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cannabis feminized seed spray

What are the Benefits of Feminizing Seed Spray?

Nowadays, the use of feminizing seeds is rapidly booming throughout the world. These seeds are also referred to as cannabis seeds that are specially bred to eliminate male chromosomes to produce only female plants. They are also named as “female seeds.

As per the recent report, Feminized seeds are specially bred cannabis seeds where the male chromosomes are eliminated to produce only female plants. This plant is considered a genetic modifier but it produces natural seeds with the usage of pollination.

In terms of male seeds, female seeds produce a higher amount of THC & CBD. To effectively produce all-female seeds without any guesswork involved, you can make use of feminized seed spray. This spray is 100% natural, safe, non-allergenic and harmless to growers, plants and pets. This means you can grow feminizing seeds at your leisure without buying from a third-party.

About Feminized Seed Spray

It is a kind of spray that is used by growers to turn male plants in the female. It comes with kinds of spray ranging from the most popular colloidal silver up to organic sprays. Its effective ingredients have abilities to create a better room for the growth of female plants and produce full bloom.

Let’s known some effective benefits of using feminizing seeds spray:

1. Saves Your a Lot of Time

The first and foremost benefit of using feminizing seeds spray is that it saves you a lot of money. It means you don’t need to buy that expensive feminized seeds anymore. With the help of this spray, you can easily grow these seeds on your own. This is non-toxic or harmless that doesn’t affect your health. So stop looking anywhere, experimenting on the plants on your own.

2. Sudden Turn Plant from Male to Female Plant

The colloidal silver up organic feminizing seeds sprays also beneficial for sudden convert the sex of plant from male to female. The plant that promised giant balls of buds to get filled up with tiny balls of pollen. This risk can be reduced to a great extent by using a lower stress training method and feminized seeds.

3. Effectively help You in a Way

Another one of the biggest benefits of feminized seeds spray is that it effectively helps you in a long way. If you talk about an earlier time, then for growing female seeds, you have to be struggling to remove the male parts of your plant one by one and with precise movement to avoid stressing your plant.

Now, with the help of these seeds spray, you can simply tear down the plants and grow more pollen female seeds.

4. Non –Toxic and Harmless for Plants

As you know, these herbs are very expensive and most people are afraid to use any unknown things on it due to the risk of damage. But these sprays are considered as one of the very best solutions. It is not harmful to the plant, even it helps the plant to decide on its gender without the chances of reducing its THC content at all.

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5. Give Quick Results within Less Time

Another one of the most effective benefits of these feminizing seeds spray is that may immediately have its effect. It just takes a few weeks like at least 3 to 5 weeks to release the feminized pollen. This effective method takes some time but gives you long–effective benefits. So, don’t need to go anywhere, buy feminizing seeds spray to finally receive the much-awaited feminized seeds. Also, the growers can better control the plant’s breeding while using feminized seeds.

Cannabis feminized seed spray


Ever wanted to produce your own reversed line like Mr. Riot? Are you starting a company and want to offer the latest clone only sensations in pure form?

Would you like to back up some of those valuable clone only strains without using much space?

How about getting genetics from here to there without worrying about keeping a plant alive?

Our sex change spray is WHAT YOU NEED!


Some people refer to Sex Reversal and pollination as “Feminizing or Feminized” however, we do not agree with this term. If you use a plant that is a from a phenotypically unstable line, you will end up with males in the line. And there are SO FEW TRUE IBL Lines (meaning 100% uniformity between phenotypes from each seed) so you should expect to see a small population of males depending on this variable. Educate yourself and your customers on the science behind reversals. Reversing plants does NOT cause more hermaphroditism or a potency drop. In fact, it’s a great way to bring vigor back to a clone only line that is tired from being passed from cut to cut. The solution actually causes the gibberelin hormone to be produced in the plant (many factors cause the plant to naturally produce gibberelin, one of which is stress, however that does not mean that having the plant produce this hormone is causing it stress – one doesnt necessitate the other to be true). Gibberelins are naturally produced by the plants in nature when the plant senses a male is needed in the population to continue its line (we all know plants are living beings, however many don’t understand the true nature of their intelligence and ability to assess their surroundings.) The introduction of the RIOT SEEDS CANNABIS SEX REVERSAL SPRAY also causes ethylene production to halt which causes pistillate formation and female characteristics. Reversing the Sex of the plants is TEMPORARY AND DOES NOT ALTER THE DNA OF THE PLANT. If anyone tells you that, they do not understand cannabis, science, or really haven’t done any experiments first hand. They’re bullshitting about a method they are too simple to understand or to perform. As you will see this is not a quick and easy solution. It takes timing and practice to accomplish a successful reversal and pollination. We’ve made the reversal part as easy as it can be – in fact, it’s downright idiot proof if you follow the instructions.

You will receive one bottle with 16 oz of Double Strength Concentrated Solution good enough to make 2.25 Gallons of spray!! Thats enough to reverse 15-20 Monster sized Bushes!

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You only need to spray once daily starting on day 1 of your blooming cycle. Spray once a week for 3.5 weeks straight and on day 26-33 you will start seeing balls form! It’s that simple!

PLEASE be careful and spray your plant in an isolated area because this stuff is STRONG and even overspray can cause plants to throw balls!

Also, this will not cause any undue stress to your plant. You won’t see any kind of burning, leaf deformations, etc.

Note: once you stop spraying you have around a 6 week period until your plant reverts BACK to its female state

RIOT SEEDS CANNABIS SEX REVERSAL SPRAY is a formula that we’ve developed over several years of testing different methods for sex reversal. This is the one tried and true formula that works EVERY TIME.



The dilute solution is sprayed on select female plants until runoff. Do the spraying over newspaper in a separate area from the flower room. You probably won’t smell anything, but ventilate anyway. You now have what I call a “F>M plant”; a female plant that will produce male flowers.

After the F>M plant dries move it into 12/12 immediately. This is usually done three to four weeks prior to the date that the target (to be pollinated) plants will be ready to pollinate. Response times may vary slightly depending upon the strain. More specific times can be determined by trial with your own individual strains. In my trials it took 26 days for the first pollen. 30-35 days seems optimum for planning purposes.

So, assuming that a target plant needs 3-4 weeks to produce fully mature seeds, a strain that takes 8 weeks to mature should be moved into flower at about the same time as the female>male plant. A target plant that finishes flowering in 6 weeks needs to be moved into flower later (10 days or so) so that it doesn’t finish before the seeds can fully mature.

A seeded individual branch can be left to mature on a plant for a bit longer, while harvesting the other seedless buds if they finish first. Just leave enough leaves on for the plant for it to stay healthy.

Within days I noticed a yellowing of the leaves on the F>M plants. This effect persisted for two weeks or so; after this they became green again, except for a few of the larger fans. The plants otherwise seemed healthy. No burning was observed. Growth stopped dead for the first ten days, and then resumed slowly. No stretch was ever seen. After two weeks the F>M plants were obviously forming male flower clusters. Not just a few clusters of balls, but complete male flower tops. One plant still formed some pistillate flowers, but overall it was predominantly male.

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It is strange indeed to see an old girlfriend that you know like the back of your hand go through a sex change. I’ll admit that things were awkward between us at first.

When the F>M plants look like they may soon open and release pollen, ( 3-1/2 to 4 weeks) move them from the main flower room into another unventilated room or closet with lighting on a 12/12 timer. Don’t worry too much about watts per square foot; it will only be temporary.

When the pollen flies, move your target plants into the closet and pollinate.

A more controlled approach is to isolate the F>M plants in a third remote closet (no light is necessary in this one, as they are releasing pollen now and are nearly finished anyway). In this remote other closet the pollen is very carefully collected in a plastic produce bag or newspaper sleeve and then brought back to the lighted closet, where the target plants are now located. If this is done, be careful to not mix pollen types by letting the F>Ms dust each other. Avoid movement, or use yet another closet.

Take special care to not let pollen gather on the outside of this bag- a static charge is sometimes present. Drop small open clusters of blooms inside and then close the bag at the mouth and shake. Important: next, step outside and slowly release the excess air from the bag, collapsing it completely, so that pollen doesn’t get released accidently. Point downwind; don’t let it get on your hands or clothes.

This collapsed pollinated bag is now very carefully slipped over only one branch and is then tied off tightly at the mouth around the branch stem with a twist tie or tape, sealing the pollen inside. Let the bag inflate slightly with air again before sealing it off, so the branch can breathe. This technique keeps the entire plant from seeding. Agitate the bag a bit after tying it off to distribute the pollen. Don’t forget to label the branch so you know which seeds are which. Other branches on this same plant can be hit with different pollen sources.

If no lighted closet is available, the plant can be moved back into the main room, but- be very careful: pollen is sneaky. After 4-5 days, the bag is gently removed and the plant completes it’s flowering cycle.

Yet another method has worked well for me. I position the target plants in a non-ventilated lighted closet, and then I collect pollen on a piece of mirror or glass. This is then carefully applied to the pistils of one pre-labeled branch by using a very fine watercolor paintbrush. Care is taken to not agitate the branch or the pollen. No sneezing. The plant needs to be in place first; moving it after pollination can shake pollen free and blow this technique.

Regardless of technique, at completion you will have reversed seeds containing the pure genetics of the clone. Let them dry for 2-4 weeks.