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bakedbeans cannabis seeds

Baked Beans Cannabis Seeds- American

I highly recommend Baked Beans Cannabis Seeds. I am not the owner or involved. Just happy. The guy can take cards with a couple of safe apps. Prices are fair and on par with other seed banks.

$5 flat rate shipping to US addresses and delivery is fast with tracking.

Check his proprietary strains. I live in Alaska and despite not being a huge auto fan I’m stuck with them for outdoor grows here. The Midnight Sun Kush rocks and his Bering Sea Blues is kick ass! Sadly he’s temporarily out of the BSB seeds but it’s definitely worth being on a waiting list for. One of the best smelling strains ever.

I grew out his photoperiod Nacho. A cross between Blackberry Kush and Confidential Cheese. This is another winner and a good stoner strain with a real beautiful smell.

Baked Beans Cannabis Seeds

BakedBeans is a team of two expert cannabis seed breeders, Gavin and Josh. Josh focuses on traditional photoperiod cannabis strains – his child uses CBD medical marijuana, so Josh’s main goal is to focus on creating medical cannabis strains with high CBD releases. Gavin’s focus is on autoflowering seeds. BakedBeans marijuana seeds are bred in the 20+ hour light conditions of Alaska, giving all of their seeds an amazing start in the great outdoors. Each cannabis seed is grown organically, hand selected, and tested to high standards to ensure quality. Gavin and Josh of BakedBeans seeds have 20+ years of experience in breeding the best cannabis strains for the most affordable prices.

Here at Seed City you’ll find a full range of BakedBeans weed seeds, including popular strains such as Blueberry Auto, The Blacksmith, Jack Herer, Midnight Sun Kush, and Skunk #1. Want amazing low cannabis seed prices and discreet secure delivery? You’re in the perfect place!