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best australian cannabis seed bank

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We are The No.1 Seed Comparison Site. Find the best place to buy marijuana seeds online with us. We review all of online seed banks to ensure that when you buy your seeds its right first time and every time!

Mediseed Man

Marijuana Seeds Online Buying Guide

Marijuana Seeds (cannabis seeds): where do you buy them? Where do you find cheap marijuana seeds? We bring you a wide variety of marijuana seed producers and seed vendors with lots of strains of marijuana seeds. Also check out our growing marijuana page for growing tips. We look for strains and seed companies which produce high quality seeds which produce exceptionally high germination rates, high levels of THC and high female ratios. Because there are new seed banks springing up all the time we never stop looking for who you should be using. All the seed banks listed below have been in business for more than 5 years.

Australian Seed Bank Review

Australian seed bank review. Their is only one legit seed bank in Australia and they guarantee safe delivery of your viable cannabis seeds.

Australian Seed Bank Review
  • Genetics


Australian Seed Bank Review. If you live in Australia then you only have one solid seed bank to order from. Thankfully their the best seed bank down under anyways. The Australian Seed Bank is the only legit seed bank serving Australia domestically. They have over 20 years experience operating in Australia.

Australian Seed Bank Seed Review

The Australian Seed Bank has the best cannabis seeds for your Australian climate. When you get their genetics in the mail in a couple days, you can rest assure they will handle your local outdoor climates in Australia.

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Best Strains From The Australian Seed Bank

The best strains from the Australian Seed Bank are Aussie Blues and Pot of Gold feminized seeds. Aussie Blues are a great value for the price and the wonderful taste and potent THC makes it a great bargain for such outstanding Australian cannabis genetics.

Australian Cannabis Seed Banks

Here are the top seven breeders from all over the world in today’s cannabis market. They are known for their quality, reputable variety of cannabis seeds.

Mediseed Man Australia

Mediseed Man is a seed bank based in Australia who sell top-quality seeds with a germination guarantee and free delivery Australia Wide. They offer lots of autoflower, feminised, and CBD strains and are fast growing their reliable, professional brand.

One special thing about Mediseed Man is their dedication to their clients. They believe in a high standard of customer service and will go that extra mile to ensure you’re a happy customer.

See Mediseed Man’s wide variety of quality, reliable seeds, from feminised, autoflower, standard, to CBD.