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bakerstreet seeds

Bakerstreet Seeds – 4 Pack

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Bakerstreet seeds by Tweed? Anyone tried em

As the title says. I bought 4 just to see. Wasn't happy about the price but figured until I tried first hand I cant complain.

I really hope one day clones become an option. ya I know it's a long shot this early on

Congrats! Thanks for the heads up

3 out of 4 of mine germinated.

One seed just wouldn't germinate no matter what, kind of disappointed but the other 3 are growing well. Just moved them outdoors yesterday after growing under grow lights the past 2 months

Ya when you only get 4, and only 3 come up it's a bit disappointing. That's seeds for ya. Hope all continues well!

What does "throw nanners" mean?

Yikes ya that's a bit concerning for sure. It blows my mind there are no better options yet

Planted my first seed in Monday. Still nothing. Planted second seed on Thursday. Still waiting.

Ya I planted all 4. Not one came up. Been a week

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I'm not sure how they'll turn out but I'm surprised how fast they are progressing (early stages). The seeds opened in one night (towel germination) and broke through the soil in less than 2 days. I'm going to attempt an outdoor grow where they will be promptly stolen .

all my 4 seeds grew into big huge indica monsters.

You can get clones via medical ACMPR from some LPees. WeedMD is one at $50 a cut plus shipping. Tweed just imported the beans from DNA so they should be good genetics thou I’m not a fan of fem beans. Good luck

That's top dollar alright. I'm not medical but I'm happy this is a thing.

Ah DNA, ok great info! I was having a hard time finding comparables.

Packaging on the Bakerstreet dont say feminized at all. altho at that price I'd hope so.

Can you tell me a little about your dislike of feminized seeds? I've grown a few varieties and auto flowers. and I always end up with some seeds from a hermie. or it's the neighbors hahaha