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autoflowering cannabis seeds in wash

Washing Machine – feminized cannabis seeds | Ripper Seeds

Washing Machine was created by crossing the original clone of UK Cheese and Bubba Kush. This combination, for the Washing Machine strain, brought typically large number of white crystals on the surface of the flowers.

Legal notice:

Please note that the information concerned about cannabis plants is taken from the seed supplier.

The operator of the website warns all visitors that the cultivation of cannabis (with a thc content greater than 0.3%) is illegal in the Czech Republic under the Criminal Code on Cannabis No. 167/1998 and the Criminal Code, section 285 No. 40/2009. The seeds are sold only for collecting purposes.

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Washing Machine

was created by crossing the original clone of UK Cheese and Bubba Kush. This combination, for the Washing Machine variety, brought a typically large number of white crystals on the surface of the flowers.

This variety matures after approximately 9 weeks of the flowering. After switching to the flowering of Washing Machine very quickly doubles its volume and thus very easily fills any loose gaps. Its height is up to 1.5 m.

The creators of this variety recommend being very careful, because it was able to torment even seasoned guys.

Flushing cannabis: all about washing marijuana roots

If you are approaching the world of hemp and marijuana seeds, you have surely heard of “Flushing cannabis“, a technique that seems to be indispensable for obtaining a healthy and abundant harvest.

Although it is not possible to grow cannabis in some countries, we imagine that you are still very curious and want to know what flushing is and what it can be used for.




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By recommending that you buy weed seeds online for collecting purposes only, and not to use the information below to start or take care of a plantation, let’s see what this technique is and the advantages related to it.

Flushing cannabis: what is it?

The term Flush literally means “to wash”. If we apply the term to the world of weed, flushing means washing the marijuana.

This does not mean that growers put the plants under a jet of water as if they were having a shower! By doing it, they would risk ruining the flowers and, therefore, compromising months and months of hard work.

“Flushing” cannabis means exactly washing the roots of every single plant, in order to eliminate the nutrients and any harmful substances present in the soil.

How is the grower doing?

He simply has to water the soil abundantly with clean water, literally flooding it. You can repeat the process a second time, but only after draining all the excess water and waiting 10 to 20 minutes.

More experienced growers use a water quality detector, able of measuring Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). The TDS reader provides useful information on the purity of the water flowing away from the pots, allowing farmers to check whether the flushing has taken effect or not.

When is it appropriate to proceed washing the cannabis roots?

There are particular times when it is advisable to wash the marijuana roots. Here are:

  • In case of change of nutrients to bring to the soil
  • Before harvesting the cannabis buds
  • In case of nutrient blockage

Let’s see them one by one.

Nutrient Change & Flushing

Cannabis needs nutrients for much of its life cycle, particularly Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus (NPK). However, the need for nutrients differs according to the various stages of plant development; for example, cannabis does not require the same amount of nutrients during the vegetative phase as it does in the flowering phase.

In the transition from one phase to another one, it is advisable to wash the roots in order to avoid mismatching the amount of nutrients supplied to the plant and to guarantee healthier growth in this way too.

Flushing before harvesting the marijuana flowers

It seems that washing the roots before harvesting the buds pushes cannabis to make good use of its nutrient reserves, so that the latter do not affect the taste of the flowers.

Washing roots when nutrients are blocked

The blocking of nutrients occurs in the event that these are present in the soil but the plant is unable to absorb them.

It usually occurs in the case of over-fertilization of the soil, especially if there is a particular nutrient that prevails over the others. Alternatively, the reason for the nutrient blockage could be the incorrect pH (the pH value of the soil in which cannabis grows should always be between 6 and 6.5).

In this case, the flushing of the roots helps to dispose of excess nutrients, change the pH and make the soil ready for the supply of the right amount of nutrients.

Is flushing really useful or is it an urban legend?

Although flushing is not a mandatory procedure, it could be very useful if the grower sees signs of pain in the plants, such as yellowish leaves or dark spots on the foliage.

As for the pre-harvest flushing, this may not affect the flavor of the cannabis flowers and therefore be superfluous.

In any case, there are those who put it into practice and those who do not, but all the growers who take this precaution affirm to obtain better quality cannabis than that which has not been flushed.

In conclusion

Now you know all about the practice called cannabis flushing and its usefulness, especially in case of an excess or variation of nutrients.

However, you have to remember that in many countries it is not possible to grow marijuana: you can buy cannabis seeds, but treat them as if they were collectible products. You can store them, keep them in a drawer, but you can’t germinate them.

With this in mind, we invite you to take a look at Sensory Seeds, our online cannabis seed shop, where you will find many varieties of auto flower seeds, feminized seeds and fast flowering seeds from BSF Seeds!

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds In Washington

Buying autoflowering seeds in Washington has become very popular over the last few years, with several top quality strains available. Highly recommended for their speed and ease of growth, they are capable of producing potent harvests within ten weeks from germination, regardless of the number of hours of darkness the plants receive. Unlike traditional marijuana seeds, which require twelve hours of regular, uninterrupted darkness per night to begin and continue flowering, autoflowering marijuana seeds contain unique genes from the Ruderalis plant, a wild form of natural hemp, and member of the marijuana family, that self-flowers and matures regardless of the light hours it receives.

Buying autoflowering seeds in Washington has become very popular, with growers enjoying multiple crops per year from a single area. Their ability to grow and flower simultaneously through to complete maturity under any lighting conditions allows for Spring planting and Summer harvests. Yields are reduced, compared to season-long grown plants, but the quality of the buds, taste and aroma is similar, and with several crops possible per year, planting autoflowering seeds throughout the season will produce regular harvests in approximately ten weeks time. Traditional marijuana seeds have two distinct phases, growing and flowering. As autoflowering seeds combine these two stages the plants develop a different set of characteristics. In general the lack of true vegetative development produces a plant with a large single cola and several lower side branches with smaller buds. Super-cropping methods aren’t recommended, however, they are perfect for growing close together, such as the Sea-of-Green growing technique.

Once established, autoflowering seeds can grow quickly, developing roots, branches and buds simultaneously. Often growers speed-up the time from outdoor planting to harvest by germinating the seeds indoors. This allows the plant’s time to develop for the first couple of weeks, before being placed or planted directly into the ground outside. Unlike both regular and feminized marijuana seeds, autoflowering seeds require no set hours of darkness to flower and completely mature. In fact, the biggest and best quality harvests are achieved during the height of Summer, when the plant’s receive the longest, and strongest hour’s of direct sunlight. Regardless of when they are planted, growing autoflowering seeds in Washington will require between seven and nine weeks to fully mature, depending on how well developed they were, prior to being planted outdoors. Autoflowering seeds planted from early April through to even the end of August, will have enough time to develop and mature, prior to the onset of Winter. Regular harvests, as early as June can be achieved, through to October, by correct planning and strain selection. By limiting the number of plants you are growing, you also reduce the risks involved with growing marijuana seeds in Washington, while still maintaining a regular supply. Unlike the traditionally planted feminized varieties, which won’t be ready to harvest until the early Fall.

Growing Autoflowering Seeds In Washington

Amnesia Haze Auto Seeds

Blueberry Auto Seeds

Lowryder Auto Seeds

While some states in the USA permit the limited growing of marijuana seeds, others don’t, and so, guerrilla growing has become very popular in many areas. By employing a set of techniques, the risks associated with growing marijuana seeds can be significantly reduced, with many planting autoflowering seeds as their chosen preference. One of the key points of guerrilla growing is to spend as little time as possible with the plants to reduce the chances of being caught with them. Buying marijuana seeds in Washington that require as little care and attention as possible is a key factor, and with their easy-to-grow, fast flowering characteristics, it’s easy to see why many people are buying autoflowering seeds in Washington to plant this coming season. For many seeds and marijuana strains, knowledge and experience is a key factor in producing the very best quality buds. However, with autoflowering seeds, that’s simply not the case. Regardless of your level of experience, autoflowering seeds can be cultivated, flowered and matured to the highest quality by either beginner or experienced grower alike, with no reduction in quantity or quality. Grown outdoors with adequate supplies such as water, nutrients and sunlight, anyone can grow a high quality harvest of potent, flavorsome buds.

Buy autoflowering marijuana seeds in Washington online here and enjoy free, guaranteed delivery using the very best stealth shipping and delivery methods. All our recommended seeds and strains are producing using the highest quality genetics, capable of producing the strongest, fastest growing plants and most potent harvests. Payment is easy and totally secure, with a range of options including secure credit and debit card payment facilities, marijuana isn’t mentioned on the bill, as well as Bitcoin and cash payments welcome. With many years experience and a reputation for guaranteed delivery and seeds of the highest quality, all our autoflowering seeds for sale are shipped by I Love Growing Marijuana, a world leader in the production and supply of cannabis and marijuana seeds.

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