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best place to buy cannabis seeds or clones

Best place to buy cannabis seeds or clones

Seeds And Genetics For Personal Production

We get asked often, “Why do you guys sell seeds and give away clones?” “Aren’t you afraid of losing money or customers, are you just plain crazy?” Well, No, no and maybe? We sell seeds and give away clones because A: we can, it’s important to us and we remember what it was like not having access to medical cannabis. B: Along the way we discovered that the simple act of growing your own medicine is in its self, a great form of therapy. There is nothing better in the world than the feeling a new gardener gets when they wake up in the morning wondering how much their plants have grown and dreaming about the beautiful flowers they will become. ABOVE: Personal grow pictures from one of our patients cerca 2019.

Irie Genetics – Seeds

Years ago we were very fortunate enough to cross paths with our good friend and trusted breeder Irie Jeff from Irie Genetics in Colorado. When we met Jeff was working on perfecting his Arise strain and beginning crossing it with other stand out genetics that all shared strong, medicinally based traits.

Jeff breeds stains that perform best in our regon of the world and as a result they excell in our production facility as well as outdoor in personal production gardens across the State.

Organtica Clone Program

We had an upset patient share with us a story about ordering seeds and having a terrible time getting the seeds she wanted. The first order was held up in customs and lost forever. When she finally got replacement seeds and sprouted them, only half of them sprouted and non of them were female. Months wasted and dollars down the drain she asked if there was anything we could recommend. We recommended she stop back in a few days and we would have a healthy clone from our production facility for her. Shocked, she said “right, how much?” Nothing. But, if it makes you feel better make a donation to the patient assistance fund, or not. But what ever you do, send us baby pictures and please, take good care of her.