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best canadian cannabis seed banks

The Top 10 Seed Bank Hall of Fame in Canada

Cannabis cultivation might not be your typical weed growing even in countries or states that have authorized the use of both medical and recreational cannabis. In Canada, growing your own plant is permitted as long as the seeds are purchased from lawful seed producers. That is the reason why it is necessary to look for the authorized best seed banks in Canada.

The Canadian government is issuing nursery licenses to small-scale producers who are on the lookout of selling their seeds or even live plants. Given the rule that homeowners can grow up to 4 cannabis plants at home, selling pot plants can be a tedious process. Cannabis growers will have to look for marijuana strains that will give them a high yield in a shorter time preferably.

Looking for the best seed banks in Canada is actually an easy one; most of them are available online and their company information and the product description can be easily read. Here are the top 10 Seed Banks in Canada that have entered the Hall of Fame because of their excellent customer service and the cannabis strain that they are selling to the marijuana industry.

Best Seed Banks in Canada – Hall of Famers

Since Canada is the second country in the world that has allowed the use of medical and recreational marijuana and giving the homeowners an opportunity to grow up to 4 plants, it is only rational that growers should look for the best seed banks in Canada.

  • Crop King Seeds

They have started selling cannabis from their apartment in the early 2000s. Their operations were briefly put on hold in 2005 but resumed in 2013. Crop King Seeds are known for making employees travel the world for cannabis research. They go to different cannabis farms and check on new marijuana strains that they might add up to their company. This is one reason why they have been in the Hall of Fame; they make sure that the seed selection they have is an excellent choice for all cannabis users.

Their first store is located in Vancouver and by 2014 they marked their 100 th store in Nova Scotia. They offer about 30 cannabis strains that growers can’t find anywhere in the world. And they are known for excellent customer service; customer gave positive reviews about on-time deliveries, knowledgeable staff, reliable and discreet shipping.

  • Sunwest Genetics

Having been in the business for 10 years, Sunwest Genetics has been known to be dedicated to giving high-quality cannabis seeds. They think of the future generation’s accessibility to cannabis, that is why they think of ways to improve and preserve the cannabis industry. Keeping marijuana strains that has a good quality is kept by Sunwest Genetics so that the government will know its importance.

The reason why people love Sunwest Genetics is that their cannabis is very accessible. Patients who are medically dependent on cannabis always have easy access to their medications. Their company makes as many marijuana strains that they can offer to the growing demands of the public.

What the cannabis industry love about Sunwest Genetics is that their experts handpick the seeds that are going to be used by cannabis growers. They also offer a replacement for seeds that falls below 80% germination rate. They have mastered discreet shipping and their customer service hotlines are manned 24/7, including their phone, email and chat support.

  • Rocket Seeds

Rocket Seeds do not just focus their resources on cannabis production but also in other crops that farmers produce. They make it a point to help farmers from a certain location know their planting environment to maximize yield production. They are doing different researches to improve the quality of the cannabis seeds that they are selling.

Their rocket-like service has given birth to their tagline “World’s Fastest Marijuana Seeds Shipped Directly to You”. Rocket Seeds has also paved the way for nutrition portfolio that has allowed the studies for individual seed types to make sure they combat cold and water stress. Their customer loves the fast shipping and high germination rate of the seeds.

  • Sonoma Seeds

The reason why Sonoma Seeds has made the hall of fame is that their cannabis seeds and plants are grown organically. By using this cultivation method, it has given high-quality seeds to the cannabis market.

Customers rave about 100% germination rate, excellent packing, and shipping of the item, free shipping for orders $200 and up and their chocolate strain has been the talk of the town.

  • MJ Seeds Canada

MJ Seeds Canada offers the most popular cannabis strains that people want. They are also known for having the best price in the entire cannabis industry, this is because they purchase their cannabis products in bulk, making it easier for them to give a discount to customers.

Their commercially grown marijuana seeds come from a great selection of autoflower, feminized and even regular seeds that are excellent for both indoor and outdoor planting. Their shipping is also a good thing to take note of, it includes stealth shipping, same day shipping and tracking options for the customers.

  • Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Known as the ultimate provider for cannabis grower’s seeds need. They have started breeding cannabis seeds in 2013 and making sure they meet the expectations of the clients by giving high-quality marijuana plants. They are also known to be the leading provider of cannabis strains in Canada.

They are the ideal go-to seed bank when it comes to planting feminized, autoflower and regular seeds that’s why both small-scale and massive cultivators turn to them for their cannabis needs.

Customers are praising Quebec Cannabis Seeds for their 100% germination rate, quick delivery, good range of prices and excellent customer service.

  • Montreal Cannabis Seeds

Montreal Cannabis Seeds has only been in the business for 5 years but they are famous for selling off good quality cannabis seeds. They offer the best cannabis genetics for cultivators. They select plants that have THC and CBD levels that are most convenient for commercial and private growing. They are also proud of their process that selects and packs seeds one by one manually.

Customers are raving about their fast service and delivery, seeds that have a 100% germination rate, a good range of prices and an even greater marijuana seed selection.

  • Vancouver Seed Bank

They offer a wide array of seed selection to suit each and every cultivator need. They sell marijuana seeds that come from the best growers and brands that’s why customers always had the confidence to buy cannabis seeds from Vancouver Seed bank.

Customer’s 100% satisfaction has made Vancouver Seed banks think of ways that can keep their customers loyal. They offer an exchange or a full refund to seeds that fall below average germination rate. They are also considered experts in the business and if you can’t find the seed strain you’re looking for on their website they would be more than happy to help you source it.

Customers gave positive reviews on friendly and helpful customer service, they sell marijuana strains that can be planted indoors and outdoors, they have a great selection of cannabis-related items even t-shirts! They ship worldwide with different payment options.

  • BC Bud Depot

BC Bud Depot has a tagline that says World’s Finest Marijuana seeds. They have made the hall of fame because develop award-winning cannabis seeds and they offer a comprehensive list of marijuana strains worldwide. Every seed they produce is a product of extensive research that has earned a place in legendary breeds.

They offer worldwide deliveries and items are packaged discreetly. Customers mentioned that their products are of high quality at a reasonable price. And for every missing item or if your seeds got seized in border control, BC Bud Depot will send you another one. They also offer secured credit card payment options.

  • Toronto Cannabis Seeds

They are known for having the goal of providing high-quality seeds and cannabis strains from the best Canadian breeders. They take pride in assuring customers that all their seeds are made in Canada and they offer worldwide shipping. Their seed bank is located in Toronto and their inventory comprises of regular, feminized, CBD, medical and autoflowering varieties making sure that every cultivator will have an option to choose from in their marijuana strains.

A good thing about Toronto Cannabis Seeds is that they offer classic and new breeds of seeds. They also offer a seed pack which is a mix of seeds that cultivators can choose from.

Customers love that Toronto Cannabis Seeds have stealth shipping that delivers worldwide. Great seed selection with an equally great price range. Payment methods are with Visa and Mastercard. Seeds have a 100% germination rate and they give extra seeds if customers experienced a minor inconvenience. Overall, Toronto Cannabis Seeds is highly recommended by its customers.

If you have reached this part hopefully, you’re able to make a decision and go with the seed banks that will cater to all your cultivation needs.