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buying cannabis seeds reddit

What's the legality of buying weed seeds online?

You can purchase seeds online it’s legal lots of people do it because they market them as like collectibles not growing purposes more like souvenirs that’s how they get away with it. Seeds can last years so you can simply say your saving them until it’s legal to grow like many people buy them for

You can legally buy seeds online in NJ as a 'collector '. You can not grow them. This is my understanding, so please do your own research. Not legal advice.

You are all good.

Neptune Seed Bank is legit. Promo code ‘ChrisWeed’ saves 5%.

Seems rather expensive for seeds. Do ya know any other reputable vendors with cheaper seed packs? Thanks!

I picked up some Mephisto's so.

3 year mandatory minimum prison sentence in New Jersey once germinated.

If you plead not guilty or don't get a plea bargain, and get found guilty, the judge HAS to sentence you to 3 years in prison in New Jersey.

Fuck New Jersey

unless u have a 10 million dollar facilitie thats NOT completely mob owned. mama mia!

This hopefully won't be true for much longer. Technically the state AG has already told prosecutors to wave seeking minimum sentencing for non vilonent drug crimes, this was on 4/20, but Murphy vetoed it because it included getting rid of mandatory minimums for misconduct in public office as well. The implication from the AG still stands however. Not advocating anyone grow while it's illegal, but I'm having more and more trouble seeing them effectively convicting someone for an actual personal medicinal grow. Id wager were even more in the territory of it comes down to that particular LE department sadly.

How risky is it to buy seeds online?

Hi mate – I highly recommend Alibongo for seeds – used them many times and they also have free worldwide shipping. Others I have used successfully are attitude (use discount code 420 for 10% off) and herbies.

Its very safe – they have stealth shipping options and even if the seeds get intercepted they will just get confiscated, you won´t have cops banging your door down!

I got seeds sent to the States years ago thru Nirvana, using very cool stealth shipping. And since no THC, they will only nab them . not come knocking down your door. If you have the option, definitely get them sent to another location.

Thanks man, I also have concerns on this topic. Would you mind telling me if you live in the US and if so do you live in a state where growing is legal?

I live in a state where it most certainly is NOT legal (think bible belt) and I've always been concerned.

If this is your first grow.. there will be lots of learning/growing pains. Go ahead an use any seeds you got. find a few females and start cloning them. After you have a clean strain (after a few cycles), and the hermaphrodites slowly turn feminized you will be confident with other types of seeds/strains. This does not happen overnight. only hard work and a bunch of reading will get you to the place you've always dreamed of 🙂

I legit never had bagseeds in my baggys am i unlucky?

Very safe from a lot of sites. If youre paranoid about ordering and growing under the same address jut order them of your friends credit card to his address.

Wait what if they are paranoid too

If you have any bag seeds I'd honestly use them for your first run, no use using expensive seeds if you don't know if it'll work

I disagree mate – in my mind there is no point spending the time and money growing weed and cheaping out on the genetics. Bagseeds are often (certainly not always but often enough) the result of a plant turning hermaphrodite and as such any seeds that are produced are gonna be much more likely to turn hermie too.

For the sake of a few $ I say go for the best genetics you can buy.

I dont have any tbh and i never had. How often do these appear in baggys? I think this would be good to start with

Germany. Do you know the laws over here? Gruetzi

Any seedbank worth using will be really expensive, but will not rip you off. Bagseed grows just as well for your first time.

I second what others have said: try bag seeds first. Ask any ent buddies that you may have to save theirs up. (I got some from a friend, and just shared a bit of the finished product with him.)

I did my first grow last year. You will probably make some mistakes, but learn a ton. It is better to do that with bag seeds, rather than wasting money on top-shelf seeds and not getting premium results.