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Alien Cookies Feminized

This product is the best I have ever smoked or grown! If you are looking for a really hard hitting strain that gets you lifted in minutes look no further then alien cookies. Detailed below are some features that make this plant great. High yeilding, big dense sticky buds, smells like berries, super easy to grow.

Craig Gregory – February 11, 2021

i tried this cross of alien technology with cookies and it was my first alien cross i would reccomend. Super dense crystals full of resin. First time i grew her it started raining early but that made her super frosty near harvest time. Harvest time took longe for this strain then any of the others i have tried. She has an amazing smell, very strong & pungent just like alien genetics are known for. Amazing purple hues to the buds looks so pretty, makes the buds look so creamy cause they are covered wit white crystal.

Gary Bouchard – June 2, 2021

I cut it at 45 days and it was a lot denser than anything I had ever seen. It really didn’t smell like much but the buds were almost white in color.

John Emmert – June 13, 2021

I got my package in 7 days and was very happy with the results. I will be back for sure and would reccomend this site to everyone

Charles Vang – July 12, 2021

n my experience this strain has been quite easy to grow. Allot of plants wait for floriation but this one is eager to get going, probably because it’s a cross. She produces allot of side branches and many clusters.

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Alien Cookies Feminized origin

This hard-to-find cultivar is the outcome of a hybrid between the Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Alien Dawg, both of which are noted for producing high-quality marijuana flowers. Some even believe that Fire Alien Kush was involved in the development of this weed. All of them combine their greatest qualities into Alien Cookies, resulting in a fantastic product.

If you are fortunate enough to come across this hybrid, do not waste it.

The buds are compact and hefty, ranging in hue from bright to forest green, with a profusion of light orange pistils and a thick coating of amber trichomes.

Alien Cookies Feminized fragrance and flavour

Alien Cookies Feminized is a dank, traditional kush cultivar. The scent has a strong diesel base with sour citrus undertones that linger for hours. To keep things interesting, there are hints of sweet spice and citrus.

Earthy tastes with a powerful lemon diesel impact and dank yet spicy overtones characterize Alien Cookies. It is not as strong as the aroma, but it is certainly plenty for fans of authentic flavors.

Effects of Alien Cookies Feminized marijuana

When it comes to potent effects, Alien Cookies is the best of both worlds (Indica and Sativa), owing to its evenly balanced genetics. It starts gentle, giving tokers a cheerful, blissful, elevating sensation; great for social gatherings. However, as the effects grow, it puts you in a deeply relaxed, even comatose state.

Alien Cookies are also known to make you hungry. It was said to help with a condition like loss of appetite by several users. Thus, make sure you have some snacks at hand.

Like many other cannabis cultivars, Alien Cookies Feminized tends to result in cottonmouth and dry eyes at times. Simple things like some eye drops and staying hydrated can help.

On rare occasions, this weed can cause dizziness. If you take too much at once, the mind-expanding experience of the high might get disorienting. Take it easy, particularly if you are a rookie, as consuming too much of it will send you into a deep slumber.

Germinating Alien Cookies Feminized Seeds

Even though you could use numerous germination techniques with your feminized seeds, the Paper Towel approach is straightforward and cost-efficient. The following is a step-by-step guide to how you could go about germinating your feminized Alien Cookies seeds:

  1. Gather all the necessary items, including paper towels, dinner plates, purified water, and forceps.
  2. Dampen the paper towels. Then, wring them to drain any excess water that might have soaked in. Bear in mind; you want to keep the conditions moist and not wet!
  3. Place one towel on the dinner plate.
  4. Start arranging your seeds, and ensure you leave about an inch between every seed.
  5. Cover the seeds using the second, damp paper towel.
  6. Raise the paper towels to check if there is any excess water on the dinner plate. If any, drain it.
  7. Use the second plate to cover your setup so that they form a ‘dome-like’ shape. And keep it in a dark, and warm location for two to five days.
  8. Every day, check if the towels are still moist. If not, dampen them again to maintain the optimal conditions for seed germination.
  9. After you notice a taproot develop to about 5mm, you can transplant your seeds using the forceps to your selected growing medium, be it peat, potting soil, etc.

Growing Alien Cookies Feminized seeds

Cultivating feminized Alien Cookies Feminized seeds is not for novices, as the plant requires intensive TLC (Tender Loving Care). Typically, Alien Cookies thrive in a warm, humid outdoor setting. For most cultivators, growing marijuana outdoors is impracticable, first because of ample space and legal concerns.

Therefore, indoor cultivation is more practicable, as the conditions are more manageable. The feminized Alien Cookies seeds require a minimum 50% humidity level throughout the flowering and vegetative stages. As for the temperature, it should be maintained at about 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit throughout.

The issues with high humidity, though, are enhanced possibilities of mold development. It is particularly hazardous throughout the blooming stage as it could form inside buds or colas. If you notice the buds rotting from the outside or inside, discard the affected plants.

Another excellent way to keep mildew and mold at bay is through trimming and pruning. This training not only enhances crop yield by encouraging more lateral growth but also enhances the ventilation and amount of sunlight reaching the lower foliage.

For seasoned gardeners that desire complete control over nutrient intake, a hydroponics system is appropriate. Plants grown in this manner develop at least 30% quicker than those grown in soil. Besides, these crops typically produce substantially higher harvests.

On average, Alien Cookies Feminized takes 8-10 weeks to blossom. Harvest time is generally at the beginning of October. Buds are usually ready when the bulk of the hairs have darkened and begun to curl inward. At this point, the firm bud beneath is seen.

Feminized Alien Cookies seeds

If you want an out-of-this-world sensation, look no further than Alien Cookies Feminized. This even 50/50 split indica/sativa hybrid is renowned for its potency. With up to 22% THC concentration, this is not marijuana for newbies!

The blissful head high leaves you feeling lifted and ready to sail into the heavens. On the other hand, the body high keeps you grounded and calm, providing a well-balanced yet solid experience.

Now with feminized Alien Cookies seeds from Premium Cultivars, you could cultivate this gem without much effort as your bath will all be female, bud-producing plants. In addition to saving you the time you could have spent discarding the males, these seeds possess their parent plants’ desired genes and traits.

Alien Cookies Feminized FAQs

How long does Alien Cookies Feminized take to germinate?

With the paper towel approach, your feminized alien cookies seeds will germinate in two to five days.

What is the Alien Cookies Feminized flower time?

It takes 8 to 10 weeks for Alien Cookies to bloom.

How long does it take Alien Cookies Feminized to grow?

Alien cookies can be cultivated both indoors and outside. However, most cultivators prefer indoor environments where the conditions are more manageable. From seed to harvest, Alien Cookies will approximately take 60-75 days.

Does Alien Cookies Feminized grow better in hydro or soil?

Although Feminized Alien Cookies seeds do well in both soil and hydro setups, the latter is preferred by most experienced gardeners as it is relatively faster and promises impressive yields.

How tall does Alien Cookies Feminized grow?

Alien Cookies Feminized develops to a medium height of between 30-78 inches.

Where is the best place to buy Alien Cookies Feminized in the USA?

You can find feminized seeds in numerous seedstores and dispensaries across the country. However, none of these places matches Premium Cultivars regarding quality Alien Cookies feminized marijuana seeds for sale. Order from the best, and enjoy the best experience.

Alien Cookies

Alien Cookies gets its name from its lineage as it’s the result of combining genetics from the popular GSC and Alien Dawg. It smells of vanilla mixed with a sweet, kushy aroma sometimes reminiscent of sugar cookies.

Its appearance often comes as small round buds that are various shades of medium to dark green and covered in a thin layer of trichomes. THC levels average in the low 20’s and Alien Cookies has a decent amount of the terpenes caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene.

Many reviewers have said they indulge in this strain because of its reputed ability to relax and calm both body and mind into a sedative state – one that has left some couch-locked or ready for bed. Some reviewers have reported becoming hungry while using this strain, so be prepared for the munchies.

Some users that have turned to cannabis for their ailments say they have seen good results using Alien Cookies to help reduce chronic pain, appetite loss, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and even muscle spasms.