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ak 47 feminized cannabis seeds

Ak 47 Feminized

AK 47 is an award-winning marijuana strain, and that is for good reason, because it combines the qualities and benefits of both sativa and indica. In fact, it is the only variety that has won awards in both categories.

Sex: Feminized
Grows: Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Height: ≈ 130 – 170 cm
Yield: ≈ 500 – 600 gr per plant
Flowering time: 8 – 10 weeks
Complete life cycle: October
Cannabis Genetics: Original Ak 47
THC: 19 – 22%
Type: Sativa 70%, Indica 30%

AK 47 seeds give plants of moderate height, this strain is popular for the easy and speedy harvest. Its buds are bright and full of resin which give quite a look.

When grown indoors, the growers should provide a proper air circulation. In warm or stagnant environments, there is also the risk of developing mold on the buds. Experienced growers recommend growing it in cooler environments at a constant temperature of 22 degrees Celsius, especially during the flowering period, so the buds are firm and resistant. Being sensitive to temperature fluctuations and air circulation, and having a very strong scent, many growers prefer to grow it indoors.

This variety reaches a 19% THC, a height of 130-170 cm when grown outdoors and 80-140 cm when grown indoors. AK-47 has a strong citrus flavor, its effects being very potent and lasting, with euphoric, uplifting and creative accents, it also helps to relieve stress. It is perfect for both medical and pleasure purposes.

THC 20 – 25 %
Cultivation Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
Height 100 – 150 cm
Harvest 500 – 800 gr.
For Beginners? Yes
The smell during flowerin Great
Genes In/Sa/Ru Sa


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I like it.
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A friend said he thought he was dying when he smoked some of this. Don’t worry he says it is a good thing.

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Cannabis Seeds are sold as adult souvenirs. Germination or cultivation of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. Please check and follow your local laws!

CBD products are not medicines and can not diagnose, treat or cure diseases. Always consult your own doctor before starting a new dietary program.

AK 47 feminized seeds

AK 47 feminized seeds grow into a plant with 40% indica and 60% sativa properties. AK 47 has been derived from: Colombian x Mexican x Thai x Afghan. The grow difficulty of the plant is beginner, has a high mold resistance, this strain can be grown indoors as well as outdoors and has a flowering time of 53 to 63 days. AK 47 feminized seeds are well suited for the SOG and ScrOG growing methods. Indoors, the plant will reach a height of 80 and 140 cm and yields up to 550 gram per m². Growing outdoors, the plant height lies between 130 and 170 cm and will yield 600 to 800 gram per plant.

The weed has the following flavors: earthy, pungent, sour, sweet, fruity, woody and the effects can best be described as: euphoric, happy, relaxed, uplifting, creative.

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About this strain

AK-47, also known as "AK," is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain that mixes Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani varieties. Don't let its intense name fool you: AK-47 will leave you relaxed and mellow. The result is a complex blend of flavors and effects. AK-47 may deliver a steady and long-lasting cerebral buzz that will keep you mentally alert and engaged in creative or social activities. While its scent is sour and earthy, its sweet, floral notes can only be fully realized in the taste.

AK-47 effects

  • Feelings
  • Negatives
  • Helps with

About this brand

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Ak 47 feminized cannabis seeds

Enjoy a unique experience when you purchase AK 47 feminized marijuana weed seeds, a mostly Sativa strain, from Blimburn Seeds Bank. Our seeds are fresh and ready to germinate. Follow our Germination guide for best results!

Origins of AK 47 Sativa Cannabis Seeds

AK 47 sativa strain, created in 1992, has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards around the world for its soaring THC content. Don’t let its intense name fool you: AK-47 will leave you feeling relaxed and mellow. This sativa-dominant hybrid delivers a steady and long-lasting cerebral buzz that keeps you mentally alert and engaged in creative or social activities. The name was given not out of any idea of violence, but more in association with the one hit wonder this smoke truly is. Quality without compromise makes AK suitable for commercial grows or home use.

Growing AK 47 Sativa Cannabis Strains

For those hoping to fill their gardens with this resinous, skunky hybrid, growers recommend an indoor environment with soil or hydroponic setups. AK-47 is easy to grow and has a short indoor flowering time of just 53 to 63 days, while outdoor plants typically finish toward the end of October. These plants have a short flowering period for a sativa, producing compact, not overly leafy buds that gleam with a coat of resin crystals.

Blimburn Seeds Bank advises practicing “topping” when growing these plants, meaning trimming the wide leaves from the upper part of the plant to allow the light to reach the lower stems to produce as many buds as possible. If you plan to grow our feminized seeds outdoors, we have developed a grow guide for optimal cultivation in any area of the world. Marijuana seeds for sale.

AK 47 Sativa Weed Flavors and Effects

AK 47 sativa weed scent is sour and earthy with sweet floral notes that can only be fully realized in its taste. This strain provides a very uplifting, out-of-body experience that encourages creativity.

Final Thoughts

So, you have chosen to grow some AK 47 Sativa marijuana seeds of your own? Created in 1992, this Sativa-dominant strain has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards around the world for its soaring THC content. Now you just need to know where to buy weed seeds online AK 47 Sativa. The answer to that quandary is simple. Blimburn Seeds is the most trusted online resource for the highest-quality weed seeds you’ll find anywhere in the world. Our talented pool of seed genetic specialists work day in and day out to bring you the best possible cannabis seeds for nearly every strain known to man. We back all of our seeds with our industry leading germination guarantee. Our friendly customer care team is just a quick call away or you can visit our online cannabis seed bank by clicking any of the links above. At Blimburn Seeds Bank Store, we are as passionate about home-grown cannabis as you are. We look forward to helping novice growers get started and join experienced cultivators in achieving better crops with better strains!

Marko P. on 07/04/2015