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Cannabis in Greece: The Nevada of Europe?

A new draft law currently on the desk of the Ministry of Development and Investment is likely to change the equation in not only Greece itself on the cannabis question, but the rest of Europe.

Greece is a fascinating development in the entire discussion of cannabis reform. The country has moved, quietly, along with the discussion as reform has come to Europe. The industry, of course, represents an absolute boon for a country hit twice in the last 15 years with “once in a century” economic wallops. First the banking meltdown in 2008, and now Covid. Tourism plays a huge role in the overall economic health of the country. According to the Office of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), pre Covid, the sector, pre-Pandemic, was responsible for a whopping 6.8% of the economy.

For this reason, anything that can bring economic development to the country is already attractive. Cannabis is now squarely in the gunsights of the government to do just that—unlike any other place in Europe right now.

Here is why. A fully legitimate medical industry means that the country can finally participate in a high value revolution, even by taking the first medical step. Even if all the new players circling Greece can do in the next few years is get EU GMP certified crops underway, the impact on the entire European cannabis conversation will be massive. It is a new source of flower for starters. And then of, course, there is the extraction conversation.

Medical Cannabis Vacay in Mykonos, Anyone? Book it, Danno!

Beyond the immediate economic incentives now arriving to the country soon, thanks to pro-cannabis economic development mindsets, there is another place where this all gets very interesting.

Greece is a major destination for European tourists already—especially Germans but of course not limited to them. However, in Europe, healthcare crosses borders. The idea of a cannabis medical vacation in Greece, or one of its islands, is rather appealing.

In this sense, indeed, Greece has the capacity to develop an industry that has long-lagged in places like Spain. While obtaining a pass to a cannabis club is not, despite all efforts to enshrine this ivy leaf, impossible to obtain, even for visitors, the current dramatic situation on the ground is going to take at least 12-24 months to shake out. In the meantime, Greece is setting itself up to go like gangbusters.

Here is what is even more interesting. Much like Nevada in the U.S., as a result, Greece has the first real chance of becoming a place where health insurance from elsewhere covers cannabis treatments while patients are on vacation. European health insurance crosses borders. And as more German patients enter the ranks of the pre-approved, the idea of a cheap holiday where medical access is not a “thing” is bound to grow in appeal.

In turn, just like Nevada’s early market, this will show, with numbers and bottom-line sense (as well as cents) that cannabis as economic development makes sense for Europe. And even if the UK and Germany do not become hotbeds of production just because of the weather, the economies of first Greece and inevitably both Spain and even southern France could be given a massive injection.

Just as in the U.S., circa 2013, there is a gathering momentum of logic, desperation, changing regulations and a whole lot of economic pain. Legalizing a plant which can help salve that just makes economic sense. And Greece, so far in Europe at least, has gotten there first. Not to mention in an environment where governments in Holland and Luxembourg are telling tourists to stay home.

The Impact on Sovereign Healthcare Budgets

A strong and supported cannabis industry in Greece, in other words, is, if not a panacea, then certainly a good boost to a conversation now clearly in the drawing room if not exactly at the table. Namely, with normalized cannabis production across Europe, medical prices will drop, dramatically, at least for the entry level cannabinoid products. This in turn will lead to other discussions—including recreational markets—starting with the early blended ones. This in turn will help pharmacies as well as the supply chain begin to consolidate costs—and with relatively simple rules. EU GMP standard cannabis is the one that crosses borders—no matter the end use.

Switzerland in fact, as of next year, will shepherd its recreational market into pharmacies—and outside of Holland and Spain, this is likely to be a model which pops up across Europe—starting with Luxembourg.

However, don’t expect all of this to end here. With the examples of Spain, Luxembourg and Holland in the room (and of course Switzerland) if not across a regional border, once the first basic leveling has occurred here in Greece—acceptance and normalization of the drug—expect to see all sorts of interesting entrepreneurial experiments—and relatively soon.

Watch this space closely, in other words, and stay closely tuned. The world will be changing rather drastically in the next 24 months, and cannabis is clearly a part of that conversation just about everywhere. The normalizing situation in Greece is certainly a monumental watershed in that.

From seed to process-ready raw material

We are establishing a number of grow sites around the world to supply our own production and development of medical preparations. This is where we produce and refine several different medically useful strains of Cannabis Sativa L +0.2% THC. From this raw material we then produce drugs under our own brand, but we also sell white labels on markets where we are not represented.

In 2022 we will have sufficient production capacity primarily to supply raw material to our laboratories, industry colleagues and the pharma sector worldwide. The raw material will comprise both dried plant matter, extracted liquid and kief, all of high purity.

We can see demand for safe, reasonably priced quality raw material increasing as medical cannabis expands onto more and more markets.

There are many different strains on the market, with different properties, strengths and characters. We are focusing on the varieties best suited to medical extracts, which meet end customers’ needs for relaxation or pain relief. With refinement we can also develop more efficient, sustainable and vigorous plants.

»It’s my job to manage the plantations to ensure we get a consistent, high-quality crop every time. We have experienced growers to help us, and I have also been on field trips to colleagues in the US and Canada. We use sophisticated technical solutions to maximize production and focus on sustainability.«

– Andreas Mikulic, Cultivation Manager, Aureum Agricol AB

One important aim is to build up an extensive gene pool, in seed banks and mother plants, to ensure we always have the best possible propagation material.

Our plantations

We are building up our number of sites and are monitoring the market environment as we move into the future. This information may therefore change over time.


Estimated start of construction in Q1 2022. We plan to build a cultivation plant of 6,000 m². The plant will be able to produce about eight to twelve tonnes of plant material per year, starting in Q4 2022.

As we have over 28,000 m² of land, we have the opportunity to grow and expand, as the market for medical cannabis grows in Europe.

Southern Africa

In southern Africa we are looking at the possibilities of starting a cultivation facility for the production of propagating material. We have had preliminary talks with the authorities in Zambia, as we have seen that the landrace strains are some of the best cannabis genes in the world.

In connection with a possible establishment, we will look at the possibility of also launching an aid project in agriculture and health care.


Cannabis is one of the world’s oldest medicinal herbs. Scientists have found ancient descriptions of the plant and how it can be used as a medicine in teas and tinctures, virtually worldwide. There are even signs that the ancient Egyptian mummies used cannabis as food or medicine while they were alive.


The environment and climate are important to us, and we put sustainability first when building our facilities. A hemp plantation sequesters carbon dioxide, and we keep the energy requirement to a minimum thanks to efficient energy solutions. We are conducting intensive research into increasing our yield per square metre.

Quality assurance

Our plantations comply with international rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP).

Aureum Agricol in brief

Our operation begins with seeds and seedlings at our plantations, which are then developed into base materials and active substances for research and production of life-improving medicines for patients worldwide.

Cannabis Business Name Generator

How To Name Your Cannabis Business

Whether you’re looking to open a weed dispensary or supply CBD oils, you need to make a mark on the cannabis industry with a powerful business name. Our specialist guide gives you everything you need to get started.

The legal cannabis industry is growing at a rapid pace and is projected to be worth a whopping $70.6bn by 2028. As legislation loosens in many US states and countries around the world, it’s a great time to get in on this market. But first, you need a business name that stands out!

Our Cannabis Business Name Generator is here to do the hard work for you. Try it now and see what names you can find! Once you’ve gathered a few ideas, read on for our in-depth guide on how to create the perfect weed business name.

You’ll find plenty of name examples to give you inspiration as well as some industry-specific tips for crafting a name that catches the eye.

20 Cannabis Business Name Ideas

We ran a few ideas into our Cannabis Business Name Generator and discovered 20 company names for you to consider.

Once you’ve had a look, try the Cannabis Business Name Generator for yourself to create names that are personal to you.

  1. Hazeopolis
  2. Cosmic Calm
  3. The Deisel Dispensary
  4. Silk Tranquility
  5. Utopia Medicinals /li>
  6. Indica Xpress
  7. The Green Volcano
  8. Serenity Oils
  9. Pacific Potency
  10. The Gelato Bazaar
  11. Platinum Nugs
  12. Sunset Nirvana
  13. Phantom Zen
  14. Emerald Uplift
  15. The Smoke Cantina
  16. Potent Plantopia
  17. Halycon Herbs
  18. Bohemian Blaze
  19. Crimson Fire
  20. Doctor Dynamo

20 More Cannabis Business Name Ideas

  1. Healthy High
  2. Happy Herbals
  3. Medicinal House
  4. Relief Leaf
  5. Legal Green
  6. The Good Doctor
  7. Natural High
  8. Organic Health
  9. Green Gear
  10. Stoner Station
  11. VitaWeed
  12. Weed Industries
  13. Dr. Green
  14. The Cannabis Co.
  15. Baked Bros
  16. Pure Green
  17. Healthy Plants
  18. Green Out
  19. Marijuana Made
  20. Hemp House

Best Real-world Cannabis Business Names

If you’ve hit a wall in your weed or CBD business name planning, it can be helpful to have a look at the other established companies out there. Seeing which route other business owners decided to go down may spark some ideas of your own.

We’ve compiled five of our favourite, real-world cannabis business names and broken down what makes them so good.

A few of these companies rank amongst the most successful cannabis business in the industry, so you know that the name is doing something right!

Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth, based in Canada, is the most valuable cannabis company in the world in terms of market cap. It’s a fairly simple but effective name: ‘canopy’ alludes to the plant-based products that the company sells, whilst ‘growth’ is suggestive of the feeling of a high that cannabis induces as well as the business’ mission to be at the top of the industry.


CuraLeaf is the world’s biggest cannabis company by revenue. The first half of the name communicates the medicinal benefits of its products, which can have a curing effect on consumers. ‘Leaf’, in the second half of the name, highlights that its products are natural. As a whole, the name helps to convey the business’ USP of selling high-quality, remedial cannabis products.

Holistic Industries

Holistic Industries is a fast-growing US cannabis operator. Its name is lucid. On one level, ‘holistic’ refers to a sense of health and wellness for the whole being, of which its cannabis products form one part. The word also translates to the company’s multichannel business model which incorporates production, distribution, and retail.

Ascend Wellness Holdings

Ascend Wellness Holdings is a US multi-state cannabis operator. Its name invokes two qualities heavily associated with cannabis products. Firstly, the feeling of being high. Secondly, the health benefits of cannabis. Anyone who sees this name will know straight away what they can get out of the products.


Cannalysis is a cannabis testing laboratory based in California that services suppliers. We love this name because of its inventive wordplay. It not only sounds catchy—it also conveys the business’ core mission of testing or ‘analysing’ cannabis products for its partners.

How to Name Different Types of Cannabis Businesses

There are many different pockets in the market within the cannabis industry. Some of the businesses within this varied field include brick-and-mortar dispensary stores, remote delivery services, CBD-product specialists, dedicated testing laboratories, and cultivation centres.

Some of the big companies are able to do all of these things, but if you’re at the start of your business journey, the likelihood is that you’ll be specialising in only one or two areas. When starting out, you want a name to reflect the exact services that you provide.

That’s why we’ve considered ways that you can specialise your name depending on your line of work. That way, potential customers will quickly be able to make the connection between you and your product!

Cannabis Cultivation Business Names

You’re the person right at the very beginning of the supply chain. You grow the product before it is tested, packaged, distributed, sold and finally consumed.

Success in this line of business will ultimately depend on the quality and variety of cannabis that you grow, so you need a name that sings the praises of your product.

Consider what can separate you from competitors in this field. Do you have a unique cultivation system that leverages quality? Do you grow unique, hybrid strains?

Try to incorporate any USPs into your name. Amongst businesses focusing on cultivation, we like the names GrowHealthy and Bloom Medicinals, as they reference the growing process.

Cannabis Testing Business Names

Testing plays a key role in the cannabis industry as it ensures the product is safe for consumption before it reaches the customer. Dedicated testing laboratories are likely to specialise in certain areas.

They may choose only to test medicinal products or only recreational ones. Either way, a good name should indicate what type of testing you intend on doing.

As this is a highly sophisticated field reliant on expert knowledge and the latest technology, you may opt for a name that conveys a level of scientific authority. Remember Cannalysis? This is an effective name for this field because it places full emphasis on the testing procedure.

Cannabis Retail Business Names

Retail constitutes the last leg of the production line. The product has been perfected and is now ready to sell. This could be online and delivered directly to the consumer, or it could be from a dispensary.

The main point here is that the target market has now changed. It’s no longer specialists at other stages of the manufacturing process; you’re now selling to the everyman.

Therefore, you want a straightforward name with a wide appeal. Another possible avenue is to reference the feelings or benefits associated with cannabis consumption. This could be through an allusion to the medicinal effects of cannabis or the sensation of a high.

If you wanted to target a particular type of consumer, you could be more specific and draw on the creative or social aspects of cannabis consumption in your name.

5 Tips for Creating Unique Cannabis Business Name Ideas

If you’re still struggling to nail down that killer name for your weed or CBD business, look no further than our 5 key tips below!

To get the most out of these tips and tricks, we suggest you first draw up a list of potential business names using the Cannabis Business Name Generator. Once you’ve got a few, return here and apply the ideas from the tips.

Consider the Customer

Depending on what area of the cannabis industry you occupy, your customer will vary. For example, if you own a testing laboratory, your clients will be very different from someone who runs a dispensary.

Remember to speak in the language of your customers. So if you’re just a retailer, you want to hone in on the experience of cannabis consumption with your name.

Make it Memorable

Having a memorable name is good advice for any business. In the rapidly expanding cannabis industry, where new startups are emerging every month, you want a name that sticks with customers.

For that reason, use alliteration and rhythmic pronunciation in your weed business names where appropriate. Inventive wordplay can also be effective, but should never come at the expense of conciseness.

Have Fun with the Name, But Don’t Go Overboard

Whilst creativity is encouraged, your business name should always remain professional.

Avoid alienating any particular demographics with your name. Remember that cannabis is no longer just consumed by ‘stoner’ types.

The growth of the cannabis industry means that it’s now used by corporate execs and grandparents too. Keep this in mind with your name selection.

Research your Competitors

It’s never a bad idea to keep up with what your competitors in the field are doing. Draw inspiration from other business names without ripping them off.

This is also an important part of the naming process to ensure that you don’t pick a name that’s similar to something that’s already out there. You need to be able to carve your own lane in the industry, and this can only be achieved with a unique business name.

Remember to Check Domain Availability

Before finally settling on a name, you need to check its domain availability. The most professional domain is the .com ending.

Our Cannabis Business Name Generator has a handy feature that enables you to see which domains are still available on the internet.

Most cannabis businesses also have a social media presence to connect them to their customers. Consider opening social media accounts under your business name once you get started to maximise your footprint.