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auto flowering small cannabis seeds

What Are Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

As with most plants, auto-flowering cannabis seeds produce a strain that flowers when left on their own. Growers need not worry about switching day or night schedules for the flowering phase of this type of growth. It happens automatically after 2–4 weeks without any intervention from you.

Autoflowers are a quick and easy way for beginners to get into the cannabis game. They are small, so they fit in any growing space with ease! But what makes them stand out? Well, there is no need for much water or feeding because these plants grow themselves – all you have to do is watch as your plant becomes lusher each day after just eight short weeks from when you first planted it.

Autoflowers are perfect for beginners, thanks to their convenience and compact size. For experienced growers that want an easy way out, there is no need to grow cannabis themselves when they can use these. The rich colors of auto-flowering strains make them very popular among novice potheads who do not know what it takes or have enough space at home (or even outside).

Benefits of Using Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Faster life cycle

The biggest benefit of auto-flowering seeds is their ability to flower without any human intervention. Using photoperiod genetics, growers can breed any variety with the quick-growing Ruderalis strain for it to come about quickly – typically seven to ten weeks. Haze genetics is popular for its Sativa effects but takes longer to grow. As a result, many growers may be let down initially, especially new ones. Combining them with other types of cannabis can be beneficial if you need high-quality marijuana grown quickly or want something quick-fixed like THC levels without having wait time before harvesting. Hypex (Ruderalis x Haze) was created by crossing two very different strains, one that produces large quantities while the other only yields sparse buds – creating hybrid vigor!

Perfect for discreet growing

One of the best features of auto-flowering seeds is how they can produce a plant in just 60 days, making it possible for growers to grow these plants easily on balconies or even if you have an indoor location available, such as your basement! There are many reasons why auto-flowering cannabis seeds can be a great option for those looking to grow their weed discreetly. These plants’ faster-growing speed and compact size make them easy to work with while still getting excellent yields from your pot!

Higher CBD percentage

Cannabis strains with higher CBD levels tend to offer several benefits, including the pleasant effect of consuming cannabis without making one feel high. Customers prefer these products because they enjoy all the therapeutic effects but do not get an overpowering feeling or altered state as THC can cause. For those looking for a more medicinal form of cannabis, cultivators can benefit from the higher CBD levels offered by this trait. Breeding with Ruderalis genetics will allow you to boost the effectiveness of many legendary varieties.

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Auto Maria II Auto Flowering Female Cannabis Seeds by Paradise Seeds

Auto Maria II Auto Flowering Female Cannabis Seeds by Paradise Seeds – Kite high… If you are looking for an auto variety that comes with a soaring sativa high, then look no further than Automaria ll, our original autoflowering strain.

When these quick flower varieties became popular a few years back, we put all our knowledge and expertise to the task of creating a range of Paradise Seeds autos. Our aim was to retain the benefits of automatic flowering that Ruderalis genetics bring, while ensuring the quality that was so often lacking in this type of plant. We are pleased to say, we succeeded!

The fine ingredients that go into Automaria ll are genetics from the Brazilian Santa Maria strain (which has a reputation for delivering a high that borders on the spiritual) and another classic sativa strain. These have been crossed with Cannabis Ruderalis, the tough little plant with an automatic body clock that thrives and flowers, regardless of light.

A small package with explosive tendencies is the result. Predominantly sativa, but with indica traits, this plant likes to grow quickly and deliver a bigger yield than most autoflowering varieties, given the right conditions. As with all our autoflower strains, Automaria ll brings a versatility that appeals to both indoor growers and outdoor gardeners.

This plant reaches between 70 cm and 1m in an indoor set up, which makes it good for small cultivation spaces. Growth is rigorous and consistent, with significant stretching of the stem and side branches, which allows for good bud development. The ratio of calyx to leaf is high and this makes for a speedy chop once harvest comes. The buds that Automaria ll produces are big, hard and heavy with resin.

This plant will also give the outdoor gardener something to smile about with a fast turnaround from seed to harvest (70 days although we have had reports of even quicker finishes than that) and can easily grow taller than 1m. It will naturally grow strong and healthy in the south (Mediterranean regions of Europe and America, and in countries in the southern hemisphere). Automaria ll is also a good performer further north and is a popular choice with city gardeners planting in balconies and window boxes and small gardens.

The taste is floral in nature with elements of fruit and the effect is a full on sativa rush that will sweep you off your feet and energize, invigorate and inspire you… before gently bringing you back down to earth.