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blueberry kush seeds

Blueberry kush seeds

The Blue mystic automatic has been one of our best sellers for many years and deservedly so. The short stocky stature, big compact buds and a berry taste what is there not to love. So we spend the past year using a blue mystic automatic mother and an amazing Blueberry Kush (Blueberry x OG Kush) father we got from Oregon, USA to see if we could create something special. And we did!

The Blueberry kush is a big yielding autoflowering strain of short stature. She grows to about 50-70 centimetres in height. Easy to grow, low maintenance strain and highly resistant to insects, disease and mould. First signs of flowering after 4 weeks and finishes of Flowering in about 70 days.

The taste is berrylike with earth herbal undertones. The high is an intense body-high, so Indica lovers will definitely like this strain.

Genetics: (Blueberry x OG Kush) x Blue Mystic automatic
Height: 50-80 cm
Yield indoor: 350-450 gr/m2
Yield outdoor: 60-150 gr/plant
Flowering: 70-75 days (10 weeks)
Indica/Sativa: 60/40

Genetics (Blueberry x OG Kush) x Blue Mystic automatic
Plant Type Hybrid
Cultivation Indoor as well as Outdoor
Plant Height Short
Effect Energetic, Body Buzz
Flavor Fruity, Herbal
Average Yield 350 – 450 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period 8 – 10 weeks
Seeds per pack 5
THC Medium
CBD Medium
Effect+ Euphoric Uplifted
Flavor+ Berry Pine Earthy

Blueberry Kush Auto Feminised Seeds – 5

Blueberry Kush Auto is the very essence of blueberry-related goodness and a must-grow plant for all Blueberry lovers. Nirvana had the opportunity to acquire a Blueberry x, OG Kush, from Oregon, USA, and decided to experiment by crossing it with their own Blue Mystic Automatic . The result is a short, stocky plant that will enthuse and delight with its big, dense, potent buds of joy as well as its ease of cultivation.

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How Blueberry Kush Auto Grows

Blueberry Kush Auto grows to a height of between 50 – 70 cm. and will thrive in all growing environments. It has a marked resistance to pests, plant diseases, and fungus, making it desirable for higher latitude cultivation outdoors . Indoors will produce between 350 – 450 gr/m2 under 600-watt lights in a Sea of Green set-up. Outdoor yields can be as high as 150 gr/plant in excellent conditions. Total growing time is around 12 weeks, or possibly a week or two longer, depending on local conditions, with the first signs of flowering visible during week 4.

Blueberry Kush Auto Taste, Smell, and Effect

The aromas and tastes are very berry-like with earthy and herbal undertones. Its Indica-dominance shines through in the powerful intensity of its body effect, which leaves you feeling uplifted and even euphoric.