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can you buy cannabis seeds in seattle

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Exotic cannabis brands are companies that carry rare, popular, and highly potent strains. According to Leafly, the label “exotic” is a slang term for high potency cannabis that is popular with street culture and rap music. Additionally, the term can be used to.

What is Kush?

Whether you’ve been consuming cannabis for years or have never touched the plant in your life, you have likely heard a range of terms used for marijuana. This may include weed, pot, ganja, mary jane, and much more. You have likely heard the term kush as well.

The Kush21 Guide to Making Cannabis Butter (Cannabutter) at Home

Did you know that cannabutter is what makes special brownies so special? By using cannabis products from Kush 21’s wide selection, you can make the right cannabutter for your ideal high. Cannabutter is cannabis-infused butter that can be used in any recipe that calls.

What is Kush?


Our team is made up of industry experts who have purchased and tested most of the products that we carry in our store. We have handpicked the best flower, edibles, drinks, cartridges & concentrates in the entire state of Washington to bring you the best recreational cannabis dispensary experience that Seattle can provide, and all within 5 minutes of the airport! So stop on by our weed shop! We are located in Burien, between Normandy Park, White Center & SeaTac. We are Burien’s 1st official Cannabis store.


We carry the very best, most proven & most renowned cannabis products in the state of Washington. We also have a large selection of cannabis friendly products and more.


We take pride in offering some of the best products in the state at the most competitive price points. We also offer a Price Matching program. If you see it, we can beat it.


Our flagship store is the absolute closest recreational marijuana dispensary to the Seatac airport. The drive is a whole 5 minutes away so you can be on your way in no time.


We have hired a staff full of friendly, outgoing, knowledgable and helpful cannabis lovers to help make your experience delightful.

Since 2016

We are so pleased to be the first marijuana dispensary in the Burien city limits and the closest location to Seatac Airport since 2016!

Now with over 3 locations to choose from, we offer the best cannabis dispensary experience from top to bottom, with exceptional kush products, the largest selections of premium cannabis and our knowledgeable and friendly staff to help you along the way.


Our Kush21 Burien location is conveniently located 5 minutes from SeaTac Airport and just a mere 15 minutes from Downtown Seattle. We service all the surrounding areas from Burien, Kent, Tukwila, Des Moines, White Center, and South Seattle. We are sure to have your favorite products and brands. If not, we have a wonderful cannabis wish-list that we hold in high regard.

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We also have locations in Pullman as well as our newest location in Spokane!

Shop Like A Cannaseur

A Budtender’s advice on performing a visual analysis of your weed

If you’re new to buying cannabis, the vast array of options at the dispensary can be overwhelming… Don’t despair! I will explain the process of performing a visual inspection on your bud so that you know how to choose high-quality weed.

On Sale now

The five steps of the visual analysis:

#1. Color

Weed should be green (or purple). Never brown! Lower-end options at your dispensary will sometimes have a brown color, or at least have a dark green hue. Top-shelf buds will sometimes look white because of the abundance of trichomes. If the color of the bud is sparkly and it looks like frosted glass, it’s undoubtedly fantastic quality!

#2. Texture

The right cure is difficult to attain, and even more challenging to maintain on the shelf for weeks on end – but it’s possible!

When you buy weed in a bag, give it a light press – like you would an avocado to tell if it’s ripe. Well-cured cannabis will not be too dry or brittle; if the bud crunches under your fingers, it’s likely over-cured.

It’s possible to rehydrate dry cannabis by putting an orange peel in the jar or bag for 30 minutes. The moisture evaporates from the orange and slowly rehydrates the cannabis. Be careful though, leaving the rind for too long can leave the cannabis soggy.

Pot sold in reputable stores is rarely undercured. If the bud feels wet, it’s improperly cured and unsafe to smoke.

The best quality cannabis will have a spongy, squishy texture and will return to its original shape when squeezed. Potent cannabis will also be sticky to the touch, leaving a sticky resin on your fingers.

#3. Scent

Good weed will (almost) always have a strong smell. Unfortunately, in the State of Washington, it’s illegal to open a package of weed in the store, so it’s impossible to get the scent profile of the strain before you buy it. Sometimes, however, it’s possible to press the bag lightly while smelling the puncture hole at the top to get a light whiff of the bud. Weed’s fragrances ranged widely, some are fruity, others are piney, and some are skunky or musky.

#4. Trichomes

Trichomes are the small white crystals that coat the bud. They contain most of the plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, that provide marijuana’s scents, flavors, and effects. High-quality pot should have visible trichomes and the more trichomes a bud has, the more potent it’s likely to be. Sometimes, however, THC can be expressed on the inside of the bud, so a lack of an abundance of crystals isn’t a surefire way to determine potency, although it’s a helpful indicator.

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#5. Trim job

Nothing is more tragic than a bag of super high-quality, top-shelf bud covered in leaves, full of stems, and looking shaggy. High-quality cannabis shouldn’t have any visible leaves, and the stems should be cut as short as possible. If you see any seeds, abort mission! Even decent quality cannabis will NEVER have seeds.

Some producers leave some of the smallest leaves for aesthetic purposes. Also, some people believe the leaves insulate the THC trichomes from being damaged in transport. This is merely a personal preference. Just remember that the presence of leaves shouldn’t obscure the view of the bud or any of its identifiable qualities. Lower-quality cannabis sometimes has lots of visible leaves, indicating it wasn’t appropriately manicured.

The more familiar you are with the different qualities of cannabis, the easier for you to make a selection in the store. Happy toking!

Can you buy cannabis seeds in seattle

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Confessions of an Incompetent Marijuana Grower

February 24, 2015

Last May I scored some decent bud from a Seattle dispensary that we’ll just call Stan’s, and it contained seeds! Nice folks at Stan’s – the bud was kind of hit or miss sometimes, but seeds? Almost unheard of to get seeds. The next day I became a pot grower!

I put some potting soil in half a dozen plastic beer cups, wrapped the seeds in wet paper towels and placed them on top of the dirt. Put those suckers in a sunny window and started my new career.

The seeds were from a strain that Stan’s called “Girl Scout Cookies” but that meant nothing – the pollen that produced those seeds could have come from anywhere and strain names are often bullshit. Always wanted to try and grow some outdoor cannabis, though. Modern urban hipster farming.

Could have easily gone to Cloneville in South Seattle and bought some nice ladies with proper lineage. “Based on genetics from L.A.,” the Cloneville guy once told me. But no, I had to do it the hard way, from seed.

For those even more cannabis-clueless than I: A “clone” is a cutting from a mother plant and is genetically identical to that plant. And Cloneville is a pretty cool name for a store – that’s the way we roll in Seattle.

After a week I had seedlings! The very, very, very long process of growing my own marijuana was off to a roaring start!

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And this is why most people buy pot instead of growing it – it takes some time and expertise to make the stuff correctly. A lot of time. I’ll jump to the end of the story a bit and tell you that I did not get (barely) smokable marijuana until the end of October. Five months from the day I planted the seeds. Growing indoors is no picnic either, and more expensive.

Transplanted the girls to five gallon pots. Placed ’em outside at secret locations. Up a tree in my yard. One in the neighbor’s yard. A few in a vacant lot down the street. Once I tried to grow plants on a golf course where I worked on the grounds crew. Planted some seeds and nothing ever happened. Go figure! This time there would be triumph! And hopefully, many thousands of pounds of high grade green.

All six plants turn out to be females. Yeah. Another victory.

So how do you water plants that you have wildcatted around town and are not on your property? The one in my backyard and at the neighbors were no problem. My other girls suffered from dehydration through July and August. Stunted growth was the result.

A final relocation saved the project – a relative who lives on a Lake near a wooded area offered to take them. South facing, all day sun, secluded and hydrated daily.

The Summer of 2014 was great, weather-wise. Cut to mid October. Right before Halloween I harvested the six plants, trimmed them and hung ’em in my basement. And here’s where the fuck-up happened. I did not hang them long enough and so they didn’t cure properly. The end product was unsatisfactory and very acidic and no wonder – it was grown in some dirt and never properly flushed. Further curing in mason jars, with frequent airings, didn’t save what was a poor product. Garbage in garbage out.

Tasted truly like “home grown.” Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Chicago ditch hemp.

In the end: Less than two ounces for four month’s work. It was fun and kind of gratifying to grow cannabis. And legal too: I was an authorized medical pot patient at the time. And also a big waste of time.

While I was busy growing crappy pot this Summer, Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop opened for business. No more need to grow. No need for a medical card. Things have been simplified.

So what did I learn? While blogging a bit about my experiment I learned that pot growers will mock you if they see a picture of your plants with a ladybug on them. “Ladybugs and spiders are the sign of a true amateur. And they shit on the plants!”