growth phase supplements you can feed your plants are B-52 and Voodoo Juice.

B-52 is a specialized B-Vitamin formula designed specifically for high-value plants. When you’re feeding your plants the best nutrients possible, they can make vitamins, but they have to expend energy and nutrition to do it. That’s why giving them this easy, ready-made source of vitamins allows them to focus that energy instead on faster, more productive growth.

Voodoo Juice is designed to maximize the most important part of your plants during the vegetative stage–your root system. The simple fact of the matter is that when you maximize your root zone, you maximize plant growth–plain and simple.

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