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buy cannabis seeds midnight kush

G13 Labs Seeds Midnight Kush

Hybrid of a Blueberry, California Hash Plant and Northern Lights. Midnight Kush inherited exceptional resistance to mould from Blueberry. Its short flowering time (50-55 days) makes it perfect for indoor cultivation. This indica dominant strain can reach up to 3m, but is easy to manicure what makes it perfect for new gardeners or those looking for some easy peasy plant. Its effect is long lasting and psychedelic. Well known for its huge and compact flowers full of fresh and fruity taste. In colder temperatures will show some beautiful purple colours.

Type: 60% Indica, 40% Sativa
Indoor: 450 gr/m2;
Outdoor: 700-800 gr/plant
Flowering: 50-55 days indoor; early October outdoor
Flavour: Fruity, Sweet, Penetrating, Medicinal
Aroma: Intense hash aroma, Earthy with a hint of Forest Fruit
Effects: Long lasting, Relaxing effect
THC: 12-15%


G13 Labs seeds are sold as collectable adult souvenirs and for storage purposes only. Cannabis seeds are illegal in some countries and G13 Labs strongly advise you to check with your local regulations before bringing these seeds into any country. G13 Labs accepts no responsibility for people who do not comply with local laws, and advise people not to break any laws.

Buy cannabis seeds midnight kush

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Midnight Kush by G13 Labs is a mainly indica strain with an extremely psychedelic effect.

This strain has the potential to grow large when given the space, her cannabis seeds produce almighty rock hard resinous buds.

Midnight Kush has a tendency to go a fantastic midnight purple colour in cold conditions.

Due to one of the parents being an outdoor variety of Blueberry, Midnight Kush has a great resistance to mould.

The overall smell of this strain is of mouth watering fresh sweet fruits.