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amsterdam cannabis seeds review

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS) Review

You put the taproot pointing down when you planted them right?

They should be sprouted by a week in soil, especially if they were already germed.

When I get seedlings that are stuck in the shell, I have found that a mini zip tie is the perfect tool to scrape it off. I spray it with water and keep it wet for like 10 mins and then start pickin it off with the pointy end of the zip tie. It gives me precision, flexibility, and the beveled edge is perfect for picking at the placenta without damaging the seedling.

And just to let you know, you don’t rly need to sterilize or boil a cup for germing, or anything really. There plants, they live in dirt.

Not tryin to be a dick, just givin some tips.

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Lol its funny readin about your leanin seedlings and the water bein too heavy, I’ve done the same thing many times lol. They will stand up. I don’t know what size pot you have them in but if there in a cup or something small for now, when you transplant them just bury them a little deep so there not so stretchy. I start my seedlings in rapid rooters, let em grow for 2 days and then bury them up to there starter leaves when I put them in pots.

And some ppl just like making a big deal out of things. I read some cloning articles that tell you to sanitise everything with alcohol, or sanitize your blade in between every cut, or even to make your cut under water. Lmao. There plants man, ppl make it to difficult.

Actually germing in tap water is good because yes the seed pretty much supplys its own food for a while but there are valuable and usable minerals in your tap water.

And it does build strength by spraying your seedlings and even vegging plants. I always have an oscillating fan that blows over my plants, not hard but enough tp move them and get good air movement in there.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review:

From feminized 420 carrot to Feminized Bob Marley and Cappuccino 420, Amsterdam Seed Company has it all. They feature 137 varieties of best cannabis seeds on their website.

Not only does Amsterdam Marijuana seeds have a huge variety of seeds, their website is outstanding… actually we take that back. Their website is exceptional!

First, you can narrow down your cannabis seed selection by seed type, auto flowering, feminized or regular.

Next, you can choose your cannabis seeds by whether they are mostly sativa or Indica.

The next category of selection is via THC level. You can choose 5 to 15 percent, 16-20 or 20 to 30.

You can also choose your seeds by their growing climate, i.e., whether it will be an indoor or an outdoor plant.

You can further select by plant size, small, medium or tall, the expected yield, average, high or extreme, by the flowering time, short, average and long, and finally by the growing difficulty, easy to moderate to expert.

We have yet to find an easier website to select your ideal seeds than Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds.

But it gets better. Not only is the selection wide and finding the right seeds easy but the FAQ’s are extremely crystal clear.

They tell you all the ways to make payment, when to expect your package, what their policy is on ungerminated seeds, what to do if your seeds are confiscated and more.

They do ship, by discreet packaging to the U.S. and they ship worldwide except for a list of countries that is purely stated.

Not only does Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds sell premium selected seeds, but they have an unusually precise, step-by-step growing guide. From germinating seeds to transplanting plants into pots, they cover it all.

Using illustrated graphics, no matter if you are a newbie or not, after reading this grow-guide carefully, there will be no question that you can grow a crop with a good yield.

About the only thing Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds does not sell is growing equipment such as lighting.

Another thing that differentiates Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is the wide variety of payment options. You can pay by credit cards, debit card, wire transfer, bitcoin, and even by cash, although we don’t recommend the later.

And all prices on their website are listed in US dollars.

About the only negative we found about Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is their shipping time. They say allow 31 days for shipment, and while international shipments are free, there is no way to get your shipment faster.

Also, you can be sure shipments are not being sent by FedEx or DHL, as Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds provides no tracking numbers for their packages.

However, a close examination of their FAQ’s show some surprising positives. For example, most seed companies send you their seeds with no guarantee whatsoever that they will germinate.

With Amsterdam Marijuana seeds, if you send back seeds that are ungerminated, they will scientifically test them to see why they failed. If you followed the proper growing instructions, there is a good chance they will send you out a replacement package for free.

Do we recommend Amsterdam Marijuana seeds? We give it our highest rating for a seed bank, wishing only that there was a faster method of shipping.