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How to Legally Buy CBD Seeds Online

As a final look at the CBD seeds, buyers should keep in mind that their best investments will come by ensuring that the seeds they purchase are appropriate for their needs.

When people see the word CBD (cannabidiol), they might think of marijuana and other things associated with drugs that get people high. Subsequently, they may also wonder if there is a way that they can purchase the seeds for this product legally, especially if they live in an area where marijuana and other such products are illegal. As it is, many states have already legalized the use of marijuana, especially for medicinal purposes, but users need to know the facts surrounding the product. This article will address how users can legally purchase CBD seeds when they want to grow the plants for their use or start a business.

On Legally Purchasing CBD Seeds Online

Whether a CBD seed or cannabis seed can be bought and grown legally depends on if the seed is male or female (also called feminized). The feminized seeds are the ones that are used for producing a quality of marijuana that is suitable for smoking, which means there may be legal issues with people purchasing and growing the plant. Those users who are considering purchasing the seeds may be interested to know that the seeds are available at Weed Seed USA. Before making such a purchase, interested buyers should learn all the facts about growing CBD seeds to ensure they are in the clear legally.

More About Purchasing CBD Seeds Legally

Of course, the average person does not intend to be on the wrong side of the law when it comes to purchasing and producing plants from CBD seeds, so here are some facts to keep in mind. The first thing an individual needs to do is to ensure that the product is legal in his or her state and that the necessary license is purchased, if required. The government does recognize that cannabis seeds can be used for purposes other than marijuana, such as for fishing baits and bird food. The buyer needs to realize that there could still be legal issues even when purchasing the CBD seeds in a state that legally authorizes it, even if the state of residence approves it. It is a good idea to have an attorney well-versed in laws regarding the manufacturing and purchasing of CBD seeds and similar products.

A Continued Look at the Legal Purchase of CBD Seeds

Woman mixing her water-soluble CBD from Eir Health with water in a purple shaker; image by Michal Wozniak, via

The attraction that people have in purchasing CBD seeds to plant could be to get into the market of producing CBD edibles, oils, balms, and other similar products. The product is known to help people with many issues such as depression, anxiety, body aches and pain, and the inability to sleep. Even with this innocent intent of the use of the product, buyers still have to do their homework to ensure they are not breaking any state laws.

A Final Look at the Legal Purchase of CBD Seeds

As a final look at the CBD seeds, buyers should keep in mind that their best investments will come by ensuring that the seeds they purchase are appropriate for their needs. If not, the buyers may end up wasting more time growing their plants than they have to invest. The buyers can opt to visit local dispensaries to buy their quality seeds. They also may elect to trust online dispensaries that will do the homework for them.

Cannabis IQ: What stands between you and pot growing, and more

You can grow your own legal marijuana plants — so long as you can grow them from seeds that you bought legally.

And just at the moment, there aren’t any, so you can’t. Provincial cannabis monopolies would like to sell seeds, but licensed producers aren’t selling seeds to them.

Eventually, once seeds and young plants become legally available, it will be impossible to tell whether your plants were grown from seeds that started on the right side of the law.

But currently, it will be obvious that they weren’t.

How long can that odd state of affairs go on? Not forever — Ottawa is issuing small-scale growers “nursery licences,” which will eventually be a source of seeds and plants for legal sellers, apart from the licensed producers.

Nursery licence holders are also allowed to buy seeds from grey-market producers, on a one-off basis — they have to declare them once when the licence is applied for, and not ever buy any more after that.

So when will you be able to try your hand at pot gardening? Canopy Growth promises seeds by next spring, and an expert we talked to expects it to happen within the next three to six months. But right now, pot-growing is still another detail of legalization that has yet to be filled in.

In brief:

  • Mexico seems headed toward legalizing recreational marijuana after a court decision this week.
  • Some countries in East Asia are decidedly not. South Korea and Japan have warned their citizens that they will be committing a crime back home if they smoke pot here. China disapproves, but stopped short of threatening arrest. And on Wednesday, Ottawa warned that travellers to Singapore could be greeted with a drug test on arrival, and may face arrest and prosecution.
  • Ontario’s ombudsman says his office has received over 1,000 customer complaints about the Ontario Cannabis Store, the only legal channel for 40 per cent of Canadians to buy pot. The most common complaints have involved delayed deliveries, poor communication with customers and billing problems. as long as supply issues persist in the legal market, a criminology professor points out.
  • The mayor of Estevan, Sask., says that residents have been turned back from the nearby U.S. border for admitting smoking marijuana.
  • And Calgary police are operating checkstops, looking out for both alcohol- and marijuana-impaired drivers. Signs of stoned drivers include “ bloodshot or glossy eyes, obviously the smell, impaired motor skills, slurring of speech, ” according to one officer.

You asked: Will people who purchase marijuana online have proof that it was purchased legally? If I get stopped by police, how do I prove my weed is legal?

The short answer is that you don’t have to. If you’re over 19, or 18 in some provinces, you can legally have 30 grams of dried flower (or the equivalent) with you in public, and don’t have to account for where it came from.

“Or the equivalent” is something that might be confusing, but doesn’t have to be. Health Canada has worked out the amount of, say, gel caps that are the equivalent of 30 grams of dried flower, and online retailers are set up to keep track of this for you, keeping a running tally of whether the assortment of different kinds of cannabis products going into your basket has gone over a 30-gram equivalent.

Is it legal to buy marijuana or cannabis seeds in the USA?

Here in America, more and more States have adopted recreational cannabis laws and medical marijuana laws where you not only have the right to buy & own the marijuana seeds, but you may also be able to legally grow cannabis in your own home as well.

Depending upon what you wish to do with your marijuana seeds, they may be illegal in certain areas as well. For instance, in many places around the World you can have the seeds, you just cannot grow the seeds. So you can buy them legally, but you cannot grow them in a legal way at that location.

Are cannabis seeds legal in the USA?

Many seed breeders and merchants use this as an excuse to sell you less than desirable seeds or strains. Claiming they are ONLY sold for collector (collecting) or for “souvenir purposes only”. 30 U.S. States now have some form of approved adult marijuana laws.

Our merchants provide fresh & awesome cannabis weed strains that you may legally buy in the USA. These breeders & suppliers fully intend that you will grow their first quality seeds, they breed them for just that purpose.

Where can I safely buy legal cannabis & marijuana seeds?

Weeds That Please has been offering marijuana seeds and cannabis 420 related products for over 14 years online. We are a trusted leader in supplying education, resources & products to the cannabis consumer market. We do it for you to be safe in your online dealings with 420 products.

There are certain cannabis scammers you should NOT do business with, you can read about them here.

We would love to help you with your legal and safe purchase of marijuana & cannabis seeds online in the U.S.A.

Just for the record, Weeds That Please is a USA based organization, American owned (I might add). If you are looking to legally buy marijuana seeds, cannabis seeds, or medical marijuana seeds then you can trust us to deliver legally and discreetly Worldwide! It is what we do for our cannabis clients.