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Bubba Kush Seeds

Bubba Kush is known for a super pungent aroma and an exotic hash-like flavor. An abundance of trichomes makes Bubba Kush sticky like honey. Bubba Kush Strain has a sweet earthy smell similar to roasted coffee beans and chocolate.

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Bubba Kush Seeds


Bubba Kush strain is an indica dominant hybrid commonly referred to as Bubblegum Kush. The genetics come from a cross of OG Kush and Indiana Bubblegum. The Bubba Kush lineage began in the early 90s outside Denver, Colorado. Then around 1996, BK made its way to the Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake where it would eventually be discovered by B-Real from the hip-hop group Cypress Hill. Many other artists in the area embraced the strain and shortly after, “Kush Fever” started spreading throughout the US.


Bubba Kush has THC-A levels ranging from 23-27%. CBD and CBG levels are low, both under 1%. Many patients prefer this strain for its ability to alleviate stress, depression, insomnia, and ADHD. Although Bubba Kush has the potential to relieve many afflictions, it’s not a daytime strain; that is unless you’re looking to sleep the day away.

Bubba Kush Appearance

This exquisite strain is known for its distinct smokey purple-colored leaves with dark forest green flowers. Most buds are medium-sized and fairly dense. Frosty silver trichomes coat the buds giving them an icy appearance. An abundance of trichomes makes Bubba Kush almost as sticky as honey.

Flavors & Aroma

BK has a sweet earthy smell similar to roasted coffee beans and chocolate. A piney and rich hash-like flavor give Bubba an exotic taste with a lovely and distinctive aroma. The exhale is light and spicy with an addicting woodsy and sweet kush aftertaste. Bubba Kush has a memorable taste that is distinctive from other Kush family strains. BK is an ideal strain for cooking with. The earthy flavors pair well with many foods and don’t overpower more subtle ingredients.


Bubba Kush is very high in the terpene humulene which is an effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory terpene. With lesser amounts of caryophyllene, limonene, B-Pinene, and myrcene; some of the medical benefits of these terpenes include reducing anxiety, relief from heartburn or gastric reflux, and as a bronchodilator (helps open airways).

Bubba Kush Effects

Bubba Kush is a popular medicinal strain used for relieving insomnia, stress, depression, nausea, and aches from arthritis. Almost instantly, the high from Bubba Kush strain can be felt right behind the eyes, then it quickly drops down into the body, turning your limbs to jelly. While this indica has a very strong body high, additional feelings of giggliness and euphoria linger in the head for several hours. The warm body effects make lounging and relaxing an enticing option.

Growing Bubba Kush Strain

Bubba Kush seeds have high germination success rates and produce hearty, effortless growing plants. Indoor flowering takes 8-10 weeks. Bubba Kush is a large yielding plant with heavy bud density and an average yield of 500 grams per plant indoors or outdoors. Outdoor plants grown in the northern hemisphere will grow to maturity during mid-October. BK is an easy to grow and low-maintenance plant that reaches heights of 2-4 feet. This low profile plant is ideal for indoor gardens and stealth outdoor grows. Bubba Kush shows resistance to molds, pests, and bugs while maintaining good side branching and a distinctive, chunky bud structure. Bubba Kush’s hashy qualities make it a smart choice for those looking to extract oil or concentrate from the strain.

Bubba HD

Here you can find all info about Bubba HD from Twisty Seeds. If you are searching for information about Bubba HD from Twisty Seeds, check out our Basic Infos, Lineage / Genealogy or Hybrids / Crossbreeds for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Basic / Breeders Info

Bubba HD (aka Irene) is a mostly indica variety from Twisty Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±53 days ) and outdoors . Twisty Seeds’ Bubba HD is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Twisty Seeds’ Bubba HD Description

This strain is super fuely smell with lemon bubba hints,hashy smooth taste, loades of trichomes and flavors.

indica dominate, flower time short..50-55 days

a cross of our 15+yr old pre 98 original bubba
with HD (HeavyDutyfruity)

Bubba’s Gift Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Bubbas Gift Strain

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Bubba’s Gift Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Bubba’s Gift Feminized Cannabis Seeds is perfect for those who enjoy the taste of fruit. It has a pretty berry-like solid taste that makes this strain great for smoking. If you’re looking to try something new and enjoy the taste of different types of fruits, then look no further than right here.

This strain has a unique aroma, and it doesn’t necessarily smell like the weed you get from your local dealer down the street. Instead, it has a sweet and fruity taste, which makes for an even better smoking experience.

The perfect number for those looking to get high but don’t want to damage their body in the process. Bubba’s Gift Feminized Cannabis Seeds have 19% THC while still having a low level of CBD, which makes them great for getting you stoned without worrying about what your body might be doing after.

This strain is perfect for those looking to get high and relax or enjoy a night at home with their loved ones. It’s great for getting your mind off of things and kicking back while you enjoy all that life has to offer. All these thanks to its 80% Indica / 20% Sativa genetics.

The onset is pretty quick, and you’ll be feeling the effects within a few minutes after smoking. You can also expect this strain to last anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on the method of consumption that you choose.

Effects of Bubba’s Gift Strain

This is the go-to strain for those who are looking for an alternative to smoking weed. While most people smoke cannabis because it’s excellent for making you feel good, some people suffer from anxiety and would love nothing more than to find a way in which they can still get high without worrying about how their body might be reacting in the process.

This is the perfect alternative for those looking to get a little bit of relief from their arthritis. It doesn’t necessarily cure your condition, but it will give you the ability to hold things in your hands without having to worry about being in pain.

Arguably the most popular reason people smoke weed, this strain will give you mental relief unlike anything else. It’s great for getting rid of all those feelings of depression and allowing yourself to live life without having to worry about what might happen next.

Bubba’s Gift Is Great For Insomnia

If you’re looking for a way to still get high without worrying about how your body will react, then Bubba’s Gift Feminized Cannabis Seeds are the perfect alternative. It’s great for getting rid of all those feelings of insomnia and allowing yourself to go to sleep even if it may be late at night.

Bubba’s Gift strain is perfect for those looking for some to pick me up throughout the day. It’s great for getting rid of all those feelings of fatigue and will give you the ability to go through your day without having to worry about feeling tired.

This is one of the more unique aspects of this strain. It has a creative kick to it, allowing you to get out of your creative rut and make some pretty exciting art and music.

Bubba’s Gift Feminized Cannabis Seeds are perfect for those looking for a way to get rid of all those feelings of laziness and still be able to function like normal. They will give you the ability to go through your daily activities without worrying about feeling tired or lazy anytime soon.

How Does Bubba’s Gift Strain Grow?

Bubba’s Gift Feminized Cannabis Seeds are perfect for those new to growing and want something straightforward to grow. You don’t need any special equipment or lighting, just some seeds and time.

The plants get to a perfect height for those who are looking to grow their plants indoors. It is compact enough that you won’t have to worry about running into problems at any point during the growing process.

Bubba’s Gift gets to a perfect height for those who are looking to grow their plants outdoors. It can be grown in both temperate and continental climates and can thrive in a Mediterranean climate as well.

This strain is perfect for those who are looking to grow their plants indoors. It requires no special equipment or lighting and can make an excellent choice for all levels of growers.

Bubba’s Gift Feminized Cannabis Seeds are perfect for those who are looking to get a decent yield out of their plants. They will grow up to 35 oz of bud per plant when grown outdoors and give you the ability to reap the rewards of your labor quickly. And with the best of care, how about 106 ounces per plant?

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This is the perfect strain for those looking to get their plants in as quickly as possible. With a flowering time of 6-8 weeks, it gives you the ability to get your money faster with less time spent growing.

History of Bubba’s Gift Strain

Bubba’s Gift Feminized Cannabis Seeds will guarantee you a Godly feeling. With its unique flavors and insane THC levels, this flower was created from no other than God’s Gift and Bubba Kush. This flower is a must-have.

3 Seeds $39.00, 5 Seeds $60.00, 10 Seeds $110.00, 20 Seeds $200.00

20 reviews for Bubba’s Gift Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Bubbas Gift Strain

Rachel J – October 28, 2021

The nugs are nice and green and some of them even look purple! Very eye-catching! A nice and stimulating sativa, Bubba’s Gift great for dealing with pain and stress!

Naya M – October 29, 2021

Bubba’s Gift is a pretty nice buy, easy growing, flavorful flower, and it gets me stoned so that I am not stressed out anymore. Very nice stuff to have around the house, and it’s just that easy to order it online. You ever seen flower as big as your hand? Well you’re about to. Got a NICE grow for a very reasonable price!

Denise William – November 3, 2021

Bubba’s Gift is a good buy, easy growing, fast results, and a nice strain that helps with stress. I like the flavor, I like the seriously nice vibes. I get pretty stoned and write poetry. Don’t judge. I like what I write and it comes out nicely. I got a seriously good harvest of some fat fluffy nugs, some nice smelling stuff too, awesome great job.

Adriana Jane – November 9, 2021

Mmmm Bubba’s Gift is my new favorite weed. It’s so nice and smooth when you smoke it and it helps me manage my stresssss. I work in tech which means I am always on the clock. I get home around 8pm usually and just take a big fat toke of the weed in my bowl and feel a lot better knowing it’s homegrown. You never really know what’s in the dispensary stuff. Definitely give it a go!

Francesco James – November 11, 2021

Bubba’s Gift is the way of the new Millenium. I got myself 5 seeds from this site and got to growing them right away, they look and smell fantastic and they give me the best buzz imaginable, I love this sweet and lazy feels that this weed provides, helps me manage my stress levels nicely and keeps life feeling free and easy, even in a pandemic.

Iris Goe – November 16, 2021

Bubba’s Gift is a good daytime strain, makes for a nice chilled out but uplifted vibe. Doesn’t make you sleep or anything like that, just makes you smile and laugh and have creative thoughts. I am definitely an introvert, but it helps me socialize with other people as well. Easy to grow, makes for a nice backyard project or something of the like. You won’t be disappointed!

Matthew Matt – November 24, 2021

If you’ve ever smoked Bubba’s Gift , you’ll definitely enjoy critical purple. It’s a beautiful strain, especially that deep purple color!! Ordered online and had it delivered to my door here in Northern Cali. Got an excellent yield too, but I had to put in a lotta effort. It’s a bit of a slog, especially when it rains, and all the things about weed make it love the hot and dry weather so you’ll have to adapt!

Andrew Haslum – November 30, 2021

This Bubba’s Gift is a great strain, earthy and sweet and great for bodily stress and anxiety. I smoke this most days of the week after work to help me relax and get outta my work mind. I have wonderful creative thoughts on this weed, and it’s great for me to have when I am writing or painting or anything in that regard. I got my seeds shipped to my door from this site, SUPER easy to order and it’s great to grow outside!

Trent Hairo – December 3, 2021

Woah have you ever seen the Bubba’s Gift cuz this weed makes me like hallucinate and think I am seeing the northern lights lol. I ordered this stuff online and had it delivered to my home in OR and wow it grew soooo fast. I gotta get myself pumped up for this weed, cause it makes my mind into a colorful soup and it’s a beautiful thing you all will love. I send love to everyone.

Leo Whitney – December 6, 2021

I worked really hard to get this Bubba’s Gift strain up and running. Definitely took me a while to get going, but it worked out okay and I am pretty excited about having this stuff in mty backyard now, the plants are almost as tall as I am and they are just starting to bud! They have a deep green color and the buds and nice and orange and pink too, so colorful and nice! I really can’t wait to harvest!!

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Erik Jason – December 10, 2021

I never want to smoke another weed again! This Bubba’s Gift stuff makes me feel so much better than any other strain. Maybe it’s the seed genetics, or maybe its the strong sativa qualities. I want to smoke this like all day every day, but then my lungs would be ruined lol. I smoke usually in the afternon, a few puffs to keep me going and feeling strong. Definitely a good buy from

Sun Fin – December 14, 2021

I used to smoke all kinds of bad weed, and then I decided to grow my own and it’s gotten much better! I ordered online and had these Bubba’s Gift seeds delivered to my apt in LA. I grew them right out on the balcony in a huge POT! They got super big, and they sprouted tons of little flowers. The quality is soooo much better, and it helps with stress and depression!

Jasmine Call – December 17, 2021

I worship this Bubba’s Gift strain….it’s sooo good in the morning I’ve come to rely on it. It’s got a nice earthy and sour taste and it hits nice and smooth, but it is powerful so just one or two hits will take care of you. It’s a good buy for the price as well. I paid like $30 for 3 seeds and they all germinated nicely, made for a great grow and produced quite a lot of flower, great bang for your buck and pretty darn relaxing. I think you will enjoy!

Ralcon Sandy – December 29, 2021

The power of this Bubba’s Gift weed can be felt almost immediately…it’s like a kick in the head, and it wake you right up! Don’t worry about being a great grower or anything, it’s like pretty easy to manage, and it’s kinda fun if you like gardening, but at its worst is just a chore. It’s honestly great though…fluffy ass nugs, makes for great bong rips, and tastes like orange!

Jason Kale – December 29, 2021

Bubba’s Gift is a real lifesaver when the going get tough. I pack a little bit of this into my one-hitter and smoke it all afternoon long. Don’t worry, my boss smokes weed too, and it’s pretty alright. I smoke it for stress relief man, cause when you are stuck in meetings all day, you gotta have a little secret that helps you daydream something beautiful. I highly recommend this stuff. Makes for a great buy!

Cavan Mitchell – January 6, 2022

I am a big fan of growing your own weed, it’s definitely the way to go, cause it’s super special stuff and it’ll save you some dough. Plus the Bubba’s Gift weed itself is very high quality, and it lasts for a long time. Always nice to roll a fat sticky joint, and smells pretty fantastic too, very sour taste and harsh smoke but a good buzz all around.

Jeff Kely – January 15, 2022

Bubba’s Gift is one of the best mj strains there is….its beautiful nugs really cannot be beaten, and it’s taste is so clean and sour it makes your eyes squint. I I grow weed to keep my mind busy during quarantine…and this stuff definitely hits the spot! It’s like a fun challenge with weed at the end….what could be better?

Raymond Saw – January 18, 2022

This Bubba’s Gift stuff will make your head spin. It’s super strong and very relaxing, and it plants me firmly in the couch. I smoke and watch TV and really like how the weed makes everything funnier. I live with a bunch of stoners, and we all like to play video games and take care of our weed plants in the basement. I am very satisfied with my buy!

Dumplin – February 2, 2022

Probably the most perfect weed ever devised and grown commercially….it’s so relaxing that you can’t possibly be disappointed. I love these Bubba’s Gift little seeds, so round, so perfect, so easy to grow. Got nearly 500 grams of pure smoking pot. And believe me, I do smoke it! Love buying this weed online…makes it sooooo easy to just grow my own nug at home. Definitely gonna buy more, just watch me!

Sal Walker – February 10, 2022

I am new to the world of weed. Have been reading all kinds of articles on how to grow your own. Stumbled on this site and decided to buy some for myself, why not? Very happy I gambled. Got some good quality Bubba’s Gift seeds at a great price. Used the paper towel method to germinate…all 3 popped up beautifully.