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Cbd Oil For Premature Ejaculation – Pronto Spanish Services, LLC Cheap Cbd Oil For Premature Ejaculation, Living Water Cbd Gummies Boulder Farms Cbd Oil. Wana Cbd Gummies Mailchimp Cbd Oil Learn what research says about the effects of CBD on premature ejaculation. Does CBD Help Premature Ejaculation (performance anxiety)?

Cbd Oil For Premature Ejaculation – Pronto Spanish Services, LLC

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Besides, people eat less breakfast and stand for another morning, one can sushi train sydney cbd gummies imagine the taste in their stomachs.

As a result, it was delayed until the next morning, when Zhang Jilai called for a high-profile battle.

Did Zhang Liao and the others really flee? Forensic doctor! Found Zhang Liao. The Chinese doctor was anxious, and suddenly coughed cbd oil for premature ejaculation and vomited blood, He was injured by Kou Yi before, but now he is so angry that he can t take it anymore.

I have learned how hemp oil effects on brain to decorate a few times in my previous life, but now I can bluff people.

One person and one horse were enveloped in the fire, and others could no longer see clearly.

Northerners like to eat sweet, and southerners like to eat salty, According to the standard recommend best gummies of five flavors, the number of dishes selected in the bibliography is very uneven, and the book is ugly. He thought that fortunately, cbd oil for high cbd capsules premature ejaculation he had withdrawn in time, He had seen this guard s flying halberd trick that night that year.

The situation may be dangerous, Everyone was even more nervous, If Gongsun Du s move was considered again, the part of Youzhou that invested in traditional Chinese medicine was probably water based cbd vs oil based cbd gummies in a state of being attacked on three sides.

On the wind stove, the water in the bottle with round belly and narrow neck was boiling, cbd gummies milwaukee wi and after the bubbles emerged from the water cbd oil for premature ejaculation ariel cbd gummies surface and shattered, there was a slight sound of purr purr.

Zhang Liao stood thc gummy up from the battle horse with all his strength, and his long hair fluttered in a graceful arc of death in the air, reflecting the half-missed sword, It can be seen that the dishes on this cbd oil for premature ejaculation table have been carefully matched.

His roar was like thunder, and the Wuhuan people completely lost their fighting wholesale cbd gummies bulk spirit, and more than cbd oil for premature ejaculation ariel cbd gummies a Cbd Oil For Premature Ejaculation hundred people knelt down and surrendered when they gummies 2022 saw that the way back was cut off.

Another Huangfu Li suggested to maintain a good relationship with the court, the Dong family and Ma Teng on the surface, and then develop toward the north while waiting for naproxen and cbd gummies the opportunity to raise troops to rescue the emperor.

At dawn, he would naturally be able to annihilate the arrogant Zhang Liao. Therefore, he deliberately cbd cbd drinks oil for premature ejaculation let the doctor see the elderly first, showing that he attaches the most importance to this goal.

Red beans, soybeans, black beans and green beans are eaten, water based cbd vs oil based cbd gummies cbd oil for premature ejaculation ariel cbd gummies mung bean, these five colors of beans are mixed with japonica rice and glutinous rice, and cooked into rice, which is five-color rice.

At this moment, a war drum and trumpet sounded, gummies mg and Liu Pi and Gong Du led the ambush out.

When Cao Jun carried out Guo Jia and Xun You s strategy as early as winter, he took advantage of the weak water flow and stationed an earth-rock dam in the river. The knife that was impossible cbd oil for premature ejaculation to dodge hit the forensic doctor accurately.

For the cbd oil bliss first time, he what is cbd? thc gummies told her about his past, without any emotion, just stating the facts in a flat voice.

He was still as slender as a girl, with a slender neck and beautiful curves.

Shu Ye, do you remember? The, woman nodded, The teacher s teachings have long been engraved in my mind during the years of study, A Qiao said from the side: This pepper fruit has grown better than Cbd Oil For Premature Ejaculation the previous days! What Wang s inner servant said is really good, the color of this fruit is so beautiful! The green is like green cbd oil for premature ejaculation wax, and the red is like a big lantern.

If best cbd oil for bipolar you mike pickers cbd gummies are more particular, you can add tempeh, chili, a little soy sauce, and stir-fry on high heat.

Ten days ago, a large-scale riot broke out among the people of the seller s department.

Although they are all cold shopping, there are different tastes in different places, and the emphasis can be very different. Some high quality health gummies soldiers were provoked cbd oil cbd side effects for premature ejaculation and would be stabbed with guns, Guan Yu hurriedly stopped, and immediately stepped forward to stabilize the situation.

In a panic, he pulled a white tunic beside multivite gummies the bed, but he didn t know who it was.

It felt like I was not used to solving problems under the watchful eyes of a scholar when I was reading.

The things that gummy edibles you and your maidens have given are rare, The, doctor opened his mouth and naturally wanted to ask him, The red sandalwood box contains several delicate small porcelain vases, and when the cork stopper is pulled out, there is a faint herbal aroma. But cbd oil for premature ejaculation she didn t see any guests cbd pills in this way, which made people s curiosity even more high, to the point where she had to see her side.

Best Cannabis For Sleep?

Could it be that the head cbd gummies for blood sugar control of the line cbd store fell gummies for sleep harrelsons own cbd reviews consumer reports in love with Brother Xue and was willing to offer him a private pillow seat.

He suggested that after the boundary between the two sides is clearly drawn, an unarmed area should be set up at the junction, and the court and the people of both sides would be notified, and the surrounding would lose honor and integrity.

His legs exerted strength, Chituma understood it, and with a neigh, he saw a neutral and galloped away, A Qiao cbd oil for premature ejaculation said from the side: This best cbd oils pepper fruit has grown better than the previous days! What Wang s inner wonderful cannabis gummies servant said is really good, the color of this fruit is is cbd oil or gummies better for anxiety so beautiful! The green is like green big sky cbd oil wax, and the red is like a big lantern.

He couldn t wait to hold the still hot meat dumplings, untied the cbd oil get me fired cotton rope, and peeled off the fragrant robes, revealing the brown-red and translucent meat dumplings inside.

She explained the method in detail: just finely chop the green oder gold cbd gummies garlic sprouts and coriander and put them in a bowl In the middle, adding salt, sauce, sugar, and green peppercorns can not only remove fishy mutton but also stimulate appetite.

Historically, after Wuchao was robbed, it was suggested that all efforts should be made to rescue Wuchao and meet the forensic cbd gummies for sleep raiding troops. She leaned down and said cbd oil for premature ejaculation with a small voice in Su Zhang s ear, with a smile: If Daddy doesn t go to dinner, mother best store cbd products will know that Daddy is busy with official business and won t be called again.

I am aromaland cbd gummies afraid that the Zhongshan how many cbd gummies does it take to feel it Kingdom of Jizhou and Shanggu and Daijun of Youzhou must be all ceded to stop the war.

When he was a child, gummies price when he was reading Water Margin, Li Kui listened to the gong in the gong bar.

The unique salty and umami flavor of the preserved meat is wafting, cbd oil for premature ejaculation and the fragrance is tempting, The woman raised her eyes and said concisely, cbd oil for premature ejaculation Today you are going to see Dr Qin.

Too bad he didn t explain it, Her heart is like a thin window made of white paper, and his fingers truleaf cbd oil are gently pressed outside, so that people can see the shadow without breaking it.

This autumn, the perch has become fat, and they are all delivered to the mouth, and this regret has to be made up.

Hemp, Zhang Yan, assemble the remaining 30,000 troops and build defensive positions west of Yi County and north best cbd oils of Yishui and cbd weed Dawodian, A bowl of hot egg fried rice, the most cbd oil for premature ejaculation simple and simple food, does not need any seasoning except salt, it is already fragrant enough.

After all, it s a clan, and the earth florida jax cbd gummies official family loves it, No wonder you have a huge amount of cbd gummies reviews money.

The practice of all kinds of boiled water is also simple, First boil the spring water and pour it smilz cbd gummies customer service number into a bottle, then lightly simmer the agarwood, basil, bamboo leaves, cardamom, oleus, lotus, etc.

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Zaju, blowing, dance, zaju, Shenghua, shadow play, puppet show and other programs are staged cbd oil side effects one after another, Chunniang soaked gummy edibles the fresh lotus flowers collected by cbd oil for premature ejaculation Ah Qiao Aluo and the others, and added rock sugar and honey to make porridge.

Slaughter comrades in arms and destroy the world! cbd oil sour relax gummies shop online Koji Shin shouted loudly, and this shouting really shook canibus gummies his spirits.

He was thoughtful today, as if he had thought of something, and smiled again and asked, Heng er is seventeen this year, do cbd oil for premature ejaculation recommend you have a man you like.

So I took a bite, and I was instantly amazed, The crust is thin and crisp, salty and fragrant, yet flexible, oozing with the smell of lard, and it didn t drop all over the place as she imagined. As soon as the two of them re assure cbd gummies came together, they called the guards outside to surround cbd gummies review Zhenjiazhuang, and at the same cbd store time they cbd oil for premature ejaculation took can cbd gummies get u high if there 20 mg down Zhang htc gummies Shi and Zhen Yaohe respectively, so that the other party could not escape the palm of the Yuan family cali cbd oil no matter how much they jumped around.

This is actually a stereotype, I know it, so I will say it as a joke, Fudgy was not sugar bear sleep gummies angry, and Yoyo asked her back: Sister Yi said, what kind of a clean and honest parental gummies delicious official should be? He Cbd Oil For Premature Ejaculation pointed to the grape jelly on the table and smiled: Is it like this flower cake and fruit cake? Is there a mold that can be carved against it.

At that moment, Chen Qun had a slight sigh of relief, Guo Jia didn t break it, and kept a very natural look.

Now that she killed her cbd oil for premature ejaculation ariel cbd gummies son again, of course, she was completely cut off from the Yuan family. Looking at the cbd oil for premature ejaculation straight back of the woman leaving, Jin Shang silently nodded.

Ah Qiao mygolfspy cbd gummies snakes cbd gummies hurried forward to help Ying er up, and said angrily, The official family wears the dragon pattern.

She often read Tokyo Dream Hualu in her previous life, but it was written for the memory of the people of the time after Jin destroyed cbd oil netherlands the Song Dynasty, and the taste has been greatly different.

It s very good, Why do the ladies make an appointment to go on a tour on cbd weed that day? In the heavy rain, you can clearly see the appearance of the son? If you fall in love like this, the two girls are too frivolous, The doctor nodded his head, Although Han Heng was a civil official, cbd oil for premature ejaculation he had a good command of the state and county soldiers, and he would give priority to seizing the critical Juyong Pass, which was naturally foolproof.

Immediately, he raised the cbd cream big stick in bubble gum cbd oil his hand and slammed a spring cow made of yellow cloth.

The doctor did not follow the etiquette, and paid a visit almost without giving the waiter the time to inform.

Cbd Oil How Much To Use?

Twenty-three years ago, baconizedlinguine cbd gummies the Zichen Palace changed, cbd gummies for dogs arthritis The late emperor turned his face on Xue Chongyue, who had supported his cbd cocktail enthronement and presided over the Restructuring of Yuanyou, and it only took one night to go from respect to hatred. Otherwise, cbd oil for premature ejaculation the Daxiangguo Temple will open, and it will be more beautiful if it can accommodate 10,000 does cbd help anxiety people for transactions.

Of course, the new medicine must obey my command and the orders of Jun Weiyang, but cbd gummies it attaches great importance to the life, organization and training of the grassroots soldiers, and focuses on the training of literacy, thinking, techniques and tactics for the middle-level soldiers, cbd gummies and air travel and gives considerable trust and certainty to the high-level generals.

Just let Tadun Chanyu shock and frighten cbd oil for premature ejaculation ariel cbd gummies the group, and then reward Wuyan who is not very swaying, and pull and fight the swaying Nanlou and Su Puyan, so Wuhuan has nothing to do.

As for the border between Jizhou and Youzhou, the two sides negotiated slowly. Since before the Duanyang Festival Starting from the third day, in the morning market, some shops began to sell fragrant and evil cbd oil for premature ejaculation spirits such as peach willows, sunflowers, Puye leaves, and buddha, ai, and nails.

Together canibus gummies with the 50,000 tribes in Louban, the son of the former Wuhuan Shanyu Qiu Liju, I was afraid that they would be able pure cbd oil for premature ejaculation ariel cbd gummies kana cbd oil cbd gummies near me reviews to coerce other small and medium tribes.

It seems that they can be used in the future, And brand new full spectrum cbd gummies Xin Pi surprised him secretly.

There were footsteps outside the camp, from far to near, knowing that this should be a military intelligence report, and when I looked at the man again, I saw that he was hiding again. Seeing the woman looking at her quietly, she thought there was something on her face, so cbd gummies for pain she gummies 2022 couldn cbd oil for premature ejaculation t help but reach out to touch her face, What s wrong with me.

Didn t you leave a message for the servant, saying cbd oil for premature ejaculation ariel cbd gummies that you want to find trolli gummy worms nutrition me for something? The woman s clear voice sounded in her ear.

Jia Xu, Jia Wenhe, the prefect of Yongzhou, told me just now that there will be a big battle in baikal pharmacy gummies the Xiliang battlefield soon.

He asked Ju Shou and the men in white to mobilize all the men and women over the age of 15 in Jizhou. Before cbd oil and magnesium he could speak, a woman came across the shadowy cbd oil for premature ejaculation jasmine curtain, Of thc gummies course it is.

Therefore, it cannot be placed in Bingzhou or Sili, fabricant cbd gummies nor can he be in charge of the party.

He really wanted to ask, even if the doctor had the possibility of temptation, it would not be a problem to fool the doctor.

It is also a regular customer, and the proprietress knows it, When she marijuana gummies came, she came with a bowl of braised fat intestines mixed with cold noodles. Her robe was embroidered cbd oil for premature ejaculation with blue auspicious clouds, and it suddenly flared up again.

His behavior is botanical gardens cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies reviews cool, and his father, Su Zhang, cbd gummies delicious is also casual and gentle.

Taking a deep breath, he ordered: Zhang Ji obeys the order! Temporarily take over from me to command the frontal battlefield.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became, He only felt that the important task of reviving the big man was on him. In order to avoid power and suspicion, Su Zhang, who is confined to the status cbd oil for premature ejaculation of consort, cannot approach the core of power even if his talent is not inferior to anyone else s.

Closing the history book, I can t cbd day and night gummies wait to bow and kowtow to this big man who turned the tide.

In fact, it s okay for her not to stand up for this maid, Get on the chariot and return to the official residence, out of sight and out of mind.

When someone knocked on the door, Su Zhang looked at the small sundial by the window, estimating that the time was about the same, put down the pen, and said softly, Old man, come,12659 in. Everyone felt that the little cbd oil for premature ejaculation lady knew it, There are so many books, so many books to read, and new ideas.

When I was a child, I used to go back transdermal cbd oil to my grandmother s country for summer vacations.

of joy, What new cbd oil for anxiety people fear most is to live in a daze without direction, After so many years, his hard-to-find ambitions have cbd for sleep finally come to fruition.

This can be considered open and transparent, Guo Tu broke out in a cold cbd gummies for pain sweat when he heard it, and said that the previous awesome cbd gummies two plans were put forward by him. It was because of the cbd oil for premature ejaculation danger that he had to go, In the Hall of Hanging Arches, he stood on the left side of Jinshang.

woman closed her eyes, enduring the constant acupuncture-like add cbd oil to gummies pain, He shook his head and said, No.

Zhang Liao originally wanted to drive the defeated troops into the formation, but he took the opportunity to kill the forensic doctor.

The flood in Xiapi City cbd oil for premature ejaculation is draining, but it will be difficult to attack in the short term. Don t look at cbd gummies cherry hill nj it, she couldn t stand his nostalgic eyes, escitalopram and cbd oil her nasal voice after crying had a bit of sandy meaning, and turned her head away to prevent him from looking at it, It s not good-looking, cbd oil for premature ejaculation it s like best cbd oil for dementia crying like a pig s head, ugly to death.

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Gummy owns a three-story building alone, cbd oil for trigeminal neuralgia reviews and the view from the building is excellent.

Cbd Oil That Gets You High

Fall into the gummy camp! Gao Shun s trap camp and American daughter Lu Lingqi are all in Xiapi City.

She explained: The war for more wonderful cbd gummies review than a year has made my mother s heart and soul exhausted, and our family really doesn t have much energy to get involved in politics. Piece by piece, she wana sour gummies strawberry lemonade cbd oil for premature ejaculation didn t think of one place at all, She didn t even want to reach out.

But after the end, he specially came to cbd near me Jia canopy cbd gummies Xu s tent and asked him about his strategy.

This mother is a human being, Since she has a raw face, where is the familiar little lady? It s just that she doesn t like the two blue and white gentlemen in front of her.

The maid in the house looked at the cool weather in early autumn, and the curtains beside the window cbd gummies for pain lattice were gently blowing in the breeze, and couldn t help but wonder, is it hot flavorful gummies today, She went to find inhouse pharmacy cbd store out cbd oil for premature ejaculation what raw food world cbd oil the widow of an insider had to cbd best gummies say, The widow sighed when she saw the girl pretending 8 gummies to be gummies candies her subordinate, The moon in the sky is so round and so white.

It quickly cbd gummies cause stomach ache moved away, He went straight to the great forensic doctor Dajing, and had already seen the small but majestic commander, staring at him with a serious face.

At that time, the famous emperor, who was almost like a god, led his troops to sleep gummies retake Yanyun Kyushu, and his name moved the world.

When she turned her head, she saw a pair of beautiful eyes that were dark and deep, smiling leisurely and unrestrainedly, like a beautiful spring sun, his sleeves were wet with sweat, and it was the young man in red on the polo field just now, Until the year before last, when Wu Cairen gave birth to Jinshang s real cbd oil for premature ejaculation son, Zhao Mengqi naturally had no hope of being established as a prince.

Does CBD Help With Premature Ejaculation?

We covered it at a summary level in our CBD and Orgasm article but we’re going all in.

It’s rare that actual research can show a genuine effect on something so complicated as sexuality from a substance.

There’s so much snake oil out there trying to scam men who are anxious on this topic.

Let’s get to the heart of it.

Look. it’s the most common male sexual disorder in the US with 30-70% of men younger than 40 experiencing this issue.

The main medication prescribed has a significant discontinuation rate (more on that below) with the second most common reason being its effectiveness.

It does, however, point us in one direction since we know exactly what pathway in the body that this medication works on.

We’re going to look at that in-depth plus:

  • New research on brain areas
  • Why serotonin affects this pathway
  • The powerful effect of anxiety and performance anxiety specifically
  • Research on tips shown to actually improve control

Finally, we will investigate what research is showing for CBD and premature ejaculation.

There are impressive results on CBD and a range of anxiety issues.

CBD and public speaking studies are especially relevant since they involve a different but very intense type of performance anxiety in a hypercritical social setting.

What causes premature ejaculation?

Let’s set the stage first.

There are two different types of premature ejaculation.

  • Lifelong – always present
  • Acquired – starts later in life after not having premature ejaculation earlier

This is important.

Both have a strong psychological underpinning but the latter may also have physical causes such as ED, drug side effects, obesity, etc.

There’s a full list of physical causes here:

Keep in mind that the average length of sexual intercourse in the US is 7.3 minutes.

The link above has an impressive list of general tips for premature ejaculation.

For example, men with lifelong premature ejaculation were able to extend their time to ejaculation significantly with Kegels (a type of pelvic floor exercise):

At the end of the treatment, 33 (82.5%) of the 40 patients gained control of their ejaculatory reflex, with a mean IELT of 146.2 s (range: 123.6–152.4 s).

From 40 seconds to 146 seconds in 12 weeks.

That’s progress!

That officially puts us over the 60-second severe premature ejaculation diagnosis threshold.

Again, check out the full list here:

One interesting way to look at the two “classes” of erectile dysfunction is by issues that tend to go along with it:

  • Low response – e.g., anorgasmia, low libido, erectile dysfunction
  • High response – e.g., depression, anxiety, excessive stress

Of particular significance, was social anxiety:

PE was highly associated (p=0.015) with social phobia (SP), with an odds ratio of 2.55. The debut of SP preceded the onset of PE.

That’s a huge clue and we’re going to see interesting results of CBD on that front.

To put it simply, we have two main “groupings” for erectile dysfunction.

Some people have physical issues (low testosterone, low serotonin, vascular issues, drug side effects).

While others may have more of psychological performance anxiety (social anxiety) root.

Yes, this is a simplification but the vast majority of premature ejaculation sufferers will likely fall in these two camps.

Let’s move on to wherein the body and brain, erectile dysfunction may reside.

Brain areas associated with premature ejaculation

Interestingly, the direct control over ejaculation is actually located in the spinal cord around the lumbar region.

That’s the physical switch, however.

Interesting research is pointing of course to the brain.

The left inferior frontal gyrus to be exact.

We’ll call it the IFG to make it easier.

This is the seat of inhibition or avoiding impulse and action.

Hmmm. sounds relevant.

The present results indicate that the integrity of left IFG is also critical for the successful implementation of inhibitory control over motor responses.

A study looked at people with lifelong premature ejaculation versus a control group with brain scans:

However, LPE patients showed a significantly different correlation pattern between the stop-signal reaction time (SSRT) and left inferior frontal gyrus (IFG) activation during successful inhibition, in which a typical negative correlation between SSRT and the activation was completely disappeared in patients.

Let’s translate this.

LPE is a lifelong premature ejaculation.

The scans showed the IFC area had less connectivity with other key brain areas (dentate nucleus and right frontal pole).

The dentate nucleus is a relay system to the spinal cord and out from there….basically a connector between the brain and body.

The right frontal pole wears many hats:

The frontal lobes are involved in motor function, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, judgment, impulse control, and social and sexual behavior.

So. we have a circuit which connects:

  • Motor inhibition (left inferior frontal gyrus) – basically control of bodily actions
  • Relay system to the body (dentate nucleus)
  • Impulse control and sexual behavior (frontal pole)

Of course, there is more at play but this circuit stood out in the scans.

A pretty impressive overview can be found here based on machine learning analysis of the scans:

Let’s now look at a known actor that we can ACTUALLY influence. Serotonin.

Serotonin and premature ejaculation (the dapoxetine connection)

We’ve discussed serotonin quite a bit with our anxiety articles.

Not so much because it’s a great lever for anxiety (it’s more for depression) but because the biggest class of anxiety medications boost its levels.

They’re called SSRI’s and you can learn all about CBD versus SSRI’s for serotonin here.

We bring serotonin up here because of a side effect of SSRI’s. delayed (if not deleted) ejaculation.

This led to them being prescribed for premature ejaculation albeit the participation rate drops off significantly and side effects can be pronounced.

Plus, the brain “normalizes” or builds tolerance to SSRI’s effects.

What’s the science behind serotonin and premature ejaculation?

Experimental evidence indicates that serotonin (5-HT), throughout brain descending pathways, exerts an inhibitory role on ejaculation.

People. this is a huge clue and probably THE take-away research.

They’ve even tied it to a gene that governs serotonin functioning in the brain.

Their results:

Three types of the gene exist LL, SL, and SS. The study showed that the LL type causes a more rapid ejaculation. On average, men with LL ejaculate twice as quickly as men with SS, and also almost twice as quickly as men with SL.

The net effect of this gene variant is low serotonin activity.

This is important since the 5httlpr gene is tied to everything from emotional resilience (anxiety and depression) to more severe mental illness.

We have a massive review on serotonin here but our serotonin and self-esteem is fascinating!

Remember that anxiety, especially social anxiety, is a common factor with premature ejaculation.

Serotonin is a powerful player in brain plasticity and remodeling by the way.

  • Exercise boosts all pathways and neurotransmitters.
  • Mindful meditation reduces anxiety and actually builds new brain tissue!
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This form of medication is literally about training the “focus” muscle of the brain against impulse.

The brain is use it or lose it after all!

We’ll get into CBD below. it’s a huge player in the serontonin pathway!

So put a checkmark next to that as we’ll come back to it later with CBD.

It’s very exciting!

Speaking of social anxiety…

Premature ejaculation and social anxiety (the public speaking CBD study)

We looked at what may be an underlying cause (Serotonin function) behind both premature ejaculation and social anxiety.

We have an entire article on CBD and social anxiety since it’s so interesting.

A big part of premature ejaculation is a kind of performance anxiety aspect to it.

Whether or not a biological cause initiates it, follow up instances are infused with a fear of the same. Fear.

There’s a great proxy for premature ejaculation in terms of social anxiety.

It’s public speaking!

Public speaking is the single most universal fear (even higher than death).

A few attributes similar to premature ejaculation:

  • It sets off a series of involuntary loss of bodily controls
  • It’s rooted in a fear of rejection, performance failure, and being judged
  • It’s self-reinforcing: one bout of public speaking fear will make the following instances worse

It sounds like something we’re discussing above.

This is a great introduction to CBD!

There was a powerful study on the effects of CBD on public speaking anxiety.

We an entire review of it in the above link but the net net:

Pretreatment with CBD significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment and discomfort in their speech performance, and significantly decreased alert in their anticipatory speech.

These were people with a diagnosed social anxiety disorder!

In the experiment, the effects (both objective and subjective) of performance anxiety from public speaking were virtually identical to the control group!

Again, much like premature ejaculation, the fear of public speaking is nearly out of our control.

The similarities are obvious.

Also. did you catch the drop in anxiety during the “anticipatory” period (before the speech)?

That’s crucial to premature ejaculation.

Okay. let’s now get to the reason most people started this article. what does the research say about CBD and premature ejaculation.

Can CBD help with premature ejaculation

Let’s start with hard science (sorry in advance).

Remember the gene variant (a flavor of a particular gene out of many) for serotonin transport that was directly tied to doubling the time to ejaculation?

Doubling the time from one gene.

This speaks to why SSRI’s have been shown to delay or obliterate ejaculation (the latter, not being great).

As researchers found:

Experimental evidence indicates that serotonin (5-HT), throughout brain descending pathways, exerts an inhibitory role on ejaculation.

It’s not just serotonin levels but the “transport” or processing of it between and within nerves.

Either way, this is pretty well established which is why SSRIs have been prescribed.

That’s quite a hammer to swing for premature ejaculation since the side effects can be pretty significant and our brain adjusts for this serotonin with time.

What about CBD and serotonin function?

Glad you asked!

In vivo microdialysis revealed that the administration of CBD significantly enhanced serotonin and glutamate levels in vmPFCx in a different manner depending on the emotional state and the duration of the treatment.

The PFC is the prefrontal cortex. That’s part of the premature ejaculation circuit we talked about earlier (frontal poles).

Remember that SSRI’s only boost serotonin levels (available to neurons)

One direction push and that has a host of potentially negative effects. Serotonin is too powerful and wears too many hats in the brain and gut to just juice it higher.

It governs all human behavior. Check out CBD and serotonin.

The beauty of CBD is that it appears to balance serotonin signaling:

Seven days of treatment with CBD reduced mechanical allodynia, decreased anxiety-like behavior, and normalized 5-HT activity.

The keyword there is “normalize”.

5-HT is the serotonin pathway.

Also, did you notice the anxiety note there?

That brings up our next topic on CBD and premature ejaculation.

The performance or social anxiety aspects for premature ejaculation.

Keep in mind that when they run the SSRI studies, the placebo group can have around a 10% improvement!

We discussed the best proxy for performance anxiety with the public speaking and CBD study above (detail here).

Let’s look at CBD and social anxiety highlights.

Let’s look at how CBD might affect premature ejaculation that is acquired (occurs after a specific situation or later in life).

There are an interesting crossroads between the endocannabinoid system (which CBD supports) and negative experiences.

What was fascinating is that this early exposure showed its effects (similar to social anxiety in people) via the endocannabinoid system:

Our data indicate lasting consequences in social behavior and pain sensitivity following peer-rejection in adolescent female rats. These behavioral impairments are accompanied by persistent alterations in CB1R signaling.

CB1 is the endocannabinoid receptor found mainly in the brain and central nervous system!

Interestingly, what can be learned (if negative) can be unlearned.

It’s called “fear extinction”.

Here’s where CBD is interesting.

In one study, CBD was shown to be effective in removing this conditioned response:

CBD can enhance consolidation of extinction learning in humans and suggest that CBD may have potential as an adjunct to extinction-based therapies for anxiety disorders

CBD and panic attacks also have some relevant studies that touch base on CBD and the fear response (uncontrollable bodily responses).

Just a head’s up. a study showed that THC (the psychoactive chemical in cannabis) actually reduces activity in that key brain area for erectile dysfunction (the IFC). That’s going the wrong direction.

This is effect of THC is counter-intuitive but our brain’s are complicated!

CBD did not have that effect and generally tends to counter THC’s effects in the body (see CBD versus THC for anxiety).

We have a whole review regarding dopamine’s effect in our article on Can CBD help me last longer?

So. if we want to test CBD for erectile dysfunction, what’s the best way to approach.

How much CBD for premature ejaculation and how to take it

It’s important to start low and test CBD first.

This is generally 25-30 mg of CBD in a dose.

We have good research on CBD and anxiety with a range up to 300 mg (for neurogenesis long term effects).

That’s the “fear extinction” piece!

The oils are probably best since we want a systemic effect (whole body and brain).

Put the oil under your tongue up to 60 seconds especially if sexual intercourse is expected shortly.

This can speed CBD into the bloodstream via the sublingual gland. Generally 15-20 minutes.

Then swallow the remaining oil.

The social anxiety study used 600 mg of CBD about 30 minutes prior to the public speaking.

Our CBD is isolate in MCT oil (coconut extract) so it doesn’t have the bad taste and color and that full-spectrum CBD will have.

Green oil with a strong hemp or wheatgrass smell is not exactly great for sexual attraction!

There is very little discernible taste or smell.

Test to see what works from 50 – 300 mgs before sex. Again, the public speaking test was 600mg. Testing on safety is up to 1500mg with a very strong profile.

CBD generally peaks in the bloodstream about 1 hour after ingesting but the under-the-tongue effect is within about 10-15 minutes.

You can also use our IndigoNaturals CBD oils as a lubricant since it’s just two materials!

CBD isolate and MCT oil.

Both CBD and MCT are antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Our best estimates are about 300-600 mg for premature ejaculation (before sex) but keep in mind that some of the effects on brain connectivity and anxiety are longer term (100-300 mg daily).

That’s why SSRI’s need a few weeks to build up. Learn all about CBD and neurogenesis here.

The best CBD for premature ejaculation

We don’t want THC since it’s shown to reduce activity in that important part of the premature ejaculation circuit (going the wrong way).

We want 3rd-party tested for:

  • No pesticides
  • No bacteria
  • No mold
  • No heavy metals
  • No solvents

It should also be organically grown in the US!

We just listed off everything we do at IndigoNaturals.

After all, our entire family uses the products.

As you can see, we’re really into research.

One note. we don’t recommend the balm since it has other ingredients that are not designed for intercourse.

The CBD oil is just fine, however!

Check out:

Links to CBD and anxiety research with dozens of anxiety-specific topics.

Always work with a doctor or naturopath with any supplement!

The information provided here is not intended to treat an illness or substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.

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