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bubblegum breath seeds

Bubblegum Breath (Strain Review)

What we know: Although listed on a few seed-selling sites, there does not currently seem to be any good descriptions of the effects of this strain.

First Dose: Small dose (.04g in a glass pipe – one solid hit from a bowl)
About 3 minutes after dosing, I start getting an awareness of the upper half of my head. It feels like it is rising and expanding. My vision is slightly de-focused but mentally I can still function well. A few minutes later and the expansive feeling has increased. It’s easier to space out, but the space behind the eyes is clear.

At 10 minutes I can feel a body buzz forming, it’s pleasant and relaxing. I put on some music and it sounds great, and I’m compelled to listen to some more. There’s a nice active euphoric buzz in the head and face happening, but also a calm-focused energy. Combined with the body awareness, I feel thrust in the present moment and happy to be alive.

At 30 minutes I’m pretty much cruising. Things have a slightly dreamy-looking sheen on them. This is a pretty versatile state — I’m uplifted yet clear-headed, and my body is relaxed. I’m getting some euphoria waves coursing through my body, it somewhat reminds me of cocaine, and I am really wanting to take another hit.

An hour after dosing, I’m still feeling a bit of the uplifted state and not too tired. 15 mins later I’m feeling a bit of a “crash” where I’d like to lie back on a couch and relax for a bit, and my head feels a bit fuzzy.

Final Thoughts
This is a strain that would complement most activities. Whether you’re doing chores around the house of you’re out at a party, this strain proves a happy relaxed mood elevation that makes everything a bit more fun and sparkly. Medically this works well as an anti-depressant. Just watch out for the crash.

Summary: Bubblegum Breath provides potent mental and physical euphoria along with clear-headed relaxation. Watch out, this one mind be habit-forming.

Bubblegum breath seeds

I am a 62 year old male from Indiana.When I was in high school my best friends uncle was the one that developed the first bubblegum strain.I remember seeing the original plants being grown and I remember the smoke very well.The marijuana back in those days came mostly from Mexico and was full on seed.The high was pure sativa and it was all we were used too.When I was 17 my friend took me to meet his uncle and my first experience with seedless weed.The smell the taste was something to this day I remember well.The plants were at least 8 feet high and looked like Christmas trees.I have smoked since I was 15 years old and to this day that has been in my memory and forever will remain.

Wow, is what comes to mind. Let's start with the taste, so sweet, and like actual bubble gum, I'm talking the bubble gum that came from baseball cards in the early 90s, amazing. The high is, so relaxed, chill, calm and most importantly soothing. Indica normally gives me anxiety, nervous feelings, contemplation. However, NONE. Just calm, relaxed and CHILL. All around YESSSSSSSSSS ✔✔✔✔✔

Bubble gum/ bubble kush/ bubba kush heard it called all those names before. What stands out is the original bubble gum flavor in smell & taste. This alone points out this genome alone. Is great on the senses & the high is awesome. I like this strain a lot. Smoked this strain during the Gucci Mane vs Young Sleezy beef and it was definitely worth it

The bud looks real nice by appereance. It has an interesting smell, but nothing to strong. As far as taste goes, it almost has none. The buzz in an average Indica buzz. Nothing very exciting about this. I use it as a mixer if i want to smoke a Sativa later in the day. Not a bud I would be interested in again.

This is my favorite strain. I honestly thought it was Sativa dominant, because it does not knock me out. This has such an uplifting high while also reducing anxiety and stress. I need to be productive during the day and this allows me to function. No joke about the crystals either; will fill a grinder fast!

Definitely a euphoric rush feeling after the onset, then very relaxed. Great for listening to music, slightly sedated, but still able to get up and boogie if the mood takes me. It is possible to go OTT with this stuff, so get used to it first. One of my all-time favourites.

Nice 70% Indica Dominate Hybrid causing soothing euphoric joy! Beautiful light green buds covered in trichomes giving it 27% THC! Sweet fruity & floral is the smell & taste. Cannabiotix (CBX) did a lights out job with Bubblegum! Enjoy The Pleasure Of The Smoke