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bedrock boogie seeds

Longtime Lurker with Bedrock Boogie

Kinda looks like the bud in the back is photobombing lol.

Nice plants, cheers!

Lmaoooo. That's so funny definitely a photobombing going on here

Haha she totally is that’s Kaffir Lime

Hi folks! Longtime Microgrowery lurker I figure it’s time to join up for normals.

Bedrock Boogie is (Sour Strawberry x Grand Poobah) from Norstar Genetics, and I grew this girl from seed in living soil with occasional granular top dress and regular compost teas under 630 watts of CMH.

She smells Pungently of strawberry cheesecake Kush and the flavor carries over because she is definitely a keeper.

Bedrock Boogie Daba dabba Doooo

I figured it’s time to check in finally I think I have a plant that can hang with the crew. Long time listener first time (or maybe second I dunno lol) caller situation.

Lookey here at Bedrock Boogie from Norstar Genetics and Subcool this girl is (Sour Strawberry x Grand Poobah) and reeks, did I say reeks I mean *reeks* of strawberry cheesecake kush and no I’m not making that up because she’s my head stash. Also I run the Portland Cannabis Tasting Society. More on that later.

This lady is ripening out under COB LEDs in living soil in a fabric pot that’s around 20 months old I dunno how many cycles that is but they keep getting better and better. I feed with compost teas and fish hydrolysate mostly and of course water which I usually filter. These girls get a sporadic top dress and lately it’s been a granular molasses based fertilizer. I think the DGC really pushed me to focus on the microbial health in my soil and it really has paid off. One big help is EM1 and even though my friends all seem to make their own lacto it’s just so easy to activate EM1 lol.

I don’t use any pesticides and I regularly quote Scotty when he quotes his friend Suzanne the Buglady “there’s no resistance to being eaten.” and I have cultivated a nice beneficial bug community from worms to springtails to cucumeris and rove beetles and any number of things that I don’t know the names for but look all shiny and squiggly under a flashlight.

Thanks for stopping by my Tasting Society in August Dude JR and all the dudes! I’m throwing the next cannabis party next coming Tuesday on the 29th…if you guys wanna give me a shout out I’d be really grateful! I’m putting together a festival of flavors by and for growers, tokers, weed pokers, ganja smokers and dab soakers. Stop by and share your flavors and have fun Tuesday the 29th at 7PM

But I realize that sounds like an add and well it is kinda but dang isn’t Bedrock Boogie a nice bribe? Thanks for looking at my herb! Cheers everybody have a great day and puff something wonderful!