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best cannabis seeds south africa

Where to Buy Cannabis Seed

It is legal to grow cannabis in Canada, South Africa, some states of the United States of America and Uruguay, but where can you buy seed to grow your marijuana? Trading in cannabis seed can be complex, depending on where you live, with many distributors selling seed as “novelty items,” “souvenirs,” “collectibles” or “for storage” under the premise that it is often legal to have cannabis seed, but illegal to grow it. In Germany, buying cannabis seed is legal, but selling it is not, while in America you could get into a lot of trouble if you sold or bought cannabis seed across state lines (even if cannabis is legal in both states), but very little would happen if you ordered your cannabis seed from outside the country.

Where can I buy cannabis seed?

There are several seed banks that ship cannabis seed worldwide, including Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, Crop King Seeds, Dutch Passion, Marijuana Seeds NL, Seedsman and Quebec Cannabis Seeds. Some seed banks do not ship internationally, and are listed under the specific countries they do ship to.

Where can I buy cannabis seed in Australia and New Zealand?

In Australia, seed is available from Caveman Seeds and Southern Star Seeds. In both countries, various international suppliers ship seed, including I Love Growing Marijuana.

Where can I buy cannabis seed in Canada?

In Canada, Crop King Seeds, Quebec Cannabis Seeds and True North Seed Bank sell cannabis seed online. Various international suppliers will also ship to Canada.

Where can I buy cannabis seed in Europe?

In Europe, I Love Growing Marijuana, Sensi Seeds and Weed Seed Shop ship from Amsterdam, among many other seed suppliers across the continent.

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Where can I buy cannabis seed in South Africa?

Where can I buy cannabis seed in the UK ?

Where can I buy cannabis seed in the USA ?

Several international suppliers ship cannabis seeds to the USA , including I Love Growing Marijuana.

Best cannabis seeds south africa

With a rapidly diminishing attention span and an acute allergy for anything that doesn’t resemble a screen, one can understand why SA’s pot smokers are ordering their herb online from

But with the law decriminalising personal and private use of marijuana, which then allows for growing your own at home, coupled with our high levels of unemployment, there’s no doubt a few of our readers might want to know exactly how to do it themselves.

The simpler the instructions, the better.

Ready? Here we go.

1) So the first thing you have to do is get seeds. We’re not sure of the legalities, but you should be able to buy seeds online – from all over the world. Or maybe you have a friend coming in from Amsterdam, where they take these things very seriously. There’s also tons of people locally that sell seeds, like these guys –

Make sure you get ‘feminised’ seeds, as male seeds don’t yield heads. If you’re buying weed with a name, like ‘The Incredible Hulk’, or ‘Critical Kush’ and other varieties you’d find ready to use at, don’t be overwhelmed. The big thing to decide is whether you want a ‘sativa’ or an ‘indica’. I prefer sativa, as it gets the creative juices flowing and doesn’t render you incapable of performing small domestic tasks.

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I actually had some now-now, before writing this. Hi!

Anyone who has grown anything in their life will know that it’s a pretty basic exercise. The three components are water, light, and soil. The more of those three things, the better. Quality is important, too. Go to the nursery and chat to one of the gardening pros. Ask for a quality, finer soil, best for germination and seedlings. Tell them what it’s for – don’t be shy.

Get 20 litres of that. Or – even easier – buy it online. Search for ‘cannabis soil za’.

2) Germinating your seed is the next big step. Watch this five-minute video to master the art:

Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, light is very important. Make sure your children are getting eight hours of sunlight a day. Don’t worry about getting fancy lights or anything like that – then you’re getting too deep for a beginner.

3) Water is essential, but overwatering is a common mistake amongst newbies. If you’re wondering about when and when not to water, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the leaves a nice dark green, or are they getting light in colour, or even yellow?
  • Do they look happy? Are they strong? Or pathetic and weak – like you? Are they vibrant, rigid, and strong?

The best method of all is to stick your finger in the soil a few centimetres. Is it moist or bone dry? Moist good, bone dry bad. Slightly dry at the top, but moist below – also fine.

4) Keep that going until your plant starts to produce heads. Once the heads start to form, you should know when to start harvesting. This is very much a visual signal. Check out the telltale signs here.

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Then, when it’s time, you can use this two-minute video showing how to harvest marijuana.

Then you cure it, like this.

Then you show off to your friends.

That last part seems tricky, but I’ll leave you to it.

It all depends on how much time you have on your hands. I’d probably be click-click-clicking the monkeys before my first harvesting sesh kicks in.

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