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Free Cannabis Seeds At PureSativa – Grab Them While You Can

Here at PureSativa we are known for our generous free cannabis seeds offers . There are always multiple cannabis seeds promotions on offer and we always try to throw our customers a little freebie when they buy our amazing seeds.
This week however, we have launched what is arguably our greatest offer to date with an offer of free cannabis seeds from three different elite seed companies when you buy ANY pack of cannabis seeds from ANY seedbank. It’s a superb value offer and will add genuine variety to any seed library or legal grower’s garden. Let’s take a look at the free seeds on offer:

Killer Glue is a beautifully bred strain comprising a cross of two all-time classic cannabis varieties – the old school classic AK-47 from Serious Seeds and contemporary fan’s favourite Original Glue (GG#4) from GG Strains.
This mouthwatering combination of old and new marijuana genetics does not disappoint – flavours are layered and complex with the almost floral notes of AK-47 being bolstered by the pungent, sour terpenes from the Original Glue.

As the pedigree suggests, Killer Glue is a THC powerhouse and inherits all the outrageous potency and resin production of both parent strains. You’ll get 2 x feminised Killer Glue Seeds when you buy any seeds from PureSativa – don’t miss out on this one!

Orange Barb is a soaring, Sativa-dominant strain bred by master breeder Mat Beren and his talented team at House of the Great Gardener (HOTGG) in Canada.

HOTGG have taken the all-conquering Tangie by DNA Genetics and spliced it with their own flagship strain Barbara Bud . HOTGG have a full range of hybrids based around Barbara Bud but it is difficult to point at one with a better genetic pedigree than Orange Barb.
Tangie, in case you’ve been living on the moon, is DNA Genetics’ most decorated strain in terms of industry awards collected. Her pronounced flavours of orange and tangerines saw Tangie win every competition she entered for over 12 months. Now, she lends her terps to this cross that has aromas of ripe blood orange and a complex taste. One feminised seed of Orange Barb is yours absolutely free with any purchase of cannabis seeds from PureSativa.

From Canada to Colorado we travel for our next freebie – Birthday Funk from Cannarado Genetics is, as the name perhaps suggests the latest hybrid that the legally operating cannabis breeders at Cannarado have created based around their hugely popular Birthday Cake .
This time, Birthday Cake is fused with Goji Dawg to produce a potent hybrid cannabis strain with a truly unique terpene profile.
Legal growers can expect strong, prolific plants with complex aromas layered around the tempting vanilla sweetness of Birthday Cake and the sour, funky kush from the Goji Dawg.
You’ll receive 3 free feminised seeds of Birthday Funk when you buy any seeds from any seedbank at PureSativa – as well as the two other freebies we’ve talked about.

Of course, all our free seed offers are only available while stocks last, so we’d advise you to snap this collection of free seeds up as soon as possible. You can view all our current cannabis seed promotions by clicking the Promotions tab at the top of our homepage. These offers are also in addition to our usual deal of FREE UK SHIPPING on all retail orders over £40 and 10 x FREE SMELLY PROOF BAGS on retail basket totals over £100.

Free Cannabis Seeds

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