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blue haze cannabis seeds

Blue Haze (Zativo Seeds)

One for the sweet-toothed, our Blue Haze packs a real connoisseur quality flavor, and an uplifting, euphoric high. Blue Haze is a mix of Blueberry and Amnesia Haze that flowers in as little time as 9-10 weeks – pretty impressive for a Haze strain.

Genetics 80% sativa – 20% indica
Parents Blueberry x Amnesia Haze
Flowering period 9-10 weeks
THC% 20%
CBD% Medium
Yield (indoor) 450-600g/m²
Height (indoor) 1.5m
Yield (outdoor) 500-550g/plant
Height (outdoor) Medium
Harvest time (outdoor) End of October
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Zativo Seeds

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Blue Haze (Zativo Seeds)

One for the sweet-toothed, our Blue Haze packs a real connoisseur quality flavor, and an uplifting, euphoric high. Blue Haze is a mix of Blueberry and Amnesia Haze that flowers in as little time as 9-10 weeks – pretty impressive for a Haze strain.

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Blue Haze – High maintenance reaps even “Higher” rewards

Blue Haze is a sumptuously tasty strain of cannabis hybrid. She is a high maintenance connoisseur strain, but one that rewards your time, skill and effort with some really show stopping stuff. The quality of the high and the mouth watering tastes are exquisite, this is defiantly a marijuana strain for your secret, personal store, to save for special occasions.

When smoked, Blue Haze marijuana will tantalize your taste buds with succulent fruity tastes very much akin to its name sake. The sweet and flavorful smoke is smooth and induces what can only be described as an inspirational high. It starts of with a mellow uplifting feeling that builds to a full on clear, euphoric and soaring high. It will improve your mood dramatically whilst unlocking any hidden motivation and creativity within you. Blue Haze is a perfect choice for those special occasions with friends, when you all want to have a great time enjoying each others company. Medical users will really love what is on offer here, due to its mixed heritage and extreme, connoisseur quality potency, it can effectively help with the treatment of anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, pain and lack of appetite.

Blue Haze cannabis plants grows into a stunning, wintery beauty. As she reaches maturity her buds turn a purple, icy blue, absolutely coated in resinous trichomes. She will grow with the tall, slender stature that is common of a sativa, reaching heights of around 1.5m. Due to her indica heritage, the extremely long flowering time normally associated with a Haze strain has been cut down. Blue Haze will usually flower in a period of 9-10 weeks. As mentioned, she is a demanding mistress, she is delicate and very sensitive to the environmental factors around her, as well as nutrient over and under feeding. This means she needs a loving, caring and attentive cultivator to really flourish. Blue Haze is not really suitable for those looking for a quick, resilient cash crop or those who are new to growing. Trust us we say she is worth the time and effort – she will reward you greatly. You can expect a yield of around 50g per plant of some extremely fine weed.

Blue Haze is a special strain and a proud addition to our cannabis seed catalog. This is definitely on for the connoisseur cultivator, someone who wants some of the best marijuana available for their own stock. She may be hard to please, but it is like anything worthwhile in life – you get out what you put in, and boy do you get a lot here.

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Blue Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Blue Haze Strain

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Blue Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Offering a sweet, berry aroma and taste on the inhale with a herbal, spicy flavor on the exhale. Blue Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds can be grown indoors and outdoors at night time to reap fruity flavors from this strain. Known for its uplifting qualities without being too lazy or couch-locked, this strain is ideal for those seeking mood-lifting effects that are not overbearing. Beginners should beware of possible anxiety attacks when using Blue Haze as it glides toward feeling anxious but offers long-lasting relief after use, making it well worth the risk.

This strain has a lovely berry taste on the inhale with a more spicy, herbal, and woody taste. Not only does this strain have an incredible flavor profile, but it offers up some fantastic aromatherapy too.

Blue Haze Feminized strain has a lovely and fruity aroma that fills the air with ease. You can expect to breathe in some blueberry lots when growing or just after it has been cured because this scent is so thick you could almost taste it.

Be careful when you smoke this strain because it hits hard with its high THC levels! The 22% THC is well above average for many marijuana strains and can lead to some anxiousness if you’re not ready for it. Then again, those looking to use this strain as a treatment for anxiety will find this THC level much more desirable because it acts fast and lasts long.

Blue Haze Feminized strain has an 80% Indica and 20% Sativa ratio, which means that it will be a body high that is pretty sedating too. That makes it perfect for smoking whenever you need something to get through your evening.

This strain takes around 10 minutes before you start to feel any effects, and it usually lasts for a few hours.

Effects of Our Blue Haze Strain

Blue Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds is something that you should consider if you suffer from joint pain. It has a high cannabinoid content which usually helps patients with chronic arthritis and joint pains because it reduces inflammation and overall discomfort.

If you’re looking for an excellent marijuana strain that is perfect for smoking whenever you fear that your anxiety will get out of hand, then Blue Haze feminized cannabis seeds might be the perfect choice for you! Smoking this marijuana strain will help ease those anxious feelings and keep them under control, so it’s one of the best choices if you need something to help you stop worrying.

This strain is probably one of the best options available online when it comes to dealing with an appetite because it will stimulate your hunger. This is especially true if you’re suffering from nausea or vomiting, which can result from chemotherapy treatment. Eating more won’t make your sickness go away, but it will help you keep your strength up, which means that you can fight the illness.

Blue Haze Is Great For Insomnia

Blue Haze marijuana strain is an excellent choice if you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep because it can help lull you into a deep sleep. This makes it great when used before bedtime, as you will fall asleep powerfully and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

The 80% Indica and massive cannabinoid profile in this marijuana strain is perfect for helping to eliminate the pain that you feel in your body. It will ease the discomfort and give you relief, so it’s a great choice when you’re suffering from chronic pain.

When you feel stressed out, smoking this marijuana strain is an excellent idea because it will help to relax your mind and body. Its Indica effects mean that you’ll feel sedated with a couch-lock, so it will be perfect when you need relief from your anxious feelings.

If you want to feel a rush of euphoria, smoking this marijuana strain will give you that sensation. Its Sativa properties mean that you’ll be able to function and get things done while being in a cheerful mood, so it will be perfect for those who have depression or need an extra boost.

How Does Blue Haze Strain Grow?

Blue Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds are easy to grow and maintain. It’s a moderate growing strain that will reach medium height if you keep it well fed and watered, so it can be a perfect choice for new growers or those with little space who still want the benefits of this marijuana strain.

The compact height of this marijuana strain is one of the best things because it will grow to a medium height that usually doesn’t go above 59 inches.

Blue Haze is an indoor marijuana strain that can be grown indoors or outdoors. It’s a versatile plant, so it will also work well if it’s cultivated in a greenhouse.

The time for Blue Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds to reach maturity is 8-10 weeks which isn’t too long, and the buds of the plant will be full of resin which is what you’re looking for if you want best yield possible.

The yields you can get from growing this cannabis strain indoors or outdoors are going to be substantial. If you cultivate it in a greenhouse, expect a harvest of around 16-21 ounces per meter squared, while the outdoor yield will be 18-19 ounces per plant.

History of Blue Haze Strain

Blue Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds were created by a world-renowned cannabis cup winner, the Blueberry. Well, you now know where the massive flavors and aromas come from. Blueberry was crossed with the Sativa rich Haze.

Blue Haze Cannabis Strain Review

As we’ve outlined before, there are never any guarantees when it comes to cannabis breeding. The assumption is that combining two great strains will definitely produce awesome offspring. The reality is very different. The thing is, we don’t usually hear about a breeder’s epic failures!

Fortunately, Blue Haze is what happens when things go right. With a Cannabis Cup-winning parent, this strain went on to win the accolade itself. Read on to learn more about it.

What Is the Blue Haze Strain?

The Blue Haze strain is a cross of Blueberry and Haze. The former won the High Times Cannabis Cup, while the latter is one of the most famous strains of all time. It is an indica-dominant strain, but its effects aren’t precisely what one might think.

In general, indica strains result in utter relaxation, couch lock, and ultimately, sleep. However, the Blue Haze strain is a little different. It begins with a gentle cerebral high that makes you smile and eases away dark clouds. Many users report that their facial muscles relax to the point where it is difficult to avoid smiling. You might find yourself jumping from one joyful thought to the next. It is also likely that you’ll feel sociable and chatty.

Blue Haze is highly relaxing but seldom leads to couch-lock for experienced cannabis users.

As the high develops, the initial burst of energy gives way to a greater sensation of relaxation. Some users admit that their limbs feel heavy, and they have an urge to sit down. However, Blue Haze seldom leads to couch-lock for experienced cannabis users. Instead, they are more likely to begin a creative project as their mind continues to operate at a high level.

That said, you might find that Blue Haze is best enjoyed in the evening as you unwind after another long day.


If the Blue Haze buds are properly cured, you will certainly get a strong scent of blueberries. It is an extremely enticing scent that lures you in. You might also enjoy the hints of earthiness and additional sweetness that accentuate the pleasant odor of the fruit.

Our top picks for relaxation…


In some cases, marijuana strains with a great aroma are something of a letdown when it comes to the taste. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with Blue Haze. It offers a fantastic blend of fruit, sweetness, and spiciness. When you light a joint, you’ll probably see thick smoke, but it is generally a smooth toke. The spicy and fruity aftertaste is also pleasant.


This strain has spade-shaped buds and relatively large flowers. The yellowish-green leaves are covered with orange pistils, and near harvest time, sticky trichomes. Certain phenotypes have specks of blue and purple, which you can bring out by exposing the strain to colder than average temperatures. If you do this, make sure it is for a short period only.

Blue Haze Strain Grow Info

You have the option of growing Blue Haze indoors or outside. If you opt for outdoor cultivation, please note that it requires a warm climate. When you buy Blue Haze seeds, please note that it is a strain sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and humidity.

Indeed, it is generally classified as a cannabis strain best grown by people with experience. Outdoors, it is ready for harvest by the end of October and can provide up to 20 ounces per plant.

Blue Haze is easier to grow indoors as it is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.

Blue Haze is arguably best cultivated indoors because you have the chance to take control over environmental factors. It is a plant that grows short and bushy. However, it doesn’t require as much trimming as similarly sized plants. Remember, you can increase the purple/blue coloring by ‘shocking’ your Blue Haze crop. However, we only recommend this when you have a lot of knowledge about how to cultivate cannabis.

When grown indoors, Blue Haze’s flowering time is 8-10 weeks. It produces a yield of up to 22 ounces per square meter planted, though it is usually closer to 16 ounces.

THC Content – Highest Test

Blue Haze isn’t a strain to trifle with, as it has a THC level of between 18% and 24%. On average, you can expect it to contain 21%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Typically, the Blue Haze strain will have less than 0.6% CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Blue Haze Strain

If you are an MMJ patient, the mellow and uplifting high could help with stress or depression. Whether you’re feeling down or are completely stressed out, a few tokes of Blue Haze could change your perception. According to most users, it doesn’t take long for them to feel completely relaxed and chilled out.

You might also find that the potency of Blue Haze helps soothe chronic pain as a symptom of conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and back pain. It could also help ease the pain associated with migraines.

Although it helps you relax, Blue Haze won’t necessarily help insomniacs get to sleep.

Possible Side Effects of the Blue Haze Strain

In general, the main side effects associated with Blue Haze are dry eyes and a dry mouth. Although some people use this strain to help with anxiety, it isn’t necessarily the best option.

In rare cases, it can increase the level of anxiety you feel. If you overindulge, there is the possibility of experiencing paranoid thoughts. Therefore, it is always a good idea to use Blue Haze in moderation, regardless of your experience level.

Final Thoughts on the Blue Haze Strain

The Blue Haze strain is a combination of two classic cannabis strains. It provides a sweet, fruity, and smooth smoke. In general, it could help improve your mood and ease the pain associated with several medical issues.

Blue Haze seeds are relatively easy to find. However, we recommend only tackling it if you have some experience in growing cannabis, as it is a tricky plant to get the best out of.