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blue cannabis seeds

Blue Magic

Blue Magic cannabis seeds are an exceptional apex strain in the Amsterdam Genetics range. Lovers of true indica high-flyers, beware: this is the purest indica hybrid we have in store. At the roots of these enchantingly delicious genetics, behind parent plant Green Magic, lies the THC wizardry of our celebrity White Choco strain. Adding Sour Diesel and OG Kush influences through the Headband strain was enough to unleash raw magic; either for focussed medicinal use, or for an indica body buzz the likes of which you won’t soon forget…

Blue Magic Cannabis Seeds

No matter whether you’re looking for exceptional taste experiences or an avalanche of effects, you’ll find out just how special Blue Magic is as your Blue Magic seeds grow up. A strong indica trait presence promises body-oriented highs. In the current jungle of hybrid strains, finding a 90% indica variant is like a breath of fresh air for growers and connoisseurs. So whether you’re looking for exceptional DNA to work with, or for a relaxing body buzz that reaches down to the core, Blue Magic cannabis seeds carry a singular experience and a taste that never loses its magic appeal!


Even though Blue Magic directs her effects almost exclusively towards the corporeal, she does so with a fully body sensation you won’t find anywhere else. The body buzz effect sets in almost instantly, giving you a fast-acting stress buster that always comes in handy. Had a rough day at the office? Worked yourself hard at the gym tonight? No worries – Blue Magic can flush the stress and fatigue from your limbs as if by magic!

Of course, a suitably plump indica lady such as this is a great way to enjoy a thorough high, without triggering all the metal stimulation and creative thoughts a sativa strain would spark. A joyful, satisfied feeling goes hand in hand with those mellow vibes, tempting you to just sit back as you unwind to maximum effect. At 21% THC, you know you are in for quite the experience. Blue Magic truly is a strain you need to try for yourself, so growers, by all means, do give this blue lady a sporting chance.

Medical Potential

Blue Magic is one of our most effective medical marijuana seeds. You’ll feel stress and tension slip from your system pronto, with particular emphasis on body stress. Trembling hands, excessive perspiration, or feet that won’t stand still don’t stand a chance against the soothing effects Blue Manic brings, all the way down to your toes.

Blue Magic cannabis seeds are a fine choice for pain relief, too. Chronic pain deserves a little extra attention, as her terpene and cannabinoid profile suppress pain while protecting nerves against damage at the same time. That makes the rapid onset of effects a welcome added benefit.

Flavour & Aroma

Obviously, unique genetics are reflected in an extraordinary taste and aroma. Sweet, spicy, and skunky converge in a bouquet that will leave you puzzled about its components. Compare it with a new dish in a fancy restaurant: the full palette of flavours makes all the individual elements work together. A gentle, smooth exhalation finishes it off, adding yet another layer to the profoundly relaxing experience offered by this incomparable strain. That makes Blue Magic cannabis seeds a superb choice for any connoisseur looking to expand their horizons.

Grow Info

You can’t order Blue Magic cannabis seeds anywhere else but here at Amsterdam Genetics. If you see the name pop up anywhere else, you’re dealing with a crossbreed with altogether other properties inside. So if you’re keen to experience that rock-solid bodybuzz down to the very fibres of your body, you’ve come to the one and only right place. Once you get your Blue Magic grow going, expect to meet a plant with magical opportunities.

A strain that leans so heavily on indica properties will display a different growth pattern than your average hybrid. Cannabis indica strains naturally tend to remain in the growth phase longer, followed by a relatively brief flowering period. That’s why indoor growers should give these plants plenty of time and space to make it through the vegetation stage. Switching to 12/12 lighting too early means promoting flowering too soon, which will ultimately affect yield volumes.

Growers who do give Blue Magic the time and space she needs will witness a spectacular flowering period once the growth stage has passed. Expect about nine weeks’ flowering time, but know that you’ll be amply rewarded once these weeks have passed. Blue Magic generally does netter indoors than out, but she certainly qualifies for a summertime outdoor grow, too. The colas Blue Magic produces are rich, rotund, and compact. That means paying close attention to mould right before the harvest, but once that harvest is in, nothing can stop all that pure indica magic!

The Blue family

A real work of breeding from DJ Short, Blueberry marijuana quickly attracted many breeders.

You can find more details about the Blue family in this article on Blueberry marijuana.

You will find here varieties with at least 50% of Blueberry genetics on them.

There are 99 products tagged as Blue genetics

Blue D#5 – Old School Genetics

Alchimia presents Blue D#5, a very attractive variety from Karma Genetics Breeding Collab series. This work is a tribute to some of the most important genetics of all times. It perfectly combines NL#5, Blueberry and OG Kush varieties, obtaining extra [. ]

  • 45.00€ 31.45€

Strawberry Cough – Dutch Passion

Strawberry Cough from Dutch Passion is a strain with good yields and high medicinal value. Bred for its euphoric and anti-anxiety effect, it is a mostly Sativa variety (approx. 90% Sativa, 10% Indica). It gives you a comfortable, pleasant and powerf [. ]

  • 3 seeds 34.95€ 26.20€
  • 5 seeds 52.95€

White Berry – Paradise Seeds

WHITE BERRY is a fast flowering variety. It has a slender, green and fresh appearance and is single cola dominant. The proportion of buds and leaves is a plus for manicurists because it is easy to trim. WHITE BERRY becomes bejeweled with trichomes t [. ]

  • 3 seeds 32.00€ 24.00€
  • 5 seeds 50.00€ 35.00€

Blueberry Gum #2 – G13 Labs

Alchimiaweb presents here the Blueberry Gum #2, a hybrid between Blueberry, Bubblegum and Black Domina developed by G13 Labs in feminised form. Despite its Indica dominance, the hybrid vigour of Blueberry Gum #2 enables rapid and vigorous growth and [. ]

  • 5 seeds (Product sold out) 38.00€ 26.55€

Mataro Blue – Kannabia – Kannabia

Mataro Blue, from Kannabia, was created to honor the city where this seed bank was created. For the creation of this multi-hybrid, a selection of several marijuana strains – such as Blue Berry , Afgan Original (mazar-i-Sharif) and Black Domina – was [. ]

  • 1 seed 11.00€
  • 3 seeds (Product sold out) 26.00€ 18.15€
  • 5 seeds (Product sold out) 38.00€

Flash Back #2 – Sweet Seeds – Sweet Seeds

Flash Back # 2 comes from a crossing between a magnificent Original Flo motherplant and a White Widow characterized by its aroma and resin production. A plant full of trichomes with an intense strawberries, berries and humus aroma is born from this [. ]

  • 3 seeds + 1 free seed 16.50€
  • 5 seeds + 2 free seeds 27.50€ 22.00€

Royal Bluematic – Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Bluematic from the Royal Queen Seed bank is an automatic marijuana plant which is a result of crossing different gentetics with Blueberry marijuana, known worldwide for its excellent sweet and fruity flavour. The resulting hybrid is the crossi [. ]

  • 3 seeds 23.00€
  • 5 seeds 35.00€
  • 10 seeds 65.00€ 45.45€

Northern Light Blue – Delicious Seeds

Northern Light Blue from the seedbank Delicious Seeds is a crossing between the original Blueberry and the Northern Light marijuana. This mixture resulted in one of its Indica with most medicinal effect and great power, which produces a deep sense of [. ]

  • 3 seeds 21.00€ 14.65€
  • 5 seeds 34.00€

Autoblueberry Dutch Passion – Dutch Passion

Simply put, the Blueberry is one of the stars of Dutch Passion’s catalogue. A true classic of cannabis, globally known and recognised as one of the best from the Blue family. The Autoblueberry offers these same qualities but in a feminised, autoflow [. ]

  • 3 seeds 29.95€
  • 7 seeds (Product sold out) 59.95€ 41.95€

Auto Blueberry Cheese – Barneys Farm

Alchimia presents here the Blueberry Cheese Auto formerly known as Blue Cheese Auto, a feminized cannabis variety that is ready to harvest after 75 days from seedling, producing up to 80gr per plant of fleshy and resinous buds with an intense and co [. ]

  • 1 Seed 10.00€ 7.00€
  • 3 seeds 27.00€
  • 5 seeds 42.00€ 29.35€
  • 10 seeds 80.00€

Blue Cheese – Royal Queen Seeds

Blue Cheese is a Blueberry x Cheese hybrid developed by Royal Queen Seeds to offer an easy to grow plant with high yields and delicious fruity and spicy flavor. RQS have used the Original Cheese and Oregon Blueberry to create this amazing strain, wh [. ]

  • 3 seeds 21.50€
  • 5 seeds 32.50€
  • 10 seeds 60.00€ 42.00€

Blue Cheese – Big Buddha Seeds

Blue Cheese from Big Buddha Seeds was created through a wide selection of male marijuana Blueberry derived from collections of different growers. The male winner was crossed with the original mother plant UK Cheese, the backbone of Big Buddha Seeds p [. ]

  • 5 seeds 34.00€ 23.75€

Glueberry O.G. – Dutch Passion

Alchimiaweb presents here Glueberry OG, a feminized cannabis strain developed by Dutch Passion by crossing a Gorilla Glue x OG Kush hybrid with Blueberry. This Indica dominant plant shows the best traits of its parents, with very nice yields and exc [. ]

  • 3 seeds 34.95€
  • 5 seeds 52.95€
  • 10 seeds 84.95€ 67.96€

Blue Pyramid – Pyramid Seeds

Blue Pyramid is the result of a long and laborious task of choice using the Blueberry strain as base. The blue version of Pyramid Seeds is a hybrid of Indica appearance, compact plant that produces thick and resinous buds.During its development, it i [. ]

  • 1 seed 7.00€ 4.90€
  • 5 seeds 30.00€

Blue Elite Indica – Elite Seeds – Elite Seeds

Blue Elite Indica is an extraordinary cannabis strain from the Kush Lineage, with earthy and wet forest flavors, highly valued by connoisseurs. Indica medicinal effect. Its buds, tight and full of resin, make this variety a great producer, perfect f [. ]

  • 3 seeds 30.00€
  • 7 seeds 70.00€ 56.00€

Baby Boom Auto – Kannabia

Auto Baby Boom is the new automatic marijuana plant from the seed bank Kannabia. This auto genetic, as its name suggests, is a plant of medium/small size but very powerful and easy to grow. It is the result of crossing a ruderalis plant with Norther [. ]

  • 1 seed 8.50€ 6.35€
  • 3 seeds 21.00€ 17.85€
  • 5 seeds 29.00€
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Blue cannabis seeds

4.2/5 Based on 66 Reviews

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Blue Monkey Strain Description

Feminized variety resulting from the crossing of Gorilla Glue # 4 and a hybrid consisting of a cross of Black Domina x Blueberry that we have worked for many years and now we have this cross due to the stability and variety of aromas that it brings to its descendants.
Its branched flowers are crowded with each other along the branches, but without generating large central flowers, which is compensated by the high density of these flowers, which may require support at the end of flowering.
In terms of its smell, predominate aromas that we would define as "sweet chemist", where the essence of Gorilla Glue is maintained with the addition of the fruity aromas typical of the father that is used. Its effect is strong at the body level with great relaxation, making this variety an appropriate hybrid for smokers looking for a medical strain.