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best cheese cannabis seeds

Top 5 Highest Yielding Cheese Seeds

So you are looking for Cheese seeds that have the potential for a high yield. This quick and to the point guide lists our top 5 highest yielding cheese strains, including important statistics for each seed such as yield, flowering time, and smells.

Before we list our best five, we want to clear up some confusion that many of our customers face. A lot of collectors out there who want high yielding cheese seeds will look for a branded strain name when what they really should do is consider all Cheese strains and direct their attention to the lineage involved in creating the said strain.
For example, the first strain we list below is ‘Critical Cheese’ – We have also listed the genetics involved in breeding this seed, which is Critical Mass & Cheese. As many people already know (plus you can most likely guess from the name), Critical Mass is a huge yielder of industrial proportions. So the resulting crossover is likely to be capable of producing a very large yield. What is also important is that Critical Mass is a very stable and reliable plant that is unlikely to succumb to stress and turn hermaphrodite.

So by looking at the lineage of the plant rather than going on what an advert claimed, you can get a bit of information on what you seed is capable of doing rather than blindly believing that a randomly named strain is going to be a monster!

Here are our five highest yielding Cheese seeds

Critical Cheese

The ultimate choice for high yielding cheese seeds, Critical Cheese is the absolute bomb for those wanting large amounts of chronic with a shortish flowering time. This strain was produced by crossing over a Critical Mass with a Cheese seed and the result is exactly what you would hope for. The same scents from Cheese are kept true whilst also keeping the same rocky bud build as before.

Yields can be around 600 to 675 grams per square meter with a quick 8 to 9 week flower period.
You can Buy Critical Cheese Cannabis Seeds here.

Automatic Critical Cheese

Whilst very similar to above, this automatic flowering version reduces the grow time by around 2 weeks whilst pretty much keeping the same yield; so perfect, right? However, the scent and bud build is a little different than the original Cheese due to the extra ruderalis parent which slightly alters the marijuana’s properties.

Yields can be around 40 – 160 grams per plant with a speedy life cycle of 70 – 80 days.
You can Buy Auto Critical Cheese Cannabis Seeds here.

UK Cheese

This unaltered original is the same famous Cheese that spread through the UK for many years before finding it’s way across the globe. As you may already know, Cheese is a decent yielder without any help or breeding. Whilst this strain will do well, it will not perform as well as the hybrids above in terms of yields.

Yields can be around 500 to 550 grams per square meter with a quick 8 to 9 week flower period.
You can Buy Cheese Cannabis Seeds here.

Automatic Cheese

Here we have the original Cheese but with a speedy twist. This specially selected Cheese plant was crossed over with a high-performing ruderalis to create a compact autoflowering Cheese that performs well in all areas, but most importantly, it finishes very quickly compared to it’s original feminized counterpart.

Yields can be around 30 to 100 grams per plant with a full life cycle of just 70 to 80 days.
You can Buy Auto Cheese Cannabis Seeds here.

Blue Cheese

If you want something incredibly dank and fruity then Blue Cheese seeds are a great choice as not only does this strain produce beautifully scented flowers but it can also give a pretty decent yield. While these Cheese seeds will not perform to the level of the above mentioned, it is still well worth collecting as 500 grams per square meter is still a good amount and the flavours of Blue Cheese really set it apart from the rest.

Yields can be around 450 to 525 grams per square meter with a quick 8 to 9 week flower period.
You can Buy Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds here.


so as you can see, for people wanting to collect a Cheese seed with humongous yields, our number one strain is Critical Cheese without a doubt! If you would like to ‘trade-in’ a little bit of yield for flavour then our other options listed are worth a browse.

Cheese Strains

Cheese is one of the most famous and infamous cannabis strains that has ever hit the cannabis scene like a bomb. Today, a world without the cheesefamily is almost unimaginable. Originally developed in the UK, this Indica-dominant hybrid stands out for its unique aroma and unique taste. Above all, it is Cheese’s consistent power and reliability that has made him a strong player on the world stage.

At the moment, a huge amount of cheesy types are bred and enjoyed worldwide – which made the variety a hit in the first place. Here at Seeds66, we’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest additions to the cheesefamily to welcome everyone who fits in with our own collection of handpicked classics.

A unique experience

Cheese first appeared on the market in the late 1980s and is said to have originated from Skunk # 1. A strain already known for its heavy aroma has been boosted by breeders who started introducing Afghani Indica genetics. The result was a brand new hybrid that immediately became famous for delivering a wonderfully blissful and relaxing high that was both gentle and convincing.

Superficially, Cheese sounds unappealing. In addition to an incredibly characteristic, slightly acidic cheese flavor, the quality cheese tends to leave a long aftertaste that is not unlike a strong cheddar. But on the one hand, though it sounds a bit unusual, Cheese is actually a very delicious and unique experience. As a taste in the mouth no unwanted cheese flavors remain, but rather a persistent, fruity and powerful undertone that you expect from a good cheddar piece.

And if it has been well fermented and professionally fermented, the taste experience you can expect from Cheese is really nothing you’ve ever tried!

Cheese the all-rounder

The best thing about the Cheese family is that it is so diverse in terms of both impact and benefit. Cheese strains, known worldwide for their remarkable medicinal benefits, are often used to relieve insomnia, arthritis, inflammation and nausea. There really is no better way to enjoy a uplifting, gentle intoxication that is comprehensively controllable.

Here at Seed66 we want to cover every taste and every need. That’s why we stock more than 40 different Cheese varieties and sub-varieties – perfect for beginners and professionals. You can find all the details of each variety by clicking on the image, or you can always contact the Seed66 team if you have questions about any of our varieties.

The Best Cheese Seeds

Click on the pictures below for more information and to order these – the best Cheese seeds – online. Or to get a classic Cheese strain, scroll down a bit further for our price comparison tables for Cheese regular, feminised and autofem seeds

Big Buddha Cheese

Cheese Auto-fem

Cheese Feminized

Cheese Tease

Cheese Wreck

Exodus Cheese

Original Cheese (IBL)

Super Silver Cheese

Cheese regular seeds

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Cheese feminised seeds

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Cheese autofem seeds

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Cheese cannabis: why it’s the UK’s favourite indoor strain

For many UK growers and smokers, the most popular cannabis strain for indoor growing is Cheese cannabis. The reason for this? The strong, long-lasting and Indica-like smell and taste of Cheese marijuana is just like an old-fashioned quality cheese

As well as smelling good, Cheese marijuana feels good, providing a strong but balanced effect with a good body-buzz in addition to a cerebral high. This is because Cheese cannabis contains a good amount of CBD (Cannabidiol). CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC and mellows its effects.

Cheese cannabis can be grown indoors or outside below about 40 degrees latitude. It’s a predictable producer, giving an abundance of dense buds, a characteristic of its Skunk#1 influence.

Enjoying an 8 week flowering cycle and heavy yields, Cheese cannabis is highly regarded in coffeeshop toking culture in Amsterdam. It’s also been awarded the High Times Cannabis Cup.

In the 90‘s, Cheese marijuana became a focal point for indoor cannabis growing projects. It which was somewhat tolerated by local police and produced a cannabis strain which is now the most popular cannabis strain in the United Kingdom.

So which are the best Cheese seeds?

All the Cheese seeds above come from Europe’s top seed banks where quality seeds are guaranteed. So in that sense, they’re all the best Cheese seeds.

However, which Cheese strains are the best Cheese seeds for you depends on your preferences and your aims in growing.

For strength, Cheese Wreck is a good one to go for, being a combination of the highly potent Train Wreck and Cheese. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds‘ Cheese and Cheese Feminized are possibly the strongest though at 21% THC.

Flavour-wise, Cheese Tease has a more Skunky than Cheesy flavour – good for Skunk lovers who just want a tang of Cheese without being overpowered.

If you’re a Cheese purist though then the best Cheese seeds are from Paradise Seeds: Original Cheese, bred from an original UK Cheese clone.

As for harvests, in general all Cheese marijuana is classified as a commercial variety as it’s high-yielding. Cheese strains like Big Buddha Cheese or Cheese Tease are the best Cheese seeds for you if bumper harvests are your priority.

For speed, Cheese Auto-fem seeds are the best Cheese seeds. You can be harvesting within two months with these ones.

The best Cheese seeds for indoors and out

Cheese Auto seeds are also the best Cheese seeds if you’re trying to grow outdoors in northern Europe (e.g., the UK). Since they flower quickly, you can get in an early harvest.

Most Cheese seeds mature fairly fast though and are hardy enough to grow outdoors, even up north. Although in cooler climates it can be a safer bet to grow them indoors. They will still give you huge harvests.

Since Cheese strains tend to stay fairly squat and compact, Cheese seeds are also the best seeds for small indoor grow operations where some great tasting smoking bud for personal use is the goal.

In short, Cheese cannabis is enduringly popular because of its ease of growing, its great flavour and smell, its potency and the general powerful but balanced effects it produces when smoked :D.