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Growing Marijuana in an AeroGarden (Step by Step Guide)

AeroGarden is a talk of the town and for very valid reasons. You can grow your salad and the herbs you require fresh on your kitchen platform easily. These gardens are a complete grow system to help users to grow their herbs, flowers small plants, and also various other fruit and vegetable yielding plants in their home efficiently and yes, most importantly, easily.

These AeroGardens are a hydroponic system to grow plants indoors with other facilities required for growing. They are widely used to grow herbs, small vegetables, and more for fresh use indoors and also to grow healthy plants free from harmful insecticides and pesticides.

The AeroGarden is not just a hydroponic grow system; it is undoubtedly more than that. And, growing marijuana in them is quite a question. And, for the same, we are here with a detailed piece of information for you to discover possibilities of growing marijuana in an AeroGarden. So, let’s get into the details.

What is an AeroGarden?

AeroGarden, as the name suggests, is a garden itself. However, it is a grow system for indoors with hydroponic principles. These countertops grow system comes with everything a plant needs from nutrition, support to grow lights. You can buy them for various purposes and in various styles.

These Gardens are hydroponic stations that consist of a reservoir, which is filled with a nutrient solution, pump to send this solution to different pods of plants, grow light, and control panel. The seed pods of the system are filled with innovative grow media, which the cup holds with hollow cuts to let root grow. They initially support the germination of seeds and later the growth, just like soil but a little different.

The system is self-sustaining and doesn’t require frequent care like outdoor soil plantation.

The working principle of these gardens is simple but new to the ones who are not aware of it. This system uses a solution instead of soil to provide nutrients to the plants and uses structure, solid balls, or grow media to provide support to the growing plant instead of soil. The grow lights offer the full spectrum of light required for the growth and flowering of certain plants. The grow lights consist of every spectrum of sunlight and are also customizable according to the need.

The support and environment required from the stages of germination, seedling, and growth are carefully supported by the design of the AeroGarden, which comes with and also supplies required accessories.

Is it effective?

The system of AeroGarden and another hydroponic system often face the question of efficiency as against the natural way of growing. They do not use soil and natural light and are placed indoors, so how much they are practical and are they efficient in growing is definitely a question.

AeroGardens are proven effective in growing plants and, most importantly, five times faster than the soil. This is possible due to the direct supply of nutrients to the plants, which they are supposed to absorb from the soil and water. The nutrient solution provides the plant with the required amount of nutrition, fertilizer, and water.

The plants are also not dependent on the sun for the sunlight. They are provided with the required amount of light and also custom light through the adjustable grow lights of the system. These lights can be customized for the specific needs of the plant, which helps them grow faster and healthier, which contributes immensely to the effectiveness of the grow system.

The system also avoids the use of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and other such chemicals for the growing. The nutrient solution is organic according to the FDA standards and also non-GMO. So, plants and veggies you grow in an AeroGarden are ideal for consumption and healthier from what you get from the outside.

The use of the Garden looks complicated, but it is certainly not complicated or difficult. The system needs to be plugged into an electric connection and is ready to grow after you fill the reservoir with the nutrient solution. Everything at the place and few settings through the control panel, and you are good to go, just waiting for your plants and veggies to grow. They also do not need heavy maintenance, just cleaning in a few weeks and little monitoring and refilling of nutrients, if required.

Can it be used in Growing marijuana?

AeroGardens are for any plant they can support in accordance with height and weight. The system also allows replantation outdoors after a certain level of growth, which is the maximum height the system supports. Also, AeroGarden is all about growing indoors, then why not marijuana. The system has all the attributes to support the cultivation of marijuana, and we have seen examples of successful cultivation too.

The system is efficient with seed germination and handling of the seedling, whereas; it is also equipped with lights and nutrients, which makes it a complete package. The lights can be controlled, and the system also has collective controls to offer favorable conditions with few touches.

However, the horticulture of marijuana is pretty sophisticated, with various degrees of care to be taken for the desired yield. And, for the same, an AeroGraden is equipped with modern solutions and technically advanced features to assist. So, in a nutshell, it can be clearly stated that “AeroGarden can be used in growing marijuana.”

How effective is AeroGarden in Growing Marijuana?

Growing marijuana in AeroGarden is not impossible nor a difficult task. Indoor cultivation of cannabis is often done in a hydroponic setup and also transferred to the soil when needed, which is also indoors. Also, germination and growth of cannabis seeds are very well done in a similar setup, which involves grow lights and grow tent with other environment regulating grow setup. Therefore, growing Marijuana in AeroGarden is not an alien concept, but a complete setup.

Marijuana can be grown like any other plant. The Gardens are ideal for growing almost anything than why not weed. However, growing Marijuana in AeroGarden does have some drawbacks, and you need an ideal model to support your cannabis growth, so let’s discuss them further.

Cannabis plants require extra care for desired growth and yield, and therefore the care takes extra toil on the cultivator. Successful marijuana cultivation requires proper germination and ideal light and temperature during the flowering time. Little difference in the ideal growing condition is capable of affecting the final product, and that’s how it becomes difficult for any type of method of growing marijuana. Care and knowledge are foremost required to grow weed.

You need to choose a model of AeroGarden, which is ideal for the height of your cannabis plant. Models up till height of 36-inches are available with AeroGarden for you to choose. Later you can purchase grow anything kit to place your weed seeds in them, which doesn’t come already placed in grow kits from AeroGarden like herb kits. By plugging and placing the seed pods, you are ready to germinate in very little time.

After germination takes care of, the grow lights that your strain requires growth and other stages of vegetation and flowering. With the maturity of the flowering stage, your weed will be ready with luscious yields in the form of buds in very less time compared to outdoor cultivation and such similar indoor cultivation.

Care to be taken while growing marijuana in AeroGardens

  1. Opt for feminized or auto-flowering seeds to get early growth and yield and no trouble separating male plants after flowering
  2. Take care of light during the vegetative and flowering stage. You can trigger flowering through the light setup after the vegetative stage
  3. Choose strains, which go well with the height of your AeroGarden
  4. Ensure oxygen supply and air to the roots of your growth through the nutrient pump and external air pump with an air stone
  5. Always ensure a closed environment for the germination of the cannabis seed by covering them for the dark condition they need to germinate along with moisture and temperature control
  6. You also need to ensure the right water level, pH level, and the right amount of nutrients in the solution
  7. Pruning of leaves is also required to allow light to spread through the plant for ideal growth

What options are available in AeroGarden systems?

Preview Product
AeroGarden Farm 24XL (Classic Version), Black Buy on Amazon
AeroGarden Bounty Elite, Stainless Steel Buy on Amazon
AeroGarden Harvest – Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light, Black Buy on Amazon
AeroGarden Sprout LED – Black Buy on Amazon

AeroGarden offers plenty of options in different sizes, capacities, different grow lights, and also for different stages of growth of your plants. The grow kits and accessories of these gardens are equipped with everything your plant may require. So, let’s discover what options are available for you and what they offer.

What is the best AeroGarden to buy?

Growing a few weed plants at your home in an AeroGarden is the fun thing to do in 2022! It’s time to start growing those clones indoors! And if you don’t already have a sweet hydroponic system hooked up, an AeroGarden is a much easier alternative.

Not to mention, AeroGarden’s hardly taken up any electricity as well. And they are fun to watch the plant grow! It really becomes your little baby. Granted, there are many other companies that look to create similar products to AeroGarden. You can surely research those and give them a shot. But chances are you’ll be coming back to an AeroGarden. They are really some great products and you’ll soon come to realize that.

You can grow some nugs pretty quickly and efficiently with an aerogarden! Make sure you do plenty of research. This can mean just watching a ton of videos on YouTube for example if you are a visual learner.

Hey, these also make for some great gifts! If you are looking to get a loved one a super cool last-minute gift.

There are a lot of different brands when it comes to growing “vegetables” at home. Ok, it’s 2021 now, we can say WEED. Marijuana. Pot. Devil’s lettuce. We can keep going.

But when it comes to household names in personal hydroponic machines, AeroGarden tends to top the list. The cool thing about growing at home is you can start with something small, like only 3 pods. Or really upgrade the amount to 12 or 24 with the farm AeroGardens. That is, depending on what your state laws are until it becomes legal nationwide.

Honestly, if you’re not particularly feeling the AeroGarden brand, no worries! There are plenty of other brands that are innovative like Lettuce Grow. Or you can just get a good ol houseplant too and read more about it here!

If you’ve gotten to the point where you’ve already grown yourself enough cannabis, you can of course use the AeroGarden to grow some food you can eat! How awesome would it be to grow your own vegetables? There are so many options that you can grow here.

AeroGarden FAQs

Which AeroGarden is best?

It really depends what your needs are!

Are AeroGardens worth it?

Hell yeah they are! If you have not had the chance to try one out, we highly recommend it. There are a lot of different ones out there to choose from, but AeroGarden is one of those household names you must try!

What is the difference between AeroGarden models?

Quite a bit! See the details up above. Whether you are looking for a small personal one or a really big one to put in your garage for example.

How much does it cost to run an AeroGarden?

Considering it is running daily, you might think your electricity bill will climb quite a bit. However, that is definitely NOT the case. AeroGardens are incredibly energy efficient. Chances are, you won’t even notice an increase on your bill. Most people report paying an extra dollar or two per month.

Once the nugs are ready from the AeroGarden you’re going to need some accessories to go with it, like:

the list goes on!

If you end up getting an AeroGarden, let us know your honest opinion of it. We just might feature your review in this article!

Top 10 Cannabis Strains for AeroGarden Growing

Marijuana expert or not, people often heard about the traditional way of growing cannabis. It is usually indoors or outdoors. Some growers prefer to have it placed in a greenhouse too. These days, the latest trend is cultivating marijuana on an aerogarden. It is not the most fitting way of raising a cannabis. It is usually found at homes to help homemakers grow herbs that are most likely used for cooking.

The aerogarden works like a drip system to feed the nutrients to the plant like water and fertilizer. There is a bed of sponge whereas the critical elements needed for the weed to survive will be absorbed. It is a practical way of cultivating marijuana for personal use. If you own an equipment and wants to try it out, here are the top strain to choose from if you want to utilize the aerogarden.

Bunker Bud

The strain is known to fully flourish indoors. It has the characteristic suitable for an aerogarden. The compact and sturdy structure of this plant comes from the indica lineage of this weed as it is composed of 80% indica over 20% sativa. Growers should not expect a high growth from this strain. The average height it can get is around 3.5 feet at maximum and the harvest can be done in 49 days.

Betty Boo

The awesome offspring of Purple Jems and Lowryder #2 is called the sexy Betty Boo. It has an abundant amount of yield which comes with her reputation as one of the sought after autoflowering plants. It is not surprising because aside from indica and sativa component, the strain is also packed of ruderalis element. It is perfect for aerogarden cultivation as the height of this girl is just around 20 to 30 cm.

Lowryder #2

This hybrid should be on top of the list for any growers who want to try cultivating marijuana in an aerogarden. The cannabis was derived by crossing Lowryder and Santa Maria. Novice users can get an excuse for not knowing too much information about marijuana cultivation as this baby is easy to raise. At the height of 31 inches, the space it requires is manageable that makes it a great candidate for indoor cultivation.

Platinum OG

It is another indica dominant hybrid. People who are familiar with marijuana know that one of an indica’s main characteristic is to have a compact plant. It is the exact reason how this weed made it on the list. Breeders do not have to think a lot of planning when they decide to raise this cannabis. It grows about 5 ft but this strain does not stretch out of control. Also, there is an abundant yield that can be acquired in about 49 to 63 days.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is one of the most potent strains in the marijuana world. It is not surprising given that it was created by combining Haze, Shiva Skunk, and Northern Lights #5. No doubt a lot of individuals want to get a piece of this weed and raise it themselves. People worried about how to get it done can take a little detour. If there is an aerogarden at home, it can be cultivated in there without a problem. It is easy and the plant is resilient to diseases.

Royal Dwarf

For people looking for a cannabis to grow inside the house without much trouble, the Royal dwarf is the most suitable candidate. Aside from having a sativa and indica component, this plant is also armed of ruderalis. With that being said, it provides a generous amount of yield. Growers can be left in awe on how this dwarf can produce so much at the height of a little over 1 ft. If you have an aerogarden, it is best to start with Royal Dwarf.


Sadhu is the product of crossing Kashmir and a Himalayan strain. The cannabis is an easy strain to raise as it can be done indoors. There are no complicated methods of cultivation. Also, this hybrid can be harvested in 49 to 70 days and only grows as high as 2 feet. It is a strain that flourishes without a problem in an aerogarden.

Black Domina

This indica dominant hybrid is an easy plant to cultivate. This strain was created by crossing Northern Lights, Hash Plant, Afghani SA, and Canadian Ortega. Growers adore this cannabis as it can produce a high volume of yield though it does not grow very tall. In 7 to 8 weeks this lady can grow as around 4 feet but with a large quantity of yield.


The strain deviated from Cinderella 99 and an unidentified sativa. It is a potent type of marijuana. For that reason, growers want to have a piece of it. Cultivating this cannabis is not an issue because it is easy to grow but the reward is extreme. The flowering time is quick producing a generous volume of yield. Also, this cannabis is perfect if you want to try growing a weed on an aerogarden as it does not grow tall at 3 feet.

Rhino Ryder

This cannabis is equipped with sativa, indica, and ruderalis components. There is no question about its fast phase flowering time due to that structure. Any growers would love to raise this strain as it is in demand due to the high CBD level of the weed. It can reach a height of over 3 feet. For that reason, homeowners who have an aerogarden can start cultivating this cannabis.

Aerogarden is not the traditional way of cultivating marijuana. Expert growers may agree but this method has created a breakthrough most especially for novices. It has the ability to make things easier. The drip factor of this equipment ensures a balanced distribution of nutrients towards the cannabis. If you have one at home or planning to acquire one, here are the most suitable strains that can be grown from an aerogarden.