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cannabis f2 p2 seeds

Selene F2

In this strain we have tried to preserve the expression from our Killingfields with here beautiful coloured flowers and strong dark berry smell along with the dense buds and colourful leafs from the Blue kronic. The combination of purple flowers and fall colouring leafs are just to pretty not to use. Selene gives long dense cola’s along with some of the best tasting cannabis you have tried so far. She is easy to grow and very suitable for starting hybrid growers.

Why choose Selene F2

Selene is a diamond and can be used to grow some of the nicest plants or make selections that can be used to breed with, because here special treats she is very populair with the strain hunters that are looking for that one special plant. In this F2 there are different pheno types to find and all have their own special treats. The effect is high and stoned in the same bud and makes the experience complex but relaxed.

How did Selene F2 seeds originate

Our vast inventory gives us the chance to choose only the finest specimens available to us and this particular ‘Killing Fields’ #7 is a one of a kind plant. We sold a lot of Selene F1 seeds to Sannie’s Shop customers and the Opengrow community with a fantastic response, the cross has proven her strength and vigour on many occasions. Lots of great feedback came in and this prompted us to make the best of our genetics. Selene F2 is a true Goddess, with long dense buds, she produces a pungent lemon and berry scent with slight fuel like undertones.

We used the ‘Blue Kronic’ male that was given by Motarebel in 2008 and made the Selene F1 version. He has proven himself again with some truly unique characteristics, bringing a whole new dimension to ‘Selene’, improving the taste and yield considerably along with adding a touch of a fresh lemon floral smell.

Growth and flowering Selene F2 regular

‘Selene’ is easy to control and does well in smaller spaces, easy to grow and stays quite low which makes her an ideal candidate for Sea of Green (SOG) type growing. She likes training and can be scrogged if wanted.

When switching the clock to 12/12 she will pick up flowering quite easy and is able to create large buds in a short amount of time. To get full potential she needs around 9 weeks to finish flowering and will give off some of the nicest flavours you have encountered.

Harvest Selene

When the overall plant looks finished and approximately 80% of the pistols (hairs) have colored from white to brown, the plant appears to be ready to harvest. However, we also advise you to take a magnifying glass and double check whether the trichomes (resinous beads on a stalk) have changed from transparent to milky amber. Only then you will know for sure that it’s time to cut them. We advise to hang plants in its entirety to achieve a drying period of at least 2 weeks (but preferably a little longer), this will benefit the taste and throat feeling!

Medicinal properties of Selene F2

Selene has a strong high and a strong stoned combined together to create a complex experience, because of this we advise to see what pheno type will work the best for your needs. We got positive feedback from customers that suffer from ADHD and muscle spasms, but mostly to relax muscles and mind just to get in the right mood.

Southseeds – Critical Mass F2

Named for its heavy production, this plant literally produces the critical mass yield – the most you could hope to get before the plant’s own branches snap from inability to support its growth. Critical Mass is a remastering of Big Bud for Mr. Nice Seed Bank. It has a genetic pedigree originating from a particularly heavy Afghani combined with the original skunk#1. This is a seriously indica-like plant with thick-shaped leaves. In height and structure, it is medium-sized with a very high flower-to-leaf ratio.

Critical Mass F2 gives a massive yield with an equally high stone. With a little luck, the experienced grower should be able to yield up to 750 grams per square meter indoors. Due to its heavy flower construction, it can be susceptible to mold in humid growing conditions.