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DC Cure 1:1 Auto

Alchimia is pleased to present DC Cure 1:1, the first CBD-rich marijuana strain featured in Doctor’s Choice catalogue. This AutoFem variety offers balanced cannabinoid concentrations with a CBD level of 6% and a THC content of 6%.

DC Cure 1:1, a CBD-rich AutoFem cannabis strain

Doctor’s Choice, a seedbank specialising in auto-flowering marijuana, has worked from a CBD-rich line and Chronic marijuana to bring DC Cure 1:1.

The result is a versatile, fast and easy to cultivate plant that offers a CBD:THC 1:1 ratio. It is definitely a variety that will delight lovers of strains with a high CBD content and are looking to cultivate these plants in AutoFem format.

It is an all-rounder variety perfect to provide great results for all types of growers. A plant that makes it easy for novice cultivators to enjoy a 1:1 ratio marijuana strain with no complications.

DC Cure 1:1 can develop up to 50-120cm, with a yield of up to 50g per plant after about 70 days of cultivation from germination to harvest. This plant adapts well to any type of cultivation method and growing environment, although Doctor’s Choice expresses its best results in terms of yield being obtained using SCROG cultivation.

DC Cure 1:1 harvest

DC Cure 1:1 offers a complex and pleasant aroma and flavour composed of citric and spicy notes on an earthy background.

It delivers a cannabinoid profile with a THC level of 6% and a CBD concentration of 6%, with a mild effect that promotes good mood and relaxation.

Doctor’s Choice states that this strain can provide therapeutical marijuana benefits thanks to its relaxing properties which can help combat anxiety and pain, as well as stimulating appetite.

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