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banana puddintain seeds

Banana Puddintain Strain

Description: Banana Puddintain Strain is a pure indica from Swamp Boys Seeds. The profile is unmistakably reminiscent of an over-ripe banana. The effects may be immediate with a buzzy and foggy mental softening that coincides with a physical heaviness.


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New Breakwater Strain – Banana Puddintain coming March 5th!

They said to check the MMP website for details, but right now nothing is up there in terms of a new test results PDF or anything.

I was able to find this on the seeds website tho

From what I gather reading around on various strain websites, it's a high THC hybrid. With Banana OG/GMO Cookies lineage.

It’s 26.35 thc on the state website. You gotta log in first then click marijuana strain lib, and it’s at top of list for breakwater

Any idea what Kush 4 is a combination of? I was told OG Kush but not sure what it’s crossed with.

Moderate CBG. From the NJMMP library:

Eh yeah 0.08% is nothing as far as CBG goes. that THC is $$ tho

I think that name is hilarious lol can’t wait to try it

Oh man! Can’t wait, swamp boys makes it, and most there stuff is so fire. I’m sure breakwater will grow and cure it well too, gonna be a good one!

I mean just look at the photo on Twitter. It looks like the sprayed the flower with some water and sprinkled sugar crystals onto it. It's beyond frosty. I'm pretty pumped.

this last batch of Kush 4 was rushed in the curing process I feel ? Its the STRONGEST version . it DEFINITELY kicks ass but still needed couple more weeks I feel they rushed it because of a bad batch before? . think it is Harsher than earlier batches. the hints of ammonia says it needed couple more weeks

See y'all on the 5th

Bart Scott voice. “Can’t Wait”

Lol I see you WFAN

Is banana a good night time body high I hope

Yes and no? It's a nice body high, very little head high imo but there's zero couch lock or tiredness. I use it as almost as just a daily painkiller, makes my body feel tingly, almost like when you're sitting on your foot to long and it falls asleep? Not the painful tingling when you finally move it, just that really light almost aftertaste of a tingle you feel when you realize it's asleep right before you sit up and let the blood flow back in.