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bellingham cannabis seeds

Marijuana Seeds in Bellingham WA

If you want to use any buds and flowers you have for eventual medicinal reasons, then you need to follow a strict sequence of steps, just like any other herbs. Considering where you live and how the levels of humidity are, your buds should have a few days to become dry. When growing weed for smoking, your product will turn out to be better quality the drier it is made it possible for to become. To get high quality oils from the cannabis plant, you must perform the extraction process whilst the plant is still fresh.

It is essential to be sure that the marijuana seeds you acquire are of high quality. The best way to accomplish this is by buying from a reputable weed seeds shop. For quality marijuana seeds, purchase from us. Our company is the best supplier of high-quality Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Washington. Various cities including Felida, Longview and Oak Harbor also enjoy access to the best quality Cannabis seeds also.

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Where To Buy Weed Seeds Online Or Offline

Theoretically, as the plant grows it starts to produce its own seeds when it reaches a level of matureness. If you are thinking about purchasing Weed seeds however, the best place to Purchase is right here on our site. We make available an exhilarating range of Hemp strains that can be used for addressing many medical disorders and ailments. Get maximum benefits at greatly reduced risks, by purchasing your seeds from us, as this is a secure way to guarantee their quality, and yet enjoy products that have been scientifically engineered for their enhancement.

What Data is Available to Support Cannabis as a Tumor Preventative?

Some Investigation has indicated that tumorous cells in the human body get subdued by Hemp thanks to its existence of antineoplastic. The Investigation done have just disclosed that many dying cells were swapped with healthy ones after exposure to certain amounts of Cannabidiol. Stopping the growth of tumors is a medical requirement in this day and age, which is why Hemp has become a big topic of discussion as a viable solution in the world of medicine due to its potential.


My story with the herb began in middle school when I stayed with my older sister Jesse for a weekend and she unashamedly showed me her cannabis for the first time. A harmless little mason jar full of herbs sitting on the shelf. In high school I tried cannabis, and felt like something inside me was unlocked and set free, a spiritual awakening. Shortly after, I remember sitting on my friend's porch and saying, “ It sounds weird, but I think this is what I'm going to do with my life”. At the time it did seem crazy.

As I used cannabis more, it fascinated me to think of where it was coming from. The thought of someone caring so much about a plant that they would risk getting locked in a cage was baffling. Between ounces of “BC bud” I would occasionally get my hands on some “homegrown” with names like Romulan, Northern Lights, Shiva, Dutch Treat and White Rhino. As time went on my eyes were opened to the plethora of affects and qualities cannabis was capable of . With each new strain, I developed an eye for quality and a hunger for more information.

In 2007 I made my first trip to work in Humboldt county and the next year I grew my first plants. Since then I've been learning, growing, collecting genetics and preserving them by making seeds. Now that prohibition has lifted I'm fortunate to have the ability to farm with my friends and family by my side. I believe growing plants under the sun, directly in the ground, without chemical fertilizers and pesticides is the best way to produce quality ganja. When I consume cannabis, I want to taste the terroir of the land where it was grown. The flavors and nuances that come from it's specific regional micro-climate and soil.

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Jesse Straight

Inspired by her brother Kenny’s passion for great cannabis, Jesse created a plan that could bring the family together and support his art. A world traveling mother of two, Jesse is a force to be reckoned with. Jesse has taken her decades of experience and brought together a team of talented folks who treat each other like family. Jesse’s vision is clear. She wants to create a business that is true to the values that she and her family believe so strongly. Her cannabis will be grown in partnership with nature. The business will be run as a family operation. And Whatcom county is home. Jesse wants to share her love of music, food, nature, cannabis, and community through farm tours, parties, and other pop up events.

Bellingham cannabis seeds

Amongst the woods and mountain views on the outskirts of Bellingham, Washington Sasquatch Cannabis Company was born. Founded by a young couple with a mission to produce (what they consider) their own brand of “Micro-Brew” Marijuana. Grown by Kevin that has years of knowledge behind growing these wonderful plants and a brand artfully designed by Crystal, his other half, they’ve found themselves to be the dynamic duo. These two strive for top shelf quality cannabis to captivate their consumers with flavors and experiences that they’ll continue to come back for.


The artwork is all in-house designed with a small town, warm, woodsy feeling.

A true representation of hand-made by artisans on both ends of the spectrum. Grown by a craftsman and packaged by an artist. Our delivery for our packaging is to show the product and not hide it with fancy labels. We are proud of our product and believe in continuous curing and freshness with glass containers.